Top Ten Armies in the World (2021)

There’s been much discussion and debate about our original article about the Top 10 Armies in the World. First written in 2010, we’ve been updating it ever since. 

Nearly every country in the world has its own army to protect its interests against internal and external enemies. Most countries like to boast of their military prowess, often claiming to be one of the strongest in the world. Not all can actually back that claim with data and numbers

In an effort to quantify the rankings of the top military forces in the world, we analyzed data on over sixty countries. We based this on the most recent data available at GlobalFirepower. This includes the size of defense budget, number of active military members, tanks and armored vehicles, aircraft and helicopters, and number of naval craft. 

Additionally, we considered nuclear capability and recent operations, the latter meaning that the army actually has live combat experience.

We then assigned a weight to each of these components, and finally calculated an overall score for each country. In most places, this differs from the country’s GlobalFirepower rank.

After the calculations were completed, the top ten armies in the world became easily visible as the most powerful militaries in the world.

Most of these armies were involved in the major conflicts of the modern  world. Notably, these include World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Additionally, many were involved in conflicts fighting for their own country’s independence.

#10: Turkey


The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years, though the modern day military branches were founded in 1920. With a force of over 730 and a budget of close to $19 billion, it is solidly in the top ten military powers in the world. 

It ranks fourth on the list for tanks and armored vehicles, estimated at just over 11,000. Ground forces are additionally supported by an outsize artillery. Out of the nations on this list, Turkey is currently the only without nuclear capability.

With very few exceptions, military service is required of all male citizens after the age of twenty, contributing to the large force and reserve size. After the U.S. and ahead of France, it is the second largest ground force in NATO.

The Turkish Army was involved in the Korean War, recurrent internal Kurdish conflicts, the division of Cyprus, and recently Syria. Its largest conflict to date, however, was the Turkish Independence War. In this confrontation, it fought Russia, Britain, Greece, France and Italy along its borders. It was one of the few larger powers to remain neutral until almost the end of World War II.

#9: United Kingdom


The British Armed Forces were organized in 1661 and have been involved in various conflicts including the Napoleonic Wars, Revolutionary War and both world wars. In fact, only 22 countries in the world were never invaded by British forces.

The British Army has had a significant presence in Northern Ireland and the Balkans. It stood beside the United States in the Gulf War in the 1990s. The army is a powerful force in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism after the attacks of September 11, 2001. 

The active duty force of the British military is over 190,000 strong, making it the second largest army in the European Union behind France. The U.K. has a defense budget of over $51 billion annually. Of the top ten military powers, it has the smallest number of active duty members but the fourth-largest budget, behind only the U.S., China, and India.

There are three branches of service. These are the Royal Navy, the British Army proper and the Royal Air Force, also known as RAF.  

With nearly 750 aircraft and helicopters and around 5,500 tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery, it is a viable force and an unwavering ally of the United States.

#8: Pakistan


The Pakistan Armed Forces were founded in 1947, and comprises three service branches. It succeeded the former British Indian Army after the country gained independence the same year.

Pakistan’s military history includes recurrent conflicts with its bordering neighbors of Afghanistan and India, the Gulf War and Mogadishu, Somalia in the early 90s. 

The country is part of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). As such, it has been active against ISIL and other terrorist groups. Pakistan has also served as an ally to the United States in the Global War on Terrorism. It assisted in the fight against both Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and along its borders.

At the same time, the army maintains close ties with the Chinese military.

This volunteer army consists of an active duty force of over 650,000 personnel. Additional reserve forces are another 550,000 strong. Together, they make the Pakistan Armed Forces into one of the largest armies in the world.

Pakistan’s defense budget is around $11.5 billion. This may be the smallest budget of the top ten military powers, but still far exceeds the defense budget of most other countries around the world. 

While on par with U.K. for naval craft, Pakistan boasts several hundred more aircraft and helicopters, over 9,000 tanks and armored vehicles, and a much larger amount of artillery pieces.

#7: Israelflag of israel

Israel maintains a conscript army. It is the only country in the world that requires military service from both male and female citizens with few exceptions.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were founded in 1948, but trace their roots to several paramilitary organizations active against the British while they held Palestine. Today, the IDF maintains an active duty force of over 170,000. In comparison, its reserves are enormous, evaluated at around 450,000. 

Its fleet is fairly small, but the IDF can field considerable airpower and over 13,000 tanks and armored vehicles. 

The Israeli military history includes the Arab-Israel War, the Six-Day War and numerous conflicts with Lebanon, the annexed Palestine, and frequent operations against Iran. As a whole, it is one of the most battle-tested armies of the world.

The United States remains one of Israel’s largest and closest allies, giving the IDF preferential access to new military technology. Israel’s defense budget clocks in at fully $20 billion.

#6: France


Since its struggles during the World Wars, France does no longer enjoy the reputation of a military superpower. These perceptions aside, the numbers tell a different story.

France has a military of over 360,000 strong across the army, navy, air and space force and paramilitary branches. This makes it the largest army in the European Union by numbers. It is unique in letting foreign nationals serve in its forces – in the notorious and elite Foreign Legion. Unusually, the country’s police also form part of the French Armed Forces.

Compared to its one-time hereditary rival, the British Armed Forces, it commands more craft across almost all categories. The exception are some naval classes and artillery pieces. Its budget, however, is smaller than the U.K.’s, at $41 billion.

#5 North Korea


The North Korean People’s Army was established in 1939 and has an impressive size of more than 1,250,000 soldiers. When reserve unit numbers are added to this, estimates are more than seven million soldiers could be activated if needed. This makes the North Korean forces potentially the largest in the world.

Major conflicts in North Korea’s history are the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Tensions between North and South Korea still exist today. Technically, the conflict is a frozen one – it never officially ended between the two.

Its defense budget, at $1.6 billion, is nominally small. Much of its economy, however, is prepared for military use along a total war doctrine. Additionally, North Korea is a relatively close, though erratic, ally of China.

North Korea has confirmed its nuclear and chemical weapons capability in recent years with threats against various countries. This especially includes the United States, mainly for its alliance with South Korea. Over the last decade, it has also emerged as a cyber-war force to be reckoned with.

#4: India


The Indian Army’s roots go back, with only minor interruptions, to the Stone Age. Today, it is the largest all-volunteer ground force in the world with nearly 1.5 million active duty soldiers. Reserves make up a force an additional 2 million strong.

India has never had to institute a draft to staff its ground force. The Indian Army – overlapping with the British Indian Army – was active in both world wars. Subsequently, the Indian Armed Forces fought in conflicts for the country’s own independence. Border skirmishes with Pakistan are common in its history.

The Indian military consists of three branches as well as several paramilitary units, and operates on a budget of more than $61 billion. While its aircraft and helicopter as well as tank and armored vehicle numbers rank it solidly in the middle of the list, it has a relatively small naval fleet. India also has more than eighty nuclear warheads in its possession.

#3: Russia


Russia has undergone numerous changes throughout its military history. This history dates back all the way to 863. The modern day army – the Russian Ground Force – arose in 1992, following on the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Previous Russian military organizations, including the Red Army, saw combat in regional conflicts, both World Wars and numerous Cold War operations. Before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was one of two superpowers in the world. By this point, it had surpassed the United States both in terms of the number of soldiers and nuclear weapons.

The Russian Ground Force draws its soldiers through a military draft. In principle, all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 33 serve for a period of 12 months. There are, however, many reasons for exception and deferral, and bribery is common.

Russia currently has over 1.2 million active duty military members and 2 million in reserves. It operates under a comparatively slim budget of more than $48 billion dollars. In terms of finances, only India, China and the U.S. are bigger spenders. Though its air force and ground capabilities are larger than China’s, the latter has been gaining rapidly, and China possesses a larger navy.

Russia also has the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world – nearly 8,000. This stock, though, is aging, and not all of it is combat-ready.

#2: China


The People’s Liberation Army of China is the largest military in the world in absolute numbers. It numbers nearly 2.2 million soldiers, with a reserve over 500,000 strong. After significant cuts in forces a decade ago, numbers are again increasing.

The Chinese Army arose in 1927. It was active in the Sino-Japanese conflict, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam wars.

While technically service is a necessity for all men over the age of 18, China has never had to draft soldiers. There have always been more than enough Chinese men who have volunteered for military service to their country.

It has the second largest defense budget, at nearly $240 billion – a full $100 billion more than a decade ago. This corresponds roughly to the combined budget of all previous countries on this list. It also houses nuclear weapons, with estimates putting the number at around 350.

#1: United States


The United States military’s history dates back to 1775, where it arose out of rebel forces fighting the Revolutionary War. With over 1.4 million on active duty, it now has the third largest active duty force ranking behind China and India. 

However, the defense budget is what really sets the U.S. apart from all other countries on the list. With a budget of over $750 billion, it exceeds all other military budgets on this list combined by nearly $250 billion, and China’s by over $500 billion.

The U.S. Army and its special forces have participated in every major world war, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and leads the Global War on Terrorism.

The modern day Army is an all-volunteer force, though drafts have been used for long periods. It maintains numerous permanent posts throughout the United States as well as Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Japan, Korea, and other countries.

Ranking only behind Russia in the total number of warheads, the U.S. has the largest number of active warheads in the world. 

The U.S. also has the largest number of aircraft and helicopters by far with just under 14,000. It’s still comfortably ahead of China in the number of tanks and armored vehicles. Its air dominance also shows in its fleet, which is smaller than China’s, but features numerous aircraft carriers and supporting craft.

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  • what you people are saying? 1971,1948,1965,1999…..!! man, this is 2012…and those years are history….and your attitude clearly shows that this ‘war year’ will return again….don’t you realize that every time, when a battle is fought….casualties occurs from both sides? pakistan and india used to be one same country….dont you u think, if we were still be united, we will be the inevitable super power….no, WE will not be the no.4 or no.10…or what ever shit it is….we could be the NUMBER 1….there will be no kashmir issues, if we were united, because both of us could enjoy the beauty of kashmir….you all are arguing and fighting for the fucking year 1965….forgot about those 190 years before independence? when we fought unitedly…..made hunger strike…drove away those englishmen…and ACHIEVED INDEPENDENCE?
    please stop this….its a request…atleast, dont argue…both indians and pakistanis have bigger problems to solve…. DONT THINK THAT IF YOU ARE INDIAN OR PAKISTANI…YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING FIRST… what is happening?… did you ever see, indian dog and pakistani dog are fighting with each other? are we worse than dogs? i dont think so….please think of it…

    • At last I found 1 sensible person out of all these.
      I do not know why the heck these people are babbling on old wars, or why is there so much of hatred amongst the people. I just want everyone to forget the hatred for each other and start afresh, go for peace.
      Start refresh for a better and peaceful world without any fights and hatred!
      Let us be together and go for a united world!

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    – I don’t think anyone should really take history to heart, because every country writes its history the way it wants its people to interpret it
    – No one took part in any of the wars between Pakistan and India so they should not even mention it unless they are actual soldiers or civilians involved in the wars
    – i think china did beat india to point because they no longer have a territory of kashmir that was once theirs
    – i don’t mean to bash pakistan as it is my country but i don’t believe being muslim should be used as an excuse for being perfect, brave we are, yes, but i don’t think it was a very muslim or humane act by pakistani’s to go and rape and kill women and childern, some 800,000 when bangladesh wanted to get their independence…sorry but thats unbearable…we muslims are tested in many ways…and my friends their are alot of rules, even for war…and its stated “treat your prisoners of war with the same kindness as your own family, and feed them how much you feed yourselves”

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    Also, why are you only thinking of Pakistani armies from 1947 onwards? Are you forgetting the muslim armies coming from Lahore and from Peshawar that have conqured you many times? How many times have muslim armies conqured Delhi? If you’ve forgotten then go look at your own capital city and go to Quwat-ul-Islam mosque (where the Qutb minar is) and look at each stone in the mosque. Every single one was pulled from a temple that was razed after our armies conqured all Hindu rulers of India. How easily you forget that we Pakistanis are the seed of Babur, Ghauri, Ghaznavi, Bin Qasim, Timur and Aurangzeb. You have only been free of our rule for 60 or so years; we were your rulers for 1,000 years before that. History does, and WILL repeat itself. Get ready.

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  • Reading all your comments(of both the sides) I fell how DUMB are you all people.
    Why the heck are you bringing Religion in this fight?
    Does Pakistan V/s India means Hindu V/s Muslims? Certainly not.
    And I don’t understand why both of the sides are even fighting?!!
    Who cares who’s army is the best or not? Armies only bring war(s) which ultimately lead to unhappiness, sorrow and death.
    So at the end it does not even matter whose army is better and whose is not.
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  • One serious clarification, everyone needs is that Indians are doing no cruelty to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. I’ve visited the state and I found the people very warm and good, nice nature. And everyone lives peacefully with each other, no fights, no wars which everyone thinks would be a common scene in the Kashmir region.
    There are just some groups of 5-10 people which, to gain attention create fights, bomb the city and create a sense of terrorism in the state for their own benefit.
    So, we should not fight with each other over the topic of Kashmir rather we should fight with those DUMBHEAD terrorists who are trying to turn Kashmir, a heaven on earth to a place of war!

    • And those DUMBHEADS will be coming from Pakistan. Right?

      I started reading your comment and thought here is an Indian who isn’t hyper and is making sense but at the end you came to the same thing but in a more sophisticated way.

      Kashmir dispute has been acknowledged by the UN. I don’t need to go into the history because I know a lot of you will come up with your own versions of history.

      On another note..

      I really appreciate the hard work that Indians have done over the past 15 years. India has a much better economy, infrastructure and a much better and organized media that defends you everywhere in the world (unlike ours which sold itself) but that doesn’t mean you can blame Pakistan for everything that happens in your country. How many separatist movements are going on in India anyway? How would you guys justify the killing of millions of Kashmiri Muslims? You can never defend the killings in Gujrat and how they brought down Babri Masjid.

      India is fighting a 4th generation war with Pakistan where they don’t need to physically attack Pakistan but by buying assets in Pakistani media and sponsoring the separatist movement in Balochistan and what not.

      The list is endless but I don’t think my comments/thoughts will help anyone nor will you guys agree with me.

      If only the Kashmir issue was resolved, the whole region would have been peaceful.

      • @Ghauri.
        Though I am an Indian but I am not calling Dumbheads to only the Pakistani(s) but to all the People which are commenting on this post, be it the Indians or the Pakistanis.
        And, I guess you would surely agree with me.
        Okay, I agree that there have been instances where the majority has overpowered the minority(as you mentioned). But I guess the government is doing the needful.
        But, one thing which is puzzling me that why are the people on this post, including you are so much concerned about the wars inside India? Okay, you are saying that there have been Muslim killings in Gujarat, but why are we here discussing about the old-gone problems(fights) between the Hindus and Muslims and again creating problems(I hope you understand).
        And why are you all so concerned about the Indians(be it Hindu Indians or Muslim Indians and the fights between them) we all are ONE. Why are you all calling the fights between Hindus and Muslims in India as the fight of Pakistan and India?
        India is a secular country and everyone is respected here. And the fights of which you are talking are the old-gone things and as you would have seen my previous posts, I keep on saying that we should not be concerned about the past but the Present.
        As according to a popular saying: Past is history, Future is a mystery and today is Present so ENJOY it. 😀
        Ps. I found you a lot sensible so if possible please provide me your e-mail id to discuss this topic in more detail(which i really want to do.) 🙂

        • So does that mean that the DUMBHEADS in Kashmir are from both Pakistan and India? If so, who is calling the shots? Why has India planted so much Army in that region and why do we keep seeing/hearing about the injustice going on with the Indians? The answer is simple, Lakshay (I guess your name means goal or objective) – The objective of Indian army is to suppress and oppress the freedom fighters in Kashmir who want a separate home land for themselves.

          About the “instances” that are old.. I totally don’t agree with that. We still get to hear a lot from the Muslims in India about the injustice. If your government is doing the needful, we must all appreciate that but then I would want to know this from the majority of Muslims in India and not a few software engineers working for Microsoft, Facebook or Google or those who are making money.

          I agree with you that we should be concerned about the problems that we have in our country rather than what’s going on India.

          There are many reasons for the pakisgani’s mentioning that..

          Pakistan and India have always considered each other as enemies since 1947. There have been times when countries got closer such as the cricket series where people from both countries interacted with other and showed so much hospitality in both countries.

          Other than that, there has only been hatred.

          Media on both sides drive the emotions of people. We have observed in the recent past that our media is only promoting the negative picture of Pakistan 24/7 while showing the Rising Bollywood stars in news bulletins, religious program’s and what not.

          We got the country in the name of religion and we are proud of that. Our media is trying to tell us that we should give up on our identity.

          Talk about wars, media, Bollywood, technology – It’s all the same.

          On numerous occasions, journalists have come up with proof that owners of Pakistani TV channels are bought by India and people are being brain washed.

          The media has played its dirty game but 90% of Pakistani’s have understood what’s going on with the 4th generation warfare.

          India has representation in the media around the world and so they can fabricate everything to their advantage. While on the other hand we are not even able to take control of our own media.

          I remember the speech of Obama when he came into power saying that resolving the Kashmir issue is his priority and right after that there were the Mumbai attack and there go the Kashmir issue and Pakistan was suddenly promoting terrorism rather than supporting the US in the war OF terror.

          I will never stop and I am sure you have your own version..

          Lastly I just want to say that people of Pakistan wants peace. We are deprived of peace and we are being framed as terrorists simply because of the 4th generation war that is fought within the borders.

          We can live as peaceful neighbours only on the basis of equality. Pakistan will never accept anyone’s supremacy.

          Have a good one.

          • What I infer from your comment is that you think Indian Muslims are deprived of justice?equality?
            And you think that Kashmir should be given to Pakistan?Right?but why?

            Consider this:
            You have a big farm, where you grow different types of plant, all are scattered in the field.
            But in one big corner of the farm, the majority is of a single plant and next to that corner you have a (comparatively small) farm of your friend who grows that particular plant. So will you give that part of your farm to your friends just for the sake of the reason that the
            ‘plant -type’ is same or would you think of your whole farm, take it as together and grow different varieties of plants.
            The answer is simple. Please reply.

  • saying words doesnt make so…
    u indian dont evn knw shit about any thing..all u can do is just leave ur comments on a post which is’nt real anyways..coz if was real then GREAT ARMY OF PAKISTAN was on num 1
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  • if PAK ARMY IS THE BEST ARMY y in thay in Afghanistan its cuz thay are crap thats y usa and uk army are there cuz we are the best army so yer sod u

  • Tell me one thing my dear pakistanio:-

    We agree with this that every muslim is not a terrorist but why every terrorist is a Muslim…

  • dont make any assumption both india and pakistan. both countries are targeted by terrorist. both countries loose many innocent life’s in these attack. and at last both countries have nukes.. .. so both of them are powerfull

  • Hello Everyone, PAKISTANIES & INDIANS,

    First of all @ Nabeel you defended Pakistan very well & I congrats you. But brother try to avoid bad languages over religious issues & things. We don’t want to make any conspiratorial images for our country & as well as religion.

    For INDIANS,
    INDIA is a nice place. I have many friends from INDIA (Hindus, Christians & Muslims). All I just say despite believing in enemy and to laid down each other. Try to be friendly and let put everyone from your side on the track towards PEACE. If you see any bad thing on your side try to save your image and warn him for that thing for your own deeds. PAKISTAN is same like as INDIA is, almost same culture, same traditions, same foods and dresses in fact same ethnicity. Then why we use to blame each other for everything that made as an evil or terrorist activity. whenever anything happen in INDIA despite believing anything INDIA blamed to PAKISTAN. Same as PAKISTAN does. I feel so wrong for both the ways. Lets forget the past try to roll over the PRESENT we have. We are the Sub-Continent of ASIA. We can let everyone know that We can show and prove that PAKISTAN & INDIA can do much more together. Now the issue is KASHMIR. just try to solve it by dialogues get the polls from KASHMIRIS only and let them do whatever they want. Either PAKISTAN or INDIA & It can be separated country as well. problem will definitely be solved.

    Brothers, I respect your feelings whenever the ties are between INDIA & PAKISTAN. And when it is a CRICKET MATCH or MILITARY ISSUE we have some emotional feelings for this. I just say please respect each other forget the past & look into the future. If Pakistan & India put their budget down on defense and use these money for providing help to their own nation. what can we do by this? Peace can easily be made by just respecting each other that’s all. Pakistan is capable for it’s defense, We have everything to defend ourselves from all the enemies. But we don’t want enemy we want friends. If starts blaming and put everything on conspiracy issues then we will never get anything. I just want to stay calm until anyone point a finger on you.




    Nothing will be solved until we realize and think towards PEACE & Respecting each other. We can build a better Sub-Continent. Lets move toward PEACE & FRIENDSHIP.


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  • WHAT the fu*k……….. i am bangladeshi……..and i know exactly the history of 1971 WAR ……..FU*k them who are assuming that the indian have won the war it should india+bangladesh won that war…..People of bangladesh fought 9 months against pakistani army. india fought only for 13 days. yeah i agree india government helped us with arms…but what indians are assuming that only their army won the war…..but they should remind that with the help of our freedom fighters they made their war plans……..and both indian army and pakistani army no nothing about our areas as the indian were helping us we helped them with our map to allocate every [email protected] rox yeah you won the war within 14 days…..but with tanks and other modern arms but our freedom fighters fought only with stun gun

  • What a pitty!! We see the clash btw India and Pakistan ,human against human. Human blood for human blood for nonsense (different belives,cultures etc .why??)
    The planet once again will be saved from those who want to destroy us humans,by Hellenes (Greeks).The very ancient technology of extremely powerful weapons that very few Greeks have (from the very ancient times) will be in use to protect humanity in the very near future.These weapons make nukes to resemble to fireworks!!
    Thank God that this power IS NOT intended for humans.Soon you will find out

  • Hi there if there was a top five İTS US.RUSSİA, TURKEY, PERSİA AND CHİNA…. SORRY BUT YOUR RANKİNG İS REALLY A UNİQUE FAİL. Whats uk? germany? israil? :=)) Take uk take israil take germany and go nuke Turkey, you will definetely fail 🙂

  • To all,

    My dear fellow human beings. You are human beings before anything else. We belong to a much larger biological family which is united in blood and not nationality. We are all united by human DNA. The hatred you feel for each other is based on a narrow minded perspective of what your true identity is.

    How can we all forget that we have been enemies for only a 100 years, but were united together as one civilization for thousands of years. We’re only paying attention to the present. We’re only paying attention to the way things are in our generation.

    It’s more important to be civilized then superior. in our need to feel superior to each other, we keep destroying every opportunity of finding peace and unity. You and I must forget our hatred and ignorance, no matter how painful that journey of maturity may be, it must be walked.

    We all come from the Indus valley civilization and before that we belong to the Human race. Where is the intelligence in our thinking? Where is the maturity?

    I’m an Indian, and I offer my friendship in the interest of peace to all Pakistani brothers and sisters everywhere, that we may live in a more peaceful world.

  • HHahaha India The Great … 160Million people Dont hav facility Of Toiletssss ….. 17 States Want 2 get rid of india …..The Biggest Corrupt Flop Democratic state … SHame on U INdianssssss YOur COmparison is with 6 time smaller country pakistan … Compare ur self with China . ‘ SHAme Wealth ‘gamess hahahah ….’BJP’ hahahaha’ Bal thakrae”’ hahahah Gay hind:)

  • abey pakistani saale….why u r showing too much overactions when u dont hav anything…ur country is a beggar country which u ask every time from america and some middle east countries…atleast dogs have some faith u dont hav that too…chek ur country map its like dog shape…yes of course u r dogs to us…..if we throw biscuits u have to eat…becoz u hav to survive with our piss….argument with pakistanis is like fighting with pig in mud….after some time we will come know that pigs(pakistanis) njoyed it….one thing atleast change now dogs …whole world is hating u…yaaak thu….even my shit also feel shameful when i talk about pakistan….change ur country name to terroristhan….thuuuuu…u people r cming here for surving,for food,for health operations,for etc reasons again blaming us….u shitty dogs…..i dono why i typed this much but ur country can described in one word…pakisthan is also known as shitisthan or terroristhan….

  • Awesome info.But i think pak army is better than other armies because their scarifices is more than other.As this army fighting also in his but also with other.

  • Dear friends,i have read your view’s on your respective armies.when in 1947 we got independence ,there is no pakistan or bangladesh,there is only one nation at that time who was fighting for only one noble cause and that is that time we all are united either hindu or muslim or any other,we have to remember that period,when a muslim laid down his life for a hindu and same as a hindu on the topic of war,i would like to say that wars are not good for any nation.but yet it is important for a nation’s integrity.

  • so the point is why we are fighting,we the indians and pakistanis are fighting and the whole world is laughing.we see the example of America and Canada ,they are also neighbouring countries but they are not fighting,and look how develop they are…..and remember one thing “WARS ARE CREATED BY POLITICIANS ,COMPOUNDED BY BUROCRATES,AND FOUGHT BY SOLDIERS”.if the awam of undia and pakistan understand this fact,i m dam sure we become the most develop nation of the world!

  • dosto hum is waqat sub media k shakanjay ma han dunia ma jo b show hota ha planning k sath hota ha dua karan allah pak in media walon ko hidayaet da .

  • The top Army in the World should be the Taliban. They just defeated a coalition of 48 countries, including the top ones listed here.

    In terms of Military Power. The only independent Army on earth that has global bases and whose attacks reach all over the planet is Al-Qaeda. They have the most sophisticated network of recruitment, fund collection, military training and battle execution. They have single handedly kept the entire world’s military might at bay for over two decades now. After spending trillions of dollars globally to stop them. After having invaded 3 countries. After having the entire world join in on the co-allition. After having the world’s top intelligence agencies searching for them. They are still a growing threat.

    From Mumbhai to Memphis. Their attacks are successful and well organized. They are formed of a group of people who have been brainwashed to prefer death over life [so drafting is not an issue].

    Their media campaign is so strong that random people with absolutely no military background get up and start fighting [like the shootings and bombings we saw in US and Europe in what they call ‘home grown terror’]

  • Pakistan army has always better than indian army because pakistan won the war from India two times. The power of army does not depend on the strenght of army always, it also depends upon the dignity and Pakistan Army has dignity. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • Only Indians and Pakistanis are fighting. Make peace not war. War wouldn’t benefit anyone, on the contrary it’ll just cause harm

  • Beta tum logo se apni maa behan control hoti nhi apnni bachian dekha kr paise kamatay ho , Tum logo ko kya pta k Pakistan cheez kya hai … Baki hum mantay hain tum log baray kanjar ho FILM wagera aur dramay tmhari maa behan acha kr leti hain per paise to hum Pakistani hi detay hain na :p

  • you forgot France in your ranking dude. And are you trying to make a joke by ranking Turkey, India or even North Korea better than Russia ?

    • That was the old list, Russia is back at #3, but well, that might be undeserved. They are stuck in the 80s, barely no new technology. And the French….. besides like one good Tank, they are just puppets of Nato.

  • I wish all my Pak friends to concentrate on education. I wish that they become progressive and become part of the world community. There is too much poison instilled in your system that you look to others around you with suspicion and hatred. Look deep within you and honestly ask yourself if you are on the right path. We look forward to inviting you to be a part of the world family and not a cancer to the world. Wish you all the best

  • hey boys please dont argue between india and pakistan.i am indian but i love both the countries,after al pakistan was also a part of boys dont hate each other.i wil tell u fact.both the soldiers are brave but do u know most powerful troop in indian army is gorkhali troop,ie nepali.they are most brave in indian army troop and they are most courageous,they have defeated many enemies of india by doing war.after that sikh troop are 2nd brave in indian army.and indian army is strong in boarders probaly because of these two.pakistani soldiers are also brave.

  • hahha u fooll just think if only 6 isi agents can trap ur more than 700sq km terrtory .. so think if there is a war how would u defend hahahhaha.. only 6 persons.. ur follist army ur foolish agency isi is the best agency in the world even american cia cant deny it.. lol india (u all were talking about 1965 for ur kind of information that time indias army was heavily armed and pakistanii army have nothing :p if ur silliy armii cannot defeat an un armed army so how could u think that they defeat us.. now a days indians army is no match against pak because.. if indians can not stop just 6 to 10 persons to invade them how couls they defeat the whole army common sence.. or ur dumb agency RAW hahhaha irans agency or isreal agencies are better then u..

  • anyone here in the forum got doubts bout the prowess n might of Indian army can try to test that and your previous failures will be brought alive in front of your eyes. yep u are from a great Pakistan, However needs lots of guts to challenge India and those guts we have already seen during kargil war, if you were so strong, why did you leave you strong people.Nonetheless you may enjoy your beautiful world of fallacies and fiction. May god be with you.

  • It’s fun watching you guys fight about who is better Pakistan and India. Since, I am not from Pakistan or India, my response will be less biased. India has a larger military power and they have a respectable army with over 500,000 personnel and they are better equipped than the Pakistan army. However, Pakistan uses its tactics and win a few battles. In an all out battle between Pakistan and India, India would win in numbers and firepower.

    But Everyone has to admit China is the best 🙂
    Over 800,000 personnel, China can take on Pakistan and India together. Chinese Infantry are trained in every condition imagined, unlike some soldiers they disciplined and fight till the end


  • Bangladesh army is the best arny in these world.they are highly trained,and most important things is they are highly committed.

  • hahahahaha I have read almost all comment

    Today iz world best army is Pak army
    We won gold medal in 2011 army matches which was in aus

  • You really have to be kidding us with that list. Russia 8th???????
    A more realistic list would be.:)

    1) EU if it can count as one (many countries, professional high tech armies, massive support from other countries as well.)
    2) USA ( big, professional, well trained and high tech army good support from others and good experience)
    3) Russia (massive weaponry, good support from others and good experience)
    4) China (very good weaponry, vast population)
    5) France-Britain (EU Nato countries, professional, high tech armies, great history)
    6) Greece-Israel (Greece – most massive support from everyone in any war with anybody, most historical nation, greatest history of winning much bigger opponents (see balkan wars, greek war of indepentence WW1 WW2 e.t.c .e.t.c) Israel (very good recent history against much more populous opponents (see Israel Arabs wars) high tech very experienced army.
    7) India (nuclear power, vast population)
    8) Pakistan (nuclear power, big population)

  • @Danish: Beta Islam ebhi 1000 sal pahele paida hua hai……….. and we Hindu are the first on the earth who started living in society that means Hindu is the Oldest of all religions. And talking about Pakistan, it will be non sense to talk about pakistan……… as whole world look at any Muslim as terrerist …….. look into your sould and then reply to this comment……….

  • well this is what i think , this list in my personal thinking , so no offense for anyone .

    1. USA
    2. China
    3. Russia
    those are 3 countries which are on top 3 without any other consideration. but from 4 to 10th place there are so many countries in my list some are equal with each other.. but everyone think their country army is best …. as usual
    so …
    4. India and UK ( mostly peoples think at number 4 there will be UK by technology , but i personally think india also desever this place with large army , navy and air force .. )

    5. France and Pakistan ( Here i Put France and Pakistan Togther because , in my view they both are Equal , France have good Technology with good Air force and Navy , and good missile techonoly on the other hand Pakistan , have large man-power, with good Combact power , Good Air force , and missile technology , but weak Navy and Equipement .)

    6. North and South korea ( those 2 countries are equal , north korea have man-power so south korea have some good techonology )

    7. Turkey , Germany and Japan ( those 3 countries are very much equal , good man-power , advanced technology , Air-force and Nave but no Nuclear Weapons.

    8. Israel and Iran ( most of the peoples think Israel can be put on #4 or #5 or may be #3 , but i dont think so , Israeal is nothing without US , but Iran is a growing Armed forces .

    9. Italy , Saudia Arab

    10. Brazil , Australia , and so on …


  • My brothers of Pakistan and India! As I have been living in America, all my friends are Pakistani or Indian! True, India has had its victories, but also DEFEATS!. PAKISTAN HAS ALSO HAD ITS VICTORIES AND DEFEATS. Each country will say its own “truth”, on what they think is right. Of course! That is called NATIONALISM! Lets put this asside, and BE PEACEFUL. India is one of the most powerful nations in the WORLD! IF PAKISTAN AND INDIA PUT ASSIDE DIFFERENCES, NOBODY CANT STOP EITHER OF US!!! JAI HIND and GO PAKISTAN!

  • Namashkar merray hindu dushmano kyun lar rahay ho 2 sall say is website per ? koch nahi milnay wala yaha meray bhai ager pakistan army or pakistan k jawano main shak hai to attack kar k check kar lo ( phar k hath main day dain gaye ham pakistani tum ke ……………… understand?) or jani pakistan apnay wapen khud banata hai or tum log buy kartay ho khareday howay wapen zaida time sath nahi daitay remember phaar k ………………… day dain gaye 😉

  • 1. Muslims ruled on india 100 years
    2. We carved your ram raj and have our own Islamic state thanks ALLAH
    3. 47,48,65 was ours just 71 was yours
    4. Lets have a war today lets say a nuclear and whats gonna happen? your radium bomb can rid of 20 million lives in Pakistan. And our tech can erase 50 million of you
    5. Pakistan has the back of 57 Muslims countries we will take refuge and help. Where you will go? china, Burma, Bangladesh or siri lanka?
    6. You are having max. no. of poverty and aids patients. Along with 60 million disables. 90% population lives in rural areas
    7. & sisters states, Kashmir, Nexilities, China……
    8. Be neutral and falsified me. Please do not become patriot. Be sensible Indians

  • Alright bros, first of all if your going to have a mature and serious conversation about national security at least get your spelling right. Seriously, don’t prove the countries’ illiteracy rate by spelling in a horrendous way that shows you’ve never been to school. Anyway, getting off the point, sorry, pretty much half of you are wrong because if you were to ask the question, “Who has the best army in the world?” It would be a very subjective question because there are a lot of factors to consider when you are talking about the army. For example, technology would be a really big factor when you’re talking about war and United States definitely has the one of the best war technology, not India OR Pakistan.
    Second factor to consider when talking about armies is PROFESSIONAL training, and Britain wins that round with U.S. in second. Britain has SAS and SBS and they get 33 weeks of PROFESSIONAL training and U.S. has SEALs who killed the infamous Osama Bin Laden recently. The final factor to consider is the soldier braveness and China wins that round by a long shot because they train in the snow for hours with no shirts! Seriously, never seen that kind of dedication in any other armies. Other things to consider would be nuclear war (North Korea would kill everybody in that round) and allies which would be Canada who has the LARGEST country in the world on their side, Russia. So who is the overall army in the world? Again, that is kind of hard to decide. I’ll tell you this though winning a BARTTLE (as Atif said) against the strongest army in the World does not make you the strongest in the World. In my opinion, North Korea has the strongest army because the have nukes! They could nuke any country near it and completely obliterate it and those countries include Pakistan AND India and having the strongest soldiers wouldn’t matter either because no matter how strong you are you can’t survive a nuke in your face…
    P.S. I know all this because I am literate and I have been in the army studies/strategy field for 8 years
    so I kinda know what I’m talking about and I actually know how to spell battle. –_–

  • i dont understand…….. these pakistanis hate indians so much…then why do people like rahat fateh ali khan, veena malik, atif aslam,shafqat amanat ali come to our country to earn name fame popularity and money…and as far armies are concerned pakistan lost all four wars in india…..and at dis point of time pakistan is at 13 in the failed state list and india is not even dere in the top 50,india has the 4th strongest army in the world….plz focus on the dying economic and political condition of your country….the world is choosing “INDIA” and pakistan is getting isolated….dont think of war my friend it would only bring evil in the world…..

  • Guys,

    The comments seems to be like two brother fighting over powers….

    Everyone knows what happens actually and what has happened so far.
    Who is developing terrorism and who is not. So blaming each other will not give any results.
    Indian blames pakistan and inturn pakistan blames india.

    The DUO has faced similar fates. Losses were there too human lives on both sides.

    Why cannot both the county believe that if they merge and become one the REUNION will be worlds No. one super Powerful and Intelligent country.

    British new this that if it remained one then there is no stopping it will become one of the world Major power so they drew the line happily so that Ind and Pak keep fighting and killing each other.

    Yes to be true regarding armies in top ten, Yes US is still no 1 following up with UK and Russia…

  • Pakistan has nuclear weapons equal to the US. India Doesn’t have enough Ammo To fight a WAR against Pakistan or any other country. 😛

  • Ha ha ha Pakistanis….You can’t protect your own people and your minister asks Indian Govt. to protect SRK….By the time i click below “submit” button there will be a dozen Shiite muslims die in Pakistan….Whether you have largest military in the world or not but Pakistan is certainly largest terrorist producer in the world! I can’t believe that you kill innocent people in the name of religion.

  • indian people should have to knw that their people were slaves of muslims 1400 years ago….but they were forgiven by muslims leaders….then they wer slaves of muslim in sub continent for aa long period of mughal empire in that period they ran towards the british with naked asses wanted to be slaves of them…….:-)and betrayed their kingsssss
    then in 1947 they betrayed not only their self but also their leaders by killing small childrens and womens and many inocent people of PAKISTAN..and now aa days you are saying you are brave……where were your bravery when in 1965 pakistani army kiked on your asses from pakistani border to your village your army were running from their like empty bags in air 🙂
    i have 1 recorded element which your sikh said(((((nasooo muslay aa gaye nay))))
    that is not aa bravery……if indian people want to see the diffrence in pakistni army and indian army visit to wagha border near lahore. there you will knw what are you anr what are we………..i accept that you win the only war from pakistan in 1971 but not by bravery only on political bases……which every people of benga ,pakistan and india knws about that

  • hey we always fight wdh each others ( Pakistani & Indians) , we all know Muslims & Hindus live in both countries , we are same our cultures are in both countries , we just find the mistakes , we haven’t tried to think the good qualities present in the peoples of Pakistan and Indian , and our MEDIA , this is also responsible for these all things , our media shows us and we believe , we should obey our religions even Islam or Hinduism , why we peoples not want a peaceful life .
    My Pakistani and Indian Brothers please change your minds we want peace and there are a few countries which wants War between Pakistan and India and we are fool we don’t know anything and just blame on each others .
    I hope you will try to ponder over on my these lines
    Thanks 🙂

  • lol this is load of bullcrap. cmon guys north korea stronger than Russia? hahahaha whoever have done this is not a friend with his head

  • As far as I think pakistan n India are not less than each other.they both have good technology n both have support of other countries.But main thing is bravery,if no one has bravery they all will be running here and there like cowards n the best army who fights for their country n is brave and understands war is nothing but cr***p

  • Indians claiming Pakistan and Kashmir were part of their territory, should correct themselves. If anyone has right to the ownership of the Indian subcontinent, it is Muslims. The Muslim emperors of the Mughal Empire ruled over the subcontinent for 200 years. Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and the corrupt ruler of Kashmir wanted it to be part of India, which was against the decision of the Muslims living there, who wished to be part of Pakistan. But the Indian army intervened and thus the disputed territory of Kashmir came into existence but in the same way, the Nizam of Hyderabad wanted his state to be part of Pakistan and again India intervened. Indians should be deprived of all the land, if it was in my hands to do so. The mentality of Hindus will never change and thus Sir Syed Ahmed’s 2 nation theory was always true. Hindus will never be friends with Muslims from the inside and may seem friendly only on the outside.

  • Those saying Pakistan have been beaten by India in every war between them, up to date. Pakistan have never lost nor have they won but India has not won either. It has always been India to take the first aggressive step in 47,65,71 and other smaller skirmishes but Pakistan can be only accused of starting the 99 Kargil War. Apart from winning a few km of territory, India or Pakistan can never be said to have won the war against each other. Indians need to look at the facts before talking…

  • Just as Indians here are claiming Pakistan will get terrarized by millitants groups there, India too have their own internal problems. Indian media is hiding the real truth about India’s political and regional issues, such as the discrimination of Sikhs, the demolishing of Islamic buildings and architectural sites, the infighting between the different Hindu castes and the unequal treatment to Buddhists and Christians living there. We do not need to beat India in war, they will crumble by themselves!

    • Do you live in India?
      If no, then how sure are you of your information?
      Hindus and muslims cannot live together? what?
      In India everyone is living peacefully, as you know India is a ‘Secular state’ not like Pakistan which is an ‘Islamic State’.
      And if your Army/Government is so good, then why wasn’t it able to capture Osama Bin Ladin who was living in an ‘Army area’ of yours?
      And why does your country has the most Government breakdowns?

  • soooooooooo funy
    pakistan and turky are in top 10
    so funy.even they can’t solve their own problems in own country.soooooooooooo fun

  • Keep arguing about who’s number 2 or 3, personally I don’t care. USA! USA! USA! We will free the shit out of you with our bombs!

  • Well may not know about other things but India sure is the rape capital of the world.When These men can’t provide security to their daughters,mothers and wives,their army should be last expected to protect their country……

  • After watching all above comments, I reach to understand and share the sum of your conversation.

    Kashmir is main issue of both the nation across the border. Both the nation dwell for thousand years together and separated after WWII, because it was impossible to British Govt: to control over here.

    Leaving by British Army/Govt/machinery they they divided the nation and leave unresolved issue of Kashmir, aiming both will fight and British well leave peacefully. British and German were rival of WWII now they are in one union (EU). But …………………

    They succeed in their plane. and we still fighting each other. If all world accept that India is supreme and they have brave army, then all Indian knows and all Indian military / paramilitary forces knows their strength.

    Never give up/loose your weakness to those whom feel happy, when you gives such unbearable comments.

    Allah/God didn’t made mankind for specific area/state/Govt/country, its our ego/interest cause borders.

    Conflict on both sides beneficial for nations out side of subcontinent and both side army. Both Govt spend million/billions for nothing. and army officer enjoys luxurious lives and poor soldiers dies.

    Think a while and share your thought with me on given email address. I’ll be waiting for you valuable comments and suggestions recommendations and appreciate necessary actions.

    Thanks for reading

    Javed Gul Afridi ([email protected])

  • India spends most of its income on millitary equipments, it has more than i million strong army and more than its army are the hungry people with .50 USD perday for noodles.

    What is best feed the citizens or build a satelite and fighter plane?

    There is a social structure that causes india to be one of the strongest and the poorest in the world. One of the dirtiest cities, full of rapist and mother **ckers.