Most Awesome Holders: Turning the Usual into Extraordinary

holdersEver wondered what to give to your friends or relatives on their birthday? You want your present to be special, unique, useful, not too expensive and stylish – all at the same time!

Have you ever thought that a most ordinary thing you see daily and never pay attention to may turn into the best present? Or the most beautiful thing to decorate your interior?

Let’s take holders, for example. They might be numerous – little things you use daily and never notice. But let me show you how these little things may become so stylish and original that you can’t help thinking “I want one!”

Holders to make your life easier and more stylish:

Those pot holders are just amazing: they are very handy and stir imagination (via Freaky Frugalite):

Pot holders

Do you still suffer from thinking about your ex? Would you like to kill him? There is a better way to release your failed relationships stress: The Ex – Unique Knife Holder (via Think Geek)!

Knife Holder

For job stress relief, take a look at this pen holder: Dead Fred “Stab Fred all you want, he won’t mind.” It will turn your desk into a crime scene. “Alleviate all that pent up aggression by violently and repeatedly stabbing Fred through the heart…” (via Think Geek).

Dead Fred pen holder

This one is a cool idea because I love everything recycled and re-used: turn your floppy disks (is anyone still using them???) into a pen and pencil holder (via The Gadget Blog):

Pen and pencil holder

This cool tooth brash holder in the form of a tooth serves as a good reminder of why to keep your teeth clean. It seems quite apt placing your toothbrush in a tooth (via Funniest Gadgets):

Toothbrash holder

For all those romantics over there, here are key holders for him and her: simple and beautiful (via Superyaa):

His Her key holders

If you love industry design, this candle holder is right for you. Apart from the stylish look, it has also an enhanced functionality: it all candles, from tea lights to thin antique candles, thanks to its innovative design (via Geek Alerts).

candle holder

Are you too obsessed with your iPod? Then take it to the bathroom with you: a high-tech toilet paper holder with a built-in iPod docking station (via The Gadget Blog).

Toilet paper and ipod holder

Cell phone holders:

How often did you wonder where to put your cell phone while that battery is charging? I often end up putting it right on the floor. These cell phone holders tackle the problem pretty well (via Freaky Frugalite):

Cell phone holders

Those funky light and iPhone /’ iPod holders will look cool in a contemporary interior. Sumajin’s 12-inch tall FLEX Light Bearer has a pair of adjustable hands which can hang on to an included lighting fixture, or can be swapped out for grippy hands which hold your media player while it’s charging or syncing (via GizmoDiva):

light and ipod holders

Another geeky iPhone holder which I simply LOVE is home made iPhone Paper Clip Stand:

Wear your phone while driving! The Cell Mate is a hands free cell phone holder (via Like Cool):

Hands free cellphone holder

What you’d never think you need:

Do you still read books? The Thumgthing Book Reading Helper allows to keep the book “wide open” with one’s thumb only (via The Gadget Blog).

Book holder

Another device for more convenient reading process: reading pillow (via HogWildToys):

Reading Pillow

Do you do grocery shopping? Of course you do! This One Trip Grip is a shopping bag holding hook with a soft squeeze grip that will eliminate the multiple trips from car to kitchen, up stairs and more! (via GizmoDiva):

One trip grip

If you for any reason to hold your gun nearby, this bedside gun holder is right for you:

Post image by jelene

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