Toilet Products: Are You One of Toilet Humor Fans?

Toilet productsMost people like toilet humor and some inventive manufacturers manufacturers would love to take advantage of that fact.

Let’s see where this gold rush can take them: below find 10 toilet-styled products – would you buy any of them to stand out of the crowd?

1. Toilet Jewelry:

This toilet jewelry set looks nothing but cute. Don’t you think so?

Toilet Jewerly

2. Toilet Bowls

This bowl is used in the toilet-styled restaurant where everything from dishes to furniture is styled as a toilet:

Toilet Bowls

3. Toilet Lighter

This oddly shaped lighter will surely make you the center of attention while you are at a hot party.

Toilet Lighter

4. Toilet Lip Gloss

I wonder if “shit flavor” is unavailable…

Toilet Lip Gloss

5. Doggy Water Bowl

I am afraid this kind of a bowl may effect the poor thing’s self esteem… and not in a positive way:

Doggy Water Bowl

6. Toilet Organizer

This “BUTT” Station is actually a multi-functional thing: it helps you organize your pens, papers and paper clips. Besides, that it will definitely make you smile on one boring office day:

Toilet Organizer

7. Toilet Speakers

Ready for some portion of toilet geekery? This toilet speaker is available in various kind of color, starting from classic white, cute pink, sky blue and banana yellow. Each of this potty can cranks out 2-watts of sound with the frequency rate ranging from 25kHz to 80kHz and signal-to-noise ratio of >98dB.

Toilet Speakers

8. Toilet Toy

A plush doll shaped like a toilet? What kind of parents will want their child to play with the toilet?

Toilet Toy

9. Toilet Candy

To me this doesn’t look either funny nor delicious. I am not sure who might have had that brilliant idea to start manufacturing candies that look like a toilet – but maybe it works because there are plenty of them!

Toilet Candy

10. Toilet Clock

This toilet clock is described as something anyone would want to have: “Put on your desk and make everyone smile…put it in your bathroom and give your guests stories to tell. Put it on your shelf and add a touch of humor to your room!”

Toilet Clock

Post image by recubejim

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