Robots Come To Life – A Robot Wife And A Robot Security Guard!

A glimpse into the future shows that our future generations can have it all. They can create their wives, with all the characteristics they look for in their women and can have the most obedient and alert security guards ever found. They are not humans but they are better than humans. They follow instructions without ever messing up.

It is no wonder that he has been working on creating a perfect wife for himself since 2007. The silicon skinned fair lady is called Aiko and is the handiwork of a Canadian inventor, Le Trung.

He reveals of his new wife, that she is a person in her own right and has her own likes and dislikes. She hates denim as her delicate “silicon” skin is allergic to it.

No, she is not just another ordinary robot! She is fitted with pain sensors and can feel (mimic) pain. Feeling pain along with many other functions, make this robot more human. It is fitted with 8 cameras with IEEE 1394 interface, servo motors, automation, micro controller, 2 sensors, including accelerometer and gyro, speech, reading, motion, math, color, face, 3-D object recognitions, interaction with the surroundings and AI conversation.

As if that is not enough, this amazing robot forecasts the weather and even goes to the extent of suggesting the type of clothing to be worn in that weather, just as any concerned wife would do. With a database of 13000 sentences, she must be the most conversational robot to have around. B.R.A.I.N.S. was the brain behind the artificial intelligence.

Aiko is slim and very good looking, and stands 5 ft tall. From a little distance, with her clothes on, it is hard to distinguish her from a human. Le Trung has indeed created a female companion with this female robot, but he hopes to do much more with her, and says there is a long journey in front of him. He hopes to transform her into a fully functional human-like android.

Robot wives don’t sulk, they don’t argue, they don’t ask to go shopping and they are happy with what they are given.

If robot wives seem like a better deal when compared to real ones, then robot security guards are something you can count on at any point of time. Tmsuk, the well-

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