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  • It always amuses the hell out of me how so many creative people waste their time on anti-smoking ads, anti-drug ads, anti-alcohol ads, ads telling people what to eat, or who latch on to environmental extremists such as PETA. How about some creative people come up with some ads advocating people .. leave other people alone? or to not be preachy? or to value personal liberty or private property rights?

    I’m an environmentalist, i recently quit smoking, i’ve also recently quit drinking and I haven’t done drugs for years. But my freedom to live a responsible and healthy life is the same freedom for me to chose not to, and the same freedom for me to find a happy middle ground, but the point is the choice should be mine.

    I don’t see why it’s anyone else concern what other people put into their bodies. It’s their body, it should be their freedom. They should be free to do as the please to it, and at least in a cultural extent people should learn to leave people alone that they don’t agree with rather than acting like religious street preachers trying to convert everyone.

  • dd: The problem is that we all live together. If you were living on an island by yourself, sure, you could do whatever you wanted. But if you drink and drive, and run someone over while he/she is crossing the street correctly, suddenly it’s not just your business anymore, is it? Same with second-hand smoke.

    Negative advertising is also a way to counteract the flood of positive ads that encourage you to eat that supersized burger and drink that beer. It may also be a more powerful deterrent for teens who are not very good at understanding rationally the consequences of their actions, and a powerful visual ad may have more impact.

  • dd, you’re retarded. All of these ads (minus the obesity ones) are agaisnt things that precisely harm other people as much as, or more than yourself. So if you choose to smoke, you’re going to pollute whatever place you smoke in, as well as other people if you’re retarded enough to smoke near non-smokers. Choose to drink, get drunk, yeah, really fun until your car ends up crashing, or when you do something stupid (and helpful to humanity) such as playing russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver. And so on.

    And if you’re an environmentalist, how come you don’t know about the insane pollution smoking produces?

    Please go die.

  • Kurrus, allow me a moment of candor, when you think about the problems in the world, do you think solely of smoking and other public health problems? Certainly, smoking is bad for you, and second hand smoke is not good for other people. Yes, drinking and driving is reprehensible. However, what I find more concerning is the bile with which you have just spoken. Yes, it is on the internet, and yes, we are all faceless… but really? That is the sentiment you wish to spread around the rest of humanity? It doesn’t really make me angry… I wasn’t posting this in retribution (though you could make the argument that I am, and you’d probably be end up winning) more than anything it just makes me sad about people.

    When morality is so clear to someone, more often than not that morality is probably not worth embracing, nuance and ambiguity make up the world. I think it’d be valuable to remember: when you’re looking for a fight, be it online or in life, that it be a fight you truly feel you deserve.

  • You’re a bad guy if you smoke ?
    You drive a hummer, don’t donate regularly, took a loan you won’t be able to pay, are wasting too much ressources or are funding a wrong war by participating passively in the system ? Take your pic, but can we stop pretending that we’re better than others because of some random circumstance ?

    I’d imagine that wrong accusations and mis-placed self-righteousness are probably more harmful to society than smoke or hummers. I don’t see too much ads on this subject. Maybe it’s not interesting enough as it doesn’t steer controversy and alienate groups of people…

  • @Jo: no. Not at all. Why would I assume you were posting that in retribution, anyway? I think I have more important things to worry about than the reason someone’s posting a comment.

    @ada: yes, surely wrong accusations and mis-placed self-righteousness are much more harmful to society than smoking, hummers or drunk driving.

    After all, simply ignoring some dolt’s comment on the internet is so much more unpleasant than getting run over!

    By the way, perhaps you should reconsider my comment, ada. I’m not pretending I’m better than anyone else. I never did. I only stated that I think smoking is a pretty stupid idea, as is drinking alcoholic drinks, or taking drugs. That isn’t saying “look everyone, I’m better than you!”. If you think it is, please change the illusionary image of my personality you’ve formed, because it’s a pile of preassumptions.

    If you both think that the crap I’ve spewed here is worse than smoking or drinking or whatever, you really should start thinking that there’re some things you can ignore safely, and things that you can’t.

    Also, you guys are cool people to debate with. I can’t believe I still haven’t been called a “fag”.

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  • Kurrus I believe the reason they built that image of you is because you insulted the person you were arguing with and told him to go die. If you had omitted that part of your first statement you would have come off much more respectful.

  • OK, guys, I didn’t want to interfere because you are free to have any opinions of your own but if you keep offending each other I will have to delete the conversation.

    If any of the journal readers think I should moderate anything, please comment (I am not sure if I have to actually)

  • Actually, PETA has no respect for animals, which is why their Virginia branch placed SEVEN animals for adoption, while killing 2118. PETA is good only at terrorism.

  • Re: dd

    If it really does not impinge on my health or well-being then I don’t care what other people do.

    But obesity is linked to a range of health issues which invariably impact on others in society as more money is spent on things like diabetes drugs, heart bypass operations and so forth. If it’s paid by the gov’t then that’s MY money…if it isn’t then it increases health insurance premiums for me and everybody else. No person is an island…we are all inter-connected. Taking diabetes drugs affects the fish in our waterways…

    Gotta think more interconnectedly.

  • Sandy:

    While obesity does cause those problems, so does eating unhealthily when you are slim/average sized. People need to get out of the mind set that fat = unhealthy and that slim = healthy. Some slimmer people eat disgustingly worse than obese people and think everything is fine. That is the real danger. Not some diabetes drug because, shock horror, skinny people get that too! Nooo, that can’t be possible, if you are slim you are healthy!

    So therefore I think obesity adverts are pointless, and the ones with the junk food attack your insides much better advertising.

  • What’s ridiculous is that these ads are for LEGAL products (Aside from the obesity ads)
    Wtf is wrong with us that we make harmful substances legal, then tell people how and when they can use them, or that they shouldn’t at all?
    Yet marijuana is still illegal even though it hasn’t ever been linked to the primary cause of death in anyone, ever.
    Good going america! Great job!
    The Most Epic Fail.

  • I think this is a whole quality of life issue. MY life. I agree with dd. In my opinion, as touched on by Sandy, it’s all about the money. People care more about a failing system that can’t support personal freedom than people who live and die the way they choose. In the end (not talking about drunk driving, so shut up) nobody dies healthy. Oh, and insurance is just a banking scam.

  • Who in the world makes these ads anyway? their as bad as those rediculous ads from ENVIROMENTAL DEFENSE OVER THIS global warming POPPYCOCK BULL POO i mean this is getting so darn stupid

  • @ dd

    I find it funny that you make such a big deal about our rights to do what we choose, and then follow it up with “What business is it of theirs to interfere”. We also have the right to express ourselves. If our version of self-expression happens to be “We want you to stop smoking/drinking/eating too much” then we have just as much right to say it as anyone else has to be doing it.

  • i dont, because im to young, but i know that stuff did happen.

    I smoke, I drink, I smoke weed, and sometimes occasionally dabble in drugs other than those

    but i DONT drink and drive, i DONT light up a cig around people i dont know, or in somebody else’s house, at least without asking, and nothing ive ever done has caused any harm to anyone around me… i guess the point im trying to make here is just because you drink, dosnt mean your going to drink and drive, just because you smoke cigarettes, dosnt mean that your going to do it, purposely in a room full of little kids to spite them.

    it is possible to do things responsibly and to infer that drinking is “STUPID” is stupid… its absurd people need to put other people down so they can think higher of them selves because they choose not do a certain thing… what i do is none of your concern as long as its not directly affecting you… especially if what im doing helps me take the edge off of our shitty lives… some people knit, some people garden, i catch a buzz

    i have a job, im a functioning member of society, i dont have an arrest record… im sure plenty of non smokers and people who dont drink out there cant say that

    and what are you people bitching about smoking anyways? the government has banned it like everywhere. the only places we can smoke, other than our own homes are in “Smoker areas” more than 15 feet away from any door, not in restaurants, theme parks, etc etc pretty much any place that has 4 walls.

    and i can almost guarantee you that the douche bags in Washington that introduce stupid legislation that shit are involved in things far worse and morally degrading.

    get off your high horse and worry about your own shit
    not what other people are doing

  • sixty percent of american population is overweight or obese – none of them are very healthy. the other fourty percent is within the “acceptable” weight range – most of them arent very healthy.

    why do you people pretend to care one way or the other?

  • I think some of these ads are very powerful, whether you agree with the purpose or not. They are creative and well-executed. Whether I drink or smoke, that’s just “whatever.” Obviously these types of ads help somewhat cause smoking is not the glamorous activity it used to be portrayed as. My fave is the hangover one (which is not telling you to quit drinking, it’s for a tablet that will relieve the hangover….and cat).

    And as for the arguments, basically just don’t be stupid. And if you choose to be, just don’t come crying to me later.

  • Advertisement has good or bad effect on daily life of people. So its need to present very carefully.

  • Hi! I am writing a paper on the advertisement with the elderly lady trying to smoke. I am having trouble reading the text under “Smoking causes premature ageing” and what the product is. Can anyone with better eyes tell me what it says?

  • The PETA ad is not funny its wrong, it blatantly objectifies women and clearly if you find it funny that shows you are sexist, If it were a man I would be just as disgusted. This stuff is wrong, animals are not just meat and humans are animals too.

  • haha. i’m pretty sure the “creative people” coming up with those ads are getting paid well for it. they are HIRED to do so by various agencies.