Products to Help You Keep Warm This Winter


For many of us, we’re now well into the cold winter months. And we’re looking for comfortable and creative ways to stay warm, whether we’re at work, play, or asleep. Sometimes the trick is keeping ourselves comfortable without breaking the bank with high heating bills.

If that sounds like you, here are some products you might enjoy. These examples are all portable options that you can take with you so you can keep warm just about anywhere.

1. Personal Fireplaces

These little tabletop fireplaces are great options if you don’t have a traditional fireplace at home. Warm your hands or just enjoy the warm glow of a real fire, from your home office to the bathroom vanity while you soak in the tub. My favorites are the ones that use gel fuel cans.

2. Snuggies / Blanket Shawls

shawl blanket
A personal favorite winter product of mine. - Credit:

I know a few colleagues who swear by Snuggies (one of their perks of working from home). But they didn’t appeal to me. Instead I found something called a blanket shawl — a plush blanket that hangs down your back and then splits in two in the front. Your arms are still free (or you can tuck them under the blanket), you can wrap yourself up in it, and there are foot pockets to keep your toes warm too. Mine is quickly becoming one of my favorite products. Either a blanket shawl or a Snuggie is a great option for lounging around.

3. USB Heated Cup Warmers

If you like to keep warm with a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, don’t let it get cold too quickly. Keep your cup piping hot while you work, catch up on emails, or play games with a USB cup warmer.

4. USB Heated Fingerless Gloves

These look toasty for long writing or gaming sessions. - Credit:

I work as a writer. So I’m a big fan of fingerless gloves in the winter. They keep my hands warm on even the coldest mornings, but they leave my fingertips free for easier typing. I’d never seen heated options before, but these USB heated fingerless gloves just made my short list of must-haves this winter.

5. Footie Pajamas

You probably had some as a kid. But guess what. They’re back in a big way! I’m talking about footed pajamas (or “footies”). I’ve seen them around for a couple of years, but this year they seem to be making a big comeback in retail stores in my area (and online). Whether you want something warm for sleeping or you just want to lounge, this could be a great nostalgic option.

What are your favorite products to help you keep warm through the winter? Share links, photos, or just tell us about them in the comments below.

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Jennifer Mattern
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