Silicon Heads

Grow taller in 15 days! If something like this spikes your interest and if you are one of those people who have tried everything to grow tall, from weird looking hairdos to uncomfortable high heeled shoes, you still have hope.

The solution is nothing miraculous like a midget turning into a giant but something that can add about two inches to a person’s height.

We are talking about getting a “silicon implant” in the head.

Silicon implants for breasts are old news now. A new and interesting find is a silicon implant in the head that makes a person taller.

British newspaper, the Daily Mail reports that a cosmetic surgeon from Spain has pioneered this. According to Dr Luis de la Cruz from Clinica La Luz in Madrid, the whole procedure takes about 90 minutes. A small incision is made on one side of the head and then the implant is fitted in between the skull and the scalp.

The cost of transforming you into what you have always dreamed to be is 4,000 pounds, and is usually performed under local anesthesia. Patients do not have to stay in the hospital for long and can go home the next day. There is no fear of any visible scars as the small scar is covered with hair.

Dr Cruz has performed this operation successfully on 17 patients. He said, “It is a relatively simple procedure that can have a wonderfully positive effect on the patient’s life. Like most good ideas it came to me in a flash. I was approached by a young woman who always dreamt of becoming an air stewardess. She was rejected for being half an inch too small and asked if there was any technique to add to her height.”

The doctor also went on to say, “at the time, the only way was through lengthening the leg bones, which is an extreme and traumatic option. It got me thinking. I carry out many chin implant operations and suddenly I thought, “Why not an implant between the skull and the scalp?” She is very happy with the result and is now an air stewardess.”

As of now, the Clinica La Luz is said to be the only place in the world where such an operation has been performed.

There will be many more people who will be willing to get this operation done, as there is no shortage of men and women, who wish to look tall for various reasons. Some, like the stewardess, who triggered off the idea in Dr. Cruz, may wish to get this done for professional reasons and others for pure cosmetic reasons or in the case of short men, to look taller than their women.

Although, it will make a person look taller, people with already long heads may not be suitable candidates, as the head will look even longer and odd. As one Clinical Psychologist says, this is not something people can rush into and people need to think long and hard before getting something like this done. Think twice before going ahead with one of these, as we do not know if the implant can be removed and the head re-sized, if you end up not liking what you see.

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