Top Ten Armies in the World (2021)

There’s been much discussion and debate about our original article about the Top 10 Armies in the World. First written in 2010, we’ve been updating it ever since. 

Nearly every country in the world has its own army to protect its interests against internal and external enemies. Most countries like to boast of their military prowess, often claiming to be one of the strongest in the world. Not all can actually back that claim with data and numbers

In an effort to quantify the rankings of the top military forces in the world, we analyzed data on over sixty countries. We based this on the most recent data available at GlobalFirepower. This includes the size of defense budget, number of active military members, tanks and armored vehicles, aircraft and helicopters, and number of naval craft. 

Additionally, we considered nuclear capability and recent operations, the latter meaning that the army actually has live combat experience.

We then assigned a weight to each of these components, and finally calculated an overall score for each country. In most places, this differs from the country’s GlobalFirepower rank.

After the calculations were completed, the top ten armies in the world became easily visible as the most powerful militaries in the world.

Most of these armies were involved in the major conflicts of the modern  world. Notably, these include World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Additionally, many were involved in conflicts fighting for their own country’s independence.

#10: Turkey


The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years, though the modern day military branches were founded in 1920. With a force of over 730 and a budget of close to $19 billion, it is solidly in the top ten military powers in the world. 

It ranks fourth on the list for tanks and armored vehicles, estimated at just over 11,000. Ground forces are additionally supported by an outsize artillery. Out of the nations on this list, Turkey is currently the only without nuclear capability.

With very few exceptions, military service is required of all male citizens after the age of twenty, contributing to the large force and reserve size. After the U.S. and ahead of France, it is the second largest ground force in NATO.

The Turkish Army was involved in the Korean War, recurrent internal Kurdish conflicts, the division of Cyprus, and recently Syria. Its largest conflict to date, however, was the Turkish Independence War. In this confrontation, it fought Russia, Britain, Greece, France and Italy along its borders. It was one of the few larger powers to remain neutral until almost the end of World War II.

#9: United Kingdom


The British Armed Forces were organized in 1661 and have been involved in various conflicts including the Napoleonic Wars, Revolutionary War and both world wars. In fact, only 22 countries in the world were never invaded by British forces.

The British Army has had a significant presence in Northern Ireland and the Balkans. It stood beside the United States in the Gulf War in the 1990s. The army is a powerful force in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism after the attacks of September 11, 2001. 

The active duty force of the British military is over 190,000 strong, making it the second largest army in the European Union behind France. The U.K. has a defense budget of over $51 billion annually. Of the top ten military powers, it has the smallest number of active duty members but the fourth-largest budget, behind only the U.S., China, and India.

There are three branches of service. These are the Royal Navy, the British Army proper and the Royal Air Force, also known as RAF.  

With nearly 750 aircraft and helicopters and around 5,500 tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery, it is a viable force and an unwavering ally of the United States.

#8: Pakistan


The Pakistan Armed Forces were founded in 1947, and comprises three service branches. It succeeded the former British Indian Army after the country gained independence the same year.

Pakistan’s military history includes recurrent conflicts with its bordering neighbors of Afghanistan and India, the Gulf War and Mogadishu, Somalia in the early 90s. 

The country is part of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). As such, it has been active against ISIL and other terrorist groups. Pakistan has also served as an ally to the United States in the Global War on Terrorism. It assisted in the fight against both Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and along its borders.

At the same time, the army maintains close ties with the Chinese military.

This volunteer army consists of an active duty force of over 650,000 personnel. Additional reserve forces are another 550,000 strong. Together, they make the Pakistan Armed Forces into one of the largest armies in the world.

Pakistan’s defense budget is around $11.5 billion. This may be the smallest budget of the top ten military powers, but still far exceeds the defense budget of most other countries around the world. 

While on par with U.K. for naval craft, Pakistan boasts several hundred more aircraft and helicopters, over 9,000 tanks and armored vehicles, and a much larger amount of artillery pieces.

#7: Israelflag of israel

Israel maintains a conscript army. It is the only country in the world that requires military service from both male and female citizens with few exceptions.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were founded in 1948, but trace their roots to several paramilitary organizations active against the British while they held Palestine. Today, the IDF maintains an active duty force of over 170,000. In comparison, its reserves are enormous, evaluated at around 450,000. 

Its fleet is fairly small, but the IDF can field considerable airpower and over 13,000 tanks and armored vehicles. 

The Israeli military history includes the Arab-Israel War, the Six-Day War and numerous conflicts with Lebanon, the annexed Palestine, and frequent operations against Iran. As a whole, it is one of the most battle-tested armies of the world.

The United States remains one of Israel’s largest and closest allies, giving the IDF preferential access to new military technology. Israel’s defense budget clocks in at fully $20 billion.

#6: France


Since its struggles during the World Wars, France does no longer enjoy the reputation of a military superpower. These perceptions aside, the numbers tell a different story.

France has a military of over 360,000 strong across the army, navy, air and space force and paramilitary branches. This makes it the largest army in the European Union by numbers. It is unique in letting foreign nationals serve in its forces – in the notorious and elite Foreign Legion. Unusually, the country’s police also form part of the French Armed Forces.

Compared to its one-time hereditary rival, the British Armed Forces, it commands more craft across almost all categories. The exception are some naval classes and artillery pieces. Its budget, however, is smaller than the U.K.’s, at $41 billion.

#5 North Korea


The North Korean People’s Army was established in 1939 and has an impressive size of more than 1,250,000 soldiers. When reserve unit numbers are added to this, estimates are more than seven million soldiers could be activated if needed. This makes the North Korean forces potentially the largest in the world.

Major conflicts in North Korea’s history are the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Tensions between North and South Korea still exist today. Technically, the conflict is a frozen one – it never officially ended between the two.

Its defense budget, at $1.6 billion, is nominally small. Much of its economy, however, is prepared for military use along a total war doctrine. Additionally, North Korea is a relatively close, though erratic, ally of China.

North Korea has confirmed its nuclear and chemical weapons capability in recent years with threats against various countries. This especially includes the United States, mainly for its alliance with South Korea. Over the last decade, it has also emerged as a cyber-war force to be reckoned with.

#4: India


The Indian Army’s roots go back, with only minor interruptions, to the Stone Age. Today, it is the largest all-volunteer ground force in the world with nearly 1.5 million active duty soldiers. Reserves make up a force an additional 2 million strong.

India has never had to institute a draft to staff its ground force. The Indian Army – overlapping with the British Indian Army – was active in both world wars. Subsequently, the Indian Armed Forces fought in conflicts for the country’s own independence. Border skirmishes with Pakistan are common in its history.

The Indian military consists of three branches as well as several paramilitary units, and operates on a budget of more than $61 billion. While its aircraft and helicopter as well as tank and armored vehicle numbers rank it solidly in the middle of the list, it has a relatively small naval fleet. India also has more than eighty nuclear warheads in its possession.

#3: Russia


Russia has undergone numerous changes throughout its military history. This history dates back all the way to 863. The modern day army – the Russian Ground Force – arose in 1992, following on the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Previous Russian military organizations, including the Red Army, saw combat in regional conflicts, both World Wars and numerous Cold War operations. Before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was one of two superpowers in the world. By this point, it had surpassed the United States both in terms of the number of soldiers and nuclear weapons.

The Russian Ground Force draws its soldiers through a military draft. In principle, all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 33 serve for a period of 12 months. There are, however, many reasons for exception and deferral, and bribery is common.

Russia currently has over 1.2 million active duty military members and 2 million in reserves. It operates under a comparatively slim budget of more than $48 billion dollars. In terms of finances, only India, China and the U.S. are bigger spenders. Though its air force and ground capabilities are larger than China’s, the latter has been gaining rapidly, and China possesses a larger navy.

Russia also has the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world – nearly 8,000. This stock, though, is aging, and not all of it is combat-ready.

#2: China


The People’s Liberation Army of China is the largest military in the world in absolute numbers. It numbers nearly 2.2 million soldiers, with a reserve over 500,000 strong. After significant cuts in forces a decade ago, numbers are again increasing.

The Chinese Army arose in 1927. It was active in the Sino-Japanese conflict, World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam wars.

While technically service is a necessity for all men over the age of 18, China has never had to draft soldiers. There have always been more than enough Chinese men who have volunteered for military service to their country.

It has the second largest defense budget, at nearly $240 billion – a full $100 billion more than a decade ago. This corresponds roughly to the combined budget of all previous countries on this list. It also houses nuclear weapons, with estimates putting the number at around 350.

#1: United States


The United States military’s history dates back to 1775, where it arose out of rebel forces fighting the Revolutionary War. With over 1.4 million on active duty, it now has the third largest active duty force ranking behind China and India. 

However, the defense budget is what really sets the U.S. apart from all other countries on the list. With a budget of over $750 billion, it exceeds all other military budgets on this list combined by nearly $250 billion, and China’s by over $500 billion.

The U.S. Army and its special forces have participated in every major world war, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and leads the Global War on Terrorism.

The modern day Army is an all-volunteer force, though drafts have been used for long periods. It maintains numerous permanent posts throughout the United States as well as Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Japan, Korea, and other countries.

Ranking only behind Russia in the total number of warheads, the U.S. has the largest number of active warheads in the world. 

The U.S. also has the largest number of aircraft and helicopters by far with just under 14,000. It’s still comfortably ahead of China in the number of tanks and armored vehicles. Its air dominance also shows in its fleet, which is smaller than China’s, but features numerous aircraft carriers and supporting craft.

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      • If it was not for us all of europe would have been German territory today we are the most experience military force in the world and capable so dont underestamate the will of the free people in the U.S.A we have reached victory and we will comtinue to until the last of mankind

        • Adrian, America is self centered. America didn’t beat the Germans, Soviet Russia did. Don’t make America the center of history. Who conquered Berlin? Soviet Russia. Don’t ever say that “if not for America” b.s. America didn’t lose WWII, but they sure as hell didn’t single handedly defeat the entire Third Reich. Americas beef was with Japan. THAT is who they defeated. Thank you Nukes. The point is… America has never one a war by itself. its not the strongest… it just has an “infinite budget”. Most spending, and trillions of dollars in debt. There is not a single war America won single handedly. and there never will be one.

        • Well I do not see how Americans are free when you know that almost everything you do is being snooped by your government. Loosers.

    • Jeremy!
      You are a bit right but, as an American, you don’t know about the history of subcontinent.
      We, Muslims, ruled over here 1000 years! But the same happened with us what had happened with the USA. Cruel British arrived and took control of our lands. They were clever and keen who perished the fraternity and brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims.
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        • The Ruler of Kashmir made his call during independence to join India and 80% of Kashmiris are happy with India.. PoK or what we call as Ajaad Kashmir is under Pakistan nd i have personaly seen it as nothing more than pakistan base camp nd people just surviving
          beside… Indo pak war is more of a political matter !!

        • hello abbas again … me….

          >>>You are saying that India is protecting its territory. So why don’t you people leave Kashmir, which belongs rightfully to us.

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  • Why is that there is no other country men arguing over thier countries dominance. Is India and Pakistan the only 2 countries in the world.
    Please understand the figures are statistical. Real world scenarios are different like politicians being involved, strategic position, not using the entire might, etc, etc.
    In todays world might of a nation is decided by the PPP of a nation and not armed forces.
    EG. North Korea pretty mighty nation for its size but people there dont have bare minimum supplies.

  • there are many other countries, why only Indian Pakistani are talking about there country..
    that what shows a middle class peoples are there in India and Pakistani, You need to grow up guys

  • do you really think turkish army is #6!!!!!!!!!!
    in fact some countries in this ranking can’t provide their militiry needs so they shoud buy their needs from biggest power like america or russia but iranian army isn’t dependent on any countries

  • Well I don’t agree with this. there are many other powerful armies which hasn’t been included like Gurkha (Nepalese) army, Australian army and newzeanland, while talking about British and Indian army it is mostly composed of Gurkhas and Australian army as well as Newzeanland army had played a important part in WW2. once Hitler said,” give me Gurkha and i will conquer the world.” the Nepalese Gurkha army are well known for their bravery. me being part Nepalese and part Australian feel bad for not including these two countries. proud to be an Australian born Nepalese

    • A very decorated Indian Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw (1914-2008) famously said: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.”
      But,world armies are not just that…it’s more complex and I’m sorry to say but Australia and NZ don’t even come into the picture,when we are talkin about armies.but they are nice countries to visit and work in 🙂

    • Well I would say “Imagine a squad of Gurkhas against 100 fully armed American (or anyone else on the list) soldiers…. they have no chance”…. but then I realised the Gurkhas would still win. Either way, they are probably outnumbered 100 to 1, and add nukes and stuff, it really isnt any chance. In militaries for hire though, Gurkhas probably #1 (or was in WW2, been a while since then.)

    • Kriti,
      Even today Gurkhas are the integral part of British Army and Indian Army. Considerable 47% army men in Indian Army are either of the Nepali nationals or the people from nepali speaking zones that previously used to be the part of Nepal.


      Gurkhas Corp

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    pakistan, india , and any other 3rd world country
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    i wonder how good it is to be called as American;


    • Hey, keep your head up! Pakistan is probably a top 5 country now, or will be very soon, once the India thing gets sorted out. USA really isn’t that strong, sure they beat Russia, but remember, they trained the Taliban to fight along side them then, and now the Taliban are beating them, so its more of a Taliban superiority. For the arab countries, Nato is just outnumbering the rest, like the Gulf war was really one sided, and Japan was too (technology won, not military.) But yeah, you are right, all the countries now are just a puppet of either USA or Russia/China.

      P.S. Its not good at all to be called an American. I’m Canadian and the Americans have ruined us too >.>

      • Mr. Andrew!
        Don’t forget that Pakistan is the real one who broke the USSR.
        Pak-USSR war was won by Pakistan so in actual it should have the status of disintegrating it.

        • Hello Abbas, What do you think about your country. Your govt cannot protect the people from bomb blasts.

        • hello abbas me again….

          Pak-USSR war??????? I never heard of it……. and Pakistan beat Soviets?????

          Yeah you are really a silly fool aren’t you????

          I am telling you again first know your history man… [email protected]@@!

    • well tis is ridiculous annexing and ruling are two other things. see Americans are running from Afghanistan after conceeding defeat . Be proud of your country to whichever country you belong every country has problems , U.S.A.’ ecconomy is in shambles unemployement is historic high at 7% even more than India or Pakistan . You could be perplexed on the fact but see that Indain or Pakistani citizens can take manual work but Americans won’t because there living standards are high . Suppose in our countries Car is a luxury but there it is a neccissity. Some reports have said that whole of the (current)employable generation will be lost in U.S.A . Moreover crime rate in U.S. is one of the highest. Lastly, Grass is always greener on the other side.(Deliberate)

  • I’m afraid this info is uncomplete. The author did not respect the Polish troops from the time they were the best in the world.

    Invariably, whenever most people talk about the military prowess of the Polish cavalry, some joker busts out with some intelligent, well-constructed argument that vaguely resembles something along the order of “YA RITE HOW BOUT CHARGIN NAZI TANKS W HORSIES FTW LOLOLOL OMG I”M HILARIOUS SOMEBODY LOVE ME PLS”. Well not only are the wild claims of that infamous engagement dubious at best, but it’s time that the Polish cavalry – and particularly the Winged Hussars – get appropriately recognized as one of the most eye-skeweringly hardcore associations of asskickers ever assembled. These daring, brave, unabashedly-feathered badasses crushed throats up and down Europe for two centuries, annihilating battle-tested armies three times their size with nothing more than a huge-ass lance, an awesome set of ultra-cool wings, and a gym bag full of iron-plated armor ballsacks.

    The hussars as we know them first show up on the scene in the early 16th century as part of a hammer-smashing army of stone-cold motherfuckers under the Hungarian King Stefan Bathory. Bathory (who fought the Turks alongside Vlad the Impaler and was an ancestor of the infamous virgin-cidal blood countess and psychopath Elizabeth Bathory), basically levied the cavalry force by conscripting one out of every twenty Polish and Lithuanian peasants to strap on a pair of wings and a suit of heavy armor and start piercing the faces of anyone stupid enough to step to Eastern Europe. Over the next two hundred years, these ordinary dudes morphed into a ten-ton anvil of pointy justice that would go up against some of the toughest armies the world had to offer and completely fuck them inside out.


    The combat record of the Winged Hussars stands for itself. In 1577 a massive charge of this ultra-heavy cavalry unit smashed a German army from Danzig, blitzing into the teeth of a 12,000 man force and crushing them until all that remained was a well-trampled patch of red where the enemy army once used to be. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth losses in the battle totaled about 88 men, and most of those clowns weren’t even Hussars. In 1601, a thousand Hussars defeated a Swedish cavalry force four times that size. At the Battle of Kircholm four years later, the Hussars (whose commanders’ completely badass motto was “Kill First, Calculate Later”), sent 1,000 lancers in a charge against 11,000 Swedish infantrymen and cannons for some reason, and incredibly, despite the ridiculous idiocy of sending your elite troops on such an impossible mission, the friggin’ Hussars jammed their poles (OMG AWESOME PUN FTW) into anything they could find and not only emerged victorious, but utterly slaughtered their opponents army, hacking the broken infantry units into giblets as they fled the field. Amazingly, that wasn’t even the most impressive shit this mobile last stand accomplished in its proud heritage as the Commonwealth’s premier exporter of busted-up faces. At the Battle of Klushino in 1610, the Hussars were outnumbered ten to one, and still somehow came out on top, utterly annihilating an army of 40,000 Swedes and Russians with just 4,000 lancers.

    What might be even more awesome then the Winged Hussars’ much-deserved reputation as seemingly-invincible shit-wreckers is their completely over-the-top awesome battle gear. These guys went with the heaviest armor they could find, decking themselves out in fully-articulated plate mail at a time when most European armies were switching away from breastplates and over to firearms, but these ferocious warriors didn’t even give a crap about rushing at state-of-the-art muskets with hand-to-hand combat weapons. Their primary implement of facial demolition was a lightweight (yet still completely insane) 19-foot lance capable of outreaching even the most well-endowed infantry spear hedges, and after they splintered that up the asses of their foes, the Hussars could fall back on pistols, a dagger, and one of two different types of swords. Why they needed two different swords is beyond the scope of my knowledge, but I’m pretty sure that I support it.

    While the badass weaponry and armor was unquestionably utilitarian, the Winged Hussars also went that extra mile to ensure that they were armor-crappingly terrifying while charging ahead in perfect formation. Their armor was burnished and well-polished so that it gleamed in the sunlight (most Renaissance-era knights preferred black armor because it was more resistant to rust), they wore brightly-colored heraldry, and OH YEAH they also had giant-ass fucking wings strapped onto their backs. These wings, which were made of ostrich or eagle feathers glued onto wooden frames that arched up and over the back, made an insane whistling noise while the Hussars were charging, completely unsettling, terrifying, and overawing the enemy in the brief moments between when they said, “holy shit WTF” and when they had a kebab skewer jammed into their eye sockets at about a hundred and twenty miles per hour. Some of the Hussars also used to up the “wow factor” by stuffing severed heads down the tips of their weapons and charging into battle with a lance-full of heads, which sounds pretty gnarly.

    The hussars were also super-well-trained, capable of changing directions and altering their formations in mid-charge, and then plowing through their enemy, circling around, and hitting them again from the rear. In case you’ve never seen footage of a well-executed cavalry charge before, this is kind of like the equine equivalent of the Blue Angels doing all of their trademark death-defying stunts while in the middle of a dogfight. I don’t care who you are, this has to kind of fuck with your head a little.

  • Hello,could u plz stop this INDIA PAKISTAN thing?
    i am an indian who wants peace to the world!
    Dear pakistanians,stop spending billions in military and spend it for your people and eradicate terrsm. And same thing to us indians,we are never gonna attack pak. until there is some serious things!
    And if its sure for me that India is far better than Pakistan!

    • The world has reached the mars and exploring the universe but u poor ppl are still fighting who is the best among indianz and Pakistanis?? Look guys any one of us who belongs to any of the two state has a potential to die for its motherland so wake up from the dreams ov deatroying or erraedicating any one of the state out ov the map.. India has tried this since the beginning ov Pak but plZ grow up now.. bcz indianz faild in their attempts even when they attacked pak just after the year of its formation…we survived and we ll survive until end of the world.. And indianz b sure that if u criticise my country by calling it a land ov terrorist then yeah i can call ur one a land of rapists… As all indians r not like that in the same way we Pakiz are not terrorist it is merely a group ov plz stop comnting negatively and be +ve indianz and paks too and ash neither u nor ur grandmamaz r papas can destroy my Pak so plz grow up sis 🙂 try to spread love not hatred 🙂 the glorious history and monuments u r proud of in ur country are mostly made by mughalz muslim… Taj mahal is bcoz ov us.. Britishers were attractd toward sbcntinent bcoz ov uss.. So plz dnt try to devalue us.. 🙂 i ll not boast r try to devalue ur state as u did to mine i only want u to realize be good to us we both are neighbours and should respect each ither.. We asians can appear as a gr8 power stronger that of USA if we stop developing -ve issues and hatred 4 each other… Sme msg for stop developing -ve issues and hatred 4 each other… Same msg for pakiZ too may Allah bless us all 🙂

      • how come taj mahal bcz of you people,mughals were ARABS’s …..according to me you mean to say muslims…..what the hell are you trying to create here…..war of religions?

      • hello Ayesha….

        yeah in India recently rapes are happening, but unlike your country we put rapist in the jail not the girl who got raped…. And know your history first…. don’t read books from your pakistan schools ar colleges read some good and international books and increase your knowledge… and remember INDIA never attacked Pakistan first.. it reacted only after PAK attacked … OK???…

        I don’t hate Pakistan.. I hate your leaders and Indian leaders too….

        But I don’t agree with you that moguls are Pakistanis… and all Muslims are Pakistanis…

        And I heard from people when I am in Saudi and UAE that Arabs don’t like Pakistanis…
        They won’t even think that you are equal to them..

        any way my suggestion is Know your history first….

      • Well this is ridiculous that u call muslims pakistanis .Our nuke was developed by A.P.J. Abdul kalam, Mughals were as Indians as anybody else, Jahangir said”If there is heaven it is here ,it is here in Hindustan”(Well I do not see anywhere Pakistan).No religion can combine a country if that was so Arabs would not have been divided in so many countries. I can vouch for Muslims that they are as Indians as any other community. I have many Muslim friends who love their country as I do.

  • we indians are the best! and remember 1 thing, the day we will complete ourselvs.. there will be no one to defeat us….
    we r good wid good, and very good wid bad!!!

  • All the Indians claiming to be nice to Muslims in India in a blatant lie. The truth is that India brought down the Babri Mosque, India slaughtered the Muslims in Gujrat and the list goes on and on. Every single day India is taking away the rights of Muslims in India and they claim to be the most secular and democratic country in the world.

    India is a most fake state that has ever existed in the world backed by US, Hindu and Jewish Zionists. The economic boom is also a short term bubble that will come down like a house of cards.

    Here is a video that all the Indians should watch. It shows the real face of Hindus and state of Muslims in India

    • Don’t try to jeopardize our Internal security , our intelligence agencies are watching and remember we have extradition treaty with Poland unless this is from pakistani terrorisr agencies.

  • Pakistan, means Land of Pure. Today, Just because of Political instability it is not that much pure but I can sure that one day surely its leaders would swipe out all the filth.

    My fellow brothers!
    Just look up the history of Islam, that is the history of muslims neutrally and then try to match it with history of Pakistan.
    When Islam came into being, at a time idol worshipers of Makkah were cruel with its followers.They were involved in persecution against muslims so muslims migrated to Madinah. ( here, just note, when Pakistan and India got Independence, Hindus who are actually idol worshipers in the same way
    were cruel with muslims so the migration occurs of muslims to Pakistan. They all left India just because of Persecution)
    Later, The battles fought with Cruel Makkans were 3 that are Badr, Uhud and Khandhak. Muslims won first one and the third one with the lost in Uhud. ( In the same way, Pakistan and India had 3 battles, I think so. 1965, 1971 and Kargil war. Pakistan won actually 1965 and the Kargil but lost in 1971 with the formation of Bangladesh)
    Afterwards, Muslims attacked Makkah and got its control. In the same way I think one day Pakistan would also attack India and shall get its control. Inshallah! It will certainly occur.

    No need to fight on the Internet my fellow Indians. Pakistan’s victory and India’s lost is obvious in later years.

    • hahaha….
      India won all 3 wars not pakistan google it, you will understand.and pakistan suffered major losses.Rest leave.

    • hello abbas me again…!!!!

      >>>Pakistan and India had 3 battles, I think so. 1965, 1971 and Kargil war. Pakistan won actually 1965 and the Kargil but lost in 1971 with the formation of Bangladesh..

      In 1965, PaK attacked india and occupied some are in Kashmir as we know it as POK
      and Indian army retaliated and attacked PAK back and almost reached Lahore… then Pakistan
      with the help of USA put pressure on INDIA through UN for cease fire… so stale mate…
      Many Military observers around the world felt that India clearly won the war…. but India airforce faced more losses than PAF.

      TIME magazine reported that India held 690 mi2 of Pakistan territory while Pakistan held 250 mi2 of Indian territory in Kashmir and Rajasthan. Additionally, Pakistan had lost almost half its armour temporarily.[77] The article further elaborates,
      Severely mauled by the larger Indian armed forces, Pakistan could continue the fight only by teaming up with Red China and turning its back on the U.N.

      And in Kargil war… how can you say that you won… Pakistan never agreed that, thos insurgents were pakistani army officials…. even you people didn’t took the dead bodies of your soldiers….

      you fool…. I know that you want to project your country as powerful and great… it is common.

      but don’t give false info… You need to learn more about history (politically , economically …)

    • As far as i know lying is a crime in Islam . I do not say anything just read Tashkent agreement’ paper you will know for yourself who won the war of 1965. Rest about 1999 pakistani terrorists intruded into kargil and currently kargil is in Indian territory and there wasn’t any armistice either. But if you call an army which runs ,and surrenders from the intruded territory, a winner then that is a different story.

  • Am I proud to be American? No. Why? Because it’s not a skill, it’s not something I earned, I just am.

    Am I proud of my country? Yes and no. Proud of what we have accomplished yet ashamed about things we have done.

    Do I think we are the best in the world? No, but I’d rather live here than any where else just like many of you would say about your countries. The arguing and bickering is just childish, yet so lovely to watch. Do I really think our army is the best? No.

    • Great man..i apreciate you.. We should love our country it is must but yeah it is wrong to support ur govt in their wrong and brutual decissions.. I like that u realize that USA has made mistakes critical ones and half of the world hate her… We all should have a power to discourage the wrong..great.. Love 4 motherland is natural and we have it in our blood i know u would not like me talking abt urz one like that but i condmn america and more my govt 4 some worst acts….. God bless u

  • America will kick everyone’s a*s if you look at are military spending it makes all other countries look puny. Look what happened to Japan when they messed with the U.S they got bombed, the basta*ds deserved it after siding with Hitler and attacking us at Pearl Harbor.

  • Look at all you people, look at what your talking about, war, not some computer game , war is Real, people die, families are torn apart. Hell even me who served in the US army felt bad after every Iraqi and Vietnamese I killed, but you people talk about spreading your religion by force! What kind of barbaric people are you? You say that islam will take over even by force and that your country is the best. Well listen here bub, the united states of america wont go down without one hell of a fight, remember that, when we save women and children from those oppresive extremists I pull the trigger and dont let go because Ive seen what vile acts the taliban has done. So dont you F****** forget the USA is gonna kick your hairy Muslim ass even if I have to go there and do it myself.

  • I think all are born first as human being and after that they are americans, indians or pakistanis. When I see the world I feel disgusted that humans have fallen below that they donot even think what is right and what is wrong. I think we humans created by mother nature no longer deserve a single piece of land on earth to live as we have ourself destroyed the blissfull atmosphere of our country ie earth and spread bitterness among ourself and destroyed other creatures of our earth.

    I wish doomsday arrives and out earth gets cleaned from pests like humans. I was born in India for information but i wish there shold have been no religion and no division of lands. All creations of nature are equal. I wish mother nature would not have given us the most powerful weapon OUR MIND OUR BRAIN which ultimatly is going to destroy herself. What a nice place this earth would have been if all had lived with love and peace; Even animals are more peaceful then us.

  • This is bulls*it! US doesn’t have the biggest army in the world! Whoever wrote this article is an blundering idiot!

  • all countries are made on nobel grounds ,its the people who make his/her country wonderful. Its an endless war of words which country is the best,obviously we all love our country. According to me country having largest number of educated and satisfied people is the best(well its out of scope for this discusion as we are talking about gr8 armies).
    I am shocked to read some even bringing religions in between this war, some even comparing india with religion soo lame.
    Grow up in this world of globalisation no big war will take place as it will lead to nuclear war and UN or US or NATO wont let it happen.
    And pakistan is a small country it will end in one big attack on the other hand India is populous country it will loose a lot.

  • LOL it really does amuse me of civilians always arguing over whos army is best, biggest and who will dominate who, at the end of the day, everyones always going to say there own, either if they think theres is the biggest (USA), or theres is the best trained (UK), we are all allies and under NATO, so shut the fu*k up you little school girls and go argue with the kid next door on whos penis is bigger!

  • When it comes to india and pak.
    Let me clear one thing. The score is india 4 and pak 0.
    We have won all 4 wars that we fought with them.
    And don’t Forget
    1971 war. A WORLD RECORD , WHEN 120 ind. soldiers beat u. And our army made more than 90,000 pakistani soldiers to SURRENDER. the matter is clear. We the indians are way better than u. One more think i would like to tell u , according to our policy we the indians will never start any war whether its PAK. BANGLADESH OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY BUT IF U START IT DON’T FORGET WE WILL FINISH IT OFF and fire the last bullet.

    • hahahahahahahahahah your facts make me LMAO ! 1971 we lost i accpet cuase fuc*ing mukti bahumi and the deshis ! and 65 you were f’ed over dnt read the indian account on the war read a nuteral one ! kargil well look at the loss you suffered and you say 4 – 0 lol son wake up frm the dream

  • Its sad, People of Pakistan and India they always fight over nothing. European fought wars against each other but for common good they are united. Lots of example in the world. We should end this and give space to each other and talk on economics no blame games we can’t prove who won war or who lost, even if lost its was years ago now situation is different. We can live on history. We should enter into trade and mutual agreements. What happened in past is gone now, for better future of our children we should stop this. I browsed so many sites today and none of the nations are talking they just admit each other and carry on but india and pakistan they continue to fight. No one care about what happened in past and please both of you don’t use bad languages.Respect each other there are more important issues than war.

  • lol this is B.S UK num.3 my ass russia should be num two korea atleast in the top ten and pakistan and turkey should be out

  • People, stop spreading the war of religions yar. And if a paki say the word ‘WE’, don’t think he is talking about Muslims of whole world, they can talk about population of their country only because we are having Muslims more than pak has and we love them. I have many friends who r Muslims and at the same time they can even sacrifice their lives for me, who is a Brahmin. Don’t you guys know ashfaq ullah khan(Muslim) and Ram prasad bismil (Brahmin) used to be best friends. They were hanged by Britishers same day in different jails. Don’t forget that we fought together for our independence but few morons don’t understand it. War is between two countries don’t try spread it between religions. First try to become a Human after that talk about religions. Thanks

  • my dear indians n people of pakistan
    dont u guys see that once again the westernites are creating problems between us
    let them just be, after all they are westernites
    they cant see us trying to live in peace

  • people and world dont know. i know pakistan is the worlds no1 atomic power. due to its power pakistan army is no1 in all world. Dr. Abdul Salam was the first noble prize holder atomic scientist also from pakistan. he gave pakistan so much latest ideas and techniques of atom which whole world dont know. pakistan is in his full powers. pakistani aone atom bomb can destroy whole world world without any lose of pakistan. pakistan geographically know where to hit in the world from where pakistan has no lose. any body know the name of country where to hit without any lose to pakistan with atomic bomb? ha ha no body knows.

    • have you seen god . That’ an irony people continue to believe whole of their life what they will never see but fail to see what lies infront.

  • Even we dont know about armies actual strength. all published data in web is not quit good survey. Do u peoples think that the nation could reveal their own army strength?.. Based on the assumption we are talking about. and Why are you peoples fighting each other reg to nationalities and religions?. first of all consider, we are human beings.. not a senseless animals.. all gods, religion and countries teaching us only one think.. that’s love and mankind … if you fail to forget this.. you are not eligible to live in this world..

  • LOL this list if funny, no middle eastern or eastern country has a better military than either the UK or France. You put Iran and Paki land above the UK??? In a war, it is pretty obvious that the UK would win.

    • well i agree. the evaluation here is wrong , the scales are contemporary expenditure but U.K. ,french and German forces had been very old and the war is not won by money . It is the human resources that matter . No offence I knew General Eric Rommel and Heinz Gedarian they won battles out of nowhere . Even Winston Churchill applauded Rommel in British parliament. And Russian engines are best in the world.

  • Assalam o alaikum
    i want to say that Pakistan area is small against india but we have very power full army and nuclear power. India know that the nuclear standard of Pakistan is better against india.
    Pakistan is the best Country Because I can prove that “We does not win war with Countless numbers of soldier, we can win war with highly moral of soldiers and the struggle to spear Islam by the given power of Allah.”
    The best Example Of Pakistan is the Pak vs indo war 1965.
    Pakistan army is less against india but we win war with nare Haideri and Bravely……
    I proud to be a Pakistani and I proud to be a mi not Indian.
    Pakistan is the best country in the World.
    Pakistan friends are China Iran and U.S.A.
    Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa (Urdu: ارفع کریم رندهاوا‎‎, 2 February 1995 – 14 January 2012) was a Pakistani student and computer prodigy who in 2004 at the age of nine years became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). She kept the title until 2008. Arfa represented Pakistan on various international forums including the TechEd Developers Conference. She also received the President’s Award for Pride of Performance. A science park in Lahore, the Arfa Software Technology Park, was named after her.[2][3][4][5] She was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in the USA.[6]
    reference (Wikipedia)……
    Pakistan Zindabad

    • hahahaha you are such a dumb, you people think usa is friend after Osama bin laden found in your country. let me clear this here in this website to you are before then us.
      NUCLEAR WEAPON NOT ALWAYS MATTER ALSO COUNTRY SHOULD HAVE MISSILE INTERSEPTER which india has but not Pakistan. india has more jets , armor , missiles and better weapon also. also you think bill gates visited your country only he visited india more than Pakistan.
      you have nothing that prove you {Pakistanis} better than india. INDIA WAS BETTER THAN PAKISTHAN IS BETTER AND WILL BE BETTER.

      • OH ! nice my frnd i m really impresed by ur talk which is just nothing more than a CHAWALI ,not based on facts and figures , i will not say much but will just ask you too see the WAR GAMES at BRITIAN , PAKISTAN army has ended up in first place thrice in a row. And world has accepted us as the world’s best army we don’t need any compliment from u guys 🙂 . And as Iqbal has said
        so dnt belive in numbers strenghten ur hearts …….. and we are afraid of none bcz none is better than us . 🙂

        • i know that the USA is going too be the most delicated country of every country because there are twice as powerful than the china, pakistan, and russia but if thats not right. Then we will become what ever it takes too kick [email protected]#!……. and that it

      • If you think U.S.A is not friend, remember this that we didn’t want any friendship for any thing and your country is nothing against us and your time is not much far……..

      • ya me too…pulkit i am also agree with you….do you know… those pakistanis thinks thak….how power full they are…but the forgot..thai if india wants …we can blew them in 5 sec…and if we want we can take each of those pakistanis above you soulder……. and we will threw them in ganga………ha ha ha ..INDIA was better than pakistan…….INDIA is better than pakistan….INDIA will be always better than pakistan……

      • Let me let u know that what happend in1965 war between India and Pakistan. India had better weapons, jets. Etc and pakistan didn’t. But pakistan still won. So come the fu*k down. I always respect indian but not anymore. U are a fool as*hole.

    • To my Pakistani friend who thinks Pakistan army is better than Indian army…please go read some history…and in case u have forgotten how u were had in 1971…just let us know, we will be more than happy to remind you..

      secondly, what kind of army makes it’s soldier dress in civil clothes and sends them to terrorize the other nation’s innocent population…and once caught disowns it’s soldiers! if you got guts to finger the least be man enough to own up…don’t fight like cowards…your own soldiers hate your top brass.

      thirdly…talking of technology… the little technology you have is actually stolen!! how low can u stoop…are your morals dead? ashamed that u were our part a few decades back!! put it bluntly…u r poor. have a look at your defence budget…then u call your self a professional army!!

      fifthly… ha ha…i cant help but laugh at your state…your administration is fuc*ed up…your politics is in a mess..your ex-prez is convicted…u r heavily in debt to world bank…u r screwed from all sides and now u suck at cricket as well!! and still u have the balls to open ur mouth and compare ur army to big daddy’s army…
      my advice: stop bragging in the shadow of china and US…make ur own identity and learn to take a stand.
      may Allah help u…cause u really need it. #pity.

        • oh please brandon, your economy has stopped growing while india is just beginning to expand its growth, we have the brains, we have the man power(more than enough actually), we have the money which is infact growing every year(just check the gdp)and finally we have the military forces which are some of the best in the world. We will overtake USA by 2025 or 2030, You will just be a little older by then, Think about what you say my friend, it may have consequences.

          • Ha you think that because the US had 5 years of economic trouble that India is all of the sudden more powerful? You do realize that the US economy has rebounded and is growing once again. Apart from that we have a population that is about 1/5 the size of yours and we still have the most powerful military in the world. Thinking that in 10-15 years India will overtake the US in ANYTHING is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. The US won’t allow anyone to have a more powerful military or maybe you haven’t noticed our military budget? When India can afford to spend over $600 billion on their military then you can start making threats to the US on the comment board of an article.

          • Well said kishore. Brandon u pls take a list of indian brains who works for usa as nri. Without INDIA this world is incomplete. Indians are multi-lingual Whereas very few from other countries. NASA had Kalpana Chawla & having sunita. These women brains are needed for your astronomy n space research. In medical also indian brains r needed. To say in 1 word about true U.S.A people are native americans rest r migrated people. Truth always bitters. But with heavy hear u ought to accept this!!!

          • Anyone with a brain leaves And comes to the US. I find it troubling, but true. So there is no shortage of brainpower in America. India is a country of adversity which breeds work ethic. What India lacks is opportunity. The best come to America where they find opportunity. Not to mention, not everyone in America is a total moron. Many, yes. But there are still plenty of educated, hard working people capable of running things.

          • how do you expect india to bypass the usa when india can barely keep the rape’s and murder’s at a low peek. and 65% of the indian population lives in poverty so u cant expect india to even have a chance of pass iran. India is going to be so low that even mexico will be stronger than india

      • u fuc*ed people muslim rule over the subcontinent for 8 hundred years that is the bravery u cowards in 1965 u people suddenly attack on our county ooh ur army is 3 times larger hahaha but you lose the war our soldies put bombs on their chests and destroy ur tanks u bloody people have no spirits haha but only spirit of cricket there will be a war and we will destroy u .bloody ,fools. .

      • I am a Pakistani and I just couldn’t stop laughing at you written crap you talk about clothes look at your own first and you think your better than us you Indians first of all we have one of the top skilled army and what you got fucking qauntity but not quality you talk about guts but you don’t have guts to solve Kashmir FYI Kashmir is rightly ours you Indians talk your army is big so why don’t fight like a man with us oh oh wait you are fucking scared indians we pakistan want peace but you want mischief as you are doing past 2 centuris ago you Indians you are weak my friend really weak remember that my Indian friend always remember.

        • Pakistanis are in their own world they don’t maintain an army but they support terrorism they built mosques for almost all terrorist . SECONDLY THEY ARE BEGGARS they begged for freedom and divide from Indian land . AND WE FORGIVE EVEN NOW SO SHUT UP UR MOUTH AND DO UR BUSINESS


      • YOU fools said you won in 1971 ok you won so why the indian loosers loose in 1965 and pakistani army celebrate diwali with your tanks in chwinda so mr veer also mention it that your big army surrender infront of pakistan in 1965 you need more to see history then us said your baghwan that he help,s you because u need it FOOOOOLS

      • dear veer!
        my friend i hope that you are not very old cZ you have forgotten all the history of this region
        for instance you have forgotten how muslims(mughals,ghauris,aibeks etc) have ruled over u for thousands of years
        and how PAKISTAN DEFEATED INDIA in 1965 and 1999 wars
        and yes agree with u that what kind of a country sends its soldiers as terrorist i hope u know about sarbajheet singh who was sent by indian intelligence to bomb some important places in lahore
        and he is not the only one there are thosands of them working in balochistan and tribal areas
        and your third point is absolutely ridicolous did we steal the technology your blow up your tanks in 65
        and fourthly we have defeated you twice with the same defence budget cz these things dont matter in wars it is the believe that enables ordinary nations to achieve extraordinary targets
        and we have the believe in ourselves to defeat any foe who threatens us

        and i have not forgotten to mention about mukhti bahni which were funded and supported by indian government


      • my dear in 1971 pakistan was not defeated by cowardice india,it was happened mainly due to our own east pakistani peoples
        secondly india was not alone able to do this russia usa israel were involved in it

      • hi. i m frm India. i very proud of india. india very gr8. pakistan very very bad. people nice but bad.
        my country best. we kill you all. army is like bhagwan. we 3 million gods only. pakistan one. HAHA

        • I am an indian and i am hell ashamed of my country. fuc*ed up alcoholics, rapists and molesters every where.


      • Wao! Let me remind you something.india has a population of 1.2 billion.from which 195 million peoples don’t have a little place to spend night or nothing have to eat so what are you talking about to defeat a country like pakistan atleast we dont have 470 million peoples making us the poorest population like u………lets talk about what you say. pakistan army fucked indian army when they attacked on pakistan 6th sept 65 pakistan military is not so powerful but the spirit to defend their motherland made them to fuck indian army which is 3 times larger than the great pak army on that time on the other hand india decided to make arjun tank in 1988 but they have not being able to make it bcuze military was not agreed till now.they are talking to fight with pakistan which is producing worlds top ranking al khalid and al zarrar MBT tanks from 2003 and multirole jet fighter jf-17 thunder from 2007.pakistan airforce contain fighters like f-16,jf 17 thunder ,mirage 4,5 -j-10 in a huge u indians who says that u have one of the biggest airforce of 710 which 180 mig 22 are not able to burn up their enjines bcauze of 3rd class russian technology and too many crashes.iaf contains 3rd class russian aircrafts which are not able in any term to competete paf’s most modern fighters f16s and jf-17 thunder proud of pakistan so u indians first learn some realities and then talk about us.we pakistanis are very bad guys for enemies like you.india faught 4 wars with us in 3 you are just fucked.stop dreaming to won a war from a country which is so much time stronger than you.

      • Then what happen in kargil, i was india at the time, every day 20 to 30 dead body of your army came from kashmir to delhi airport, every indian channel was playing war songs. It is usa who saved you cawards. Otherwiae you were on kenlt before us.

    • lol u are dumb pakistan lost all wars with india ,, talibs are even able to brak ur jails and even then ur army cant do anything hahah pakistan is the worst army ,, i think they all are terrorists hahaha during kargil war porki general even refused to take the dead bodies of their soldier and tagged them as terrorists fearing indian army ,,, and later the truth was revealed in a book called withness to blunder written by porki general hahah such a hijda army 🙂


    • we have defeated you in every war , we are nationlist hindu and grace of bhagwan we will occupied Pakistan as earliest ,I love india and product to be HINDU

      • I am a Pakistani and I just couldn’t stop laughing at you written crap. you think your better than us. are you forget the war of 1965. indian loosers loose in 1965 and pakistani army celebrate diwali with your tanks in are such loosers and anthing,india is very big country than pakistan but loose every time in every can only talk but you can not do in real.

      • look at this lady i think this is get up now from sleeping .plz darling go to your army history that how many times they defeated by pakistan .i have so marcy with dusty indian loser arme

      • Come out from dream, india is going to sink, will be drown by Pakistan. Not forget ant (Pakistan )who can kill elephant(mast hathi, india), we will do it inshaAllah.

    • pakistan is pakistan india went to war with china in 1962 and lost kashmir then it went war in 1965 with pakistan so india needs to stop the silly games it will never win try and feed ur people USA is not pak friend

    • My dear Muhammad Madni, there is nothing wrong if you feel proud to be a Pakistani. Nothing wrong, if you think Pakistan is the best country in spite of international community views Pakistan as epicenter and sanctuary of terrorism. Nothing wrong in being happy by having a view that Pakistan won all the wars in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999 Kargil mini war, where international historians think otherwise and history books of other countries teach their students that Pakistan started all these wars stealthily through its non-army intruders and lost. Its denials in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999 all stand as a testimony of Pakistan’s lies. Also there is nothing wrong in living in the world of one’s own make believe so long it does not harm others. Be happy and if you want to be happy continuously in your life, then, never come out of the well like a frog never comes out.

      • You are just a loser you think you are the most powerful country in the globe.have you forgotton what obama has said that u.s cannot afford a war with pakistan so how the worlds most poorest state(india)can win a war from pakistan.pakistan and india faught 4 wars in 1947-8 1965 1971 and 1999.india lost three wars and pak lost americans just cannot won a war from vietnaam and then got fingered from are nothing you only know to get fingered from numerous countries in which your country has lauched war

    • eventhough you have have evrything. your nation dont know how to use. but ur people nevr accept it, expect the intellectuals in ur country. check the youtube.

    • Hum ko maaloom hai jannat ki haqiqat kya hai, Dil ko khush rakhne ko ‘Ghalib’ ye khyaal achcha hai.(We know what the reality of heaven is but to keep ourselves happy it is necessary to believe in what we imagine it to be)

    • Your inner fear is very clear. If Pakistan is the best country in the world, then it is a pleasure giving news. First of all please check whether anything is available to feed its citizen. You are referring about 1965; what have you done in 1965? Our army reached Lahore and on sypathetical basis, we returned Lahore to you. Moreover, on the basis of Tashkent agreement, we returned Lahore to you. In 1971 Z.A. Bhutto pleaded to Indira Gandhi to return all the lands that were captured by India. You know how many tanks we have captured. You also captured that is correct. Comparatively, the weapons captured by India is 100 : 1. In 1971 we have completely ruined your ships, oil reserves and Karachi port. We have lost only one warship. In a war, one country can anticipate damages and destructions. But in your case, we have completely annihilated Pakistan. JFR Jacob asked our that time FIELD MARSHAL MANEKSHAW to capture entire Pakistan, Manekshaw and Indira Gandhi said “No”. In future also we will do the same thing. “Himmathe tho avo”. Instead of coming through via sea in a night time and also instead of disguise as army and enter into others land and kill innocent people and ran away is your prestige issue . What I want to tell you is “Himmathe tho avo”. Can you come for a war? please. This much I can tell you. Hai starving Paki, even China is not going to win against India. But India is not going to jump on provocation by either china or Paki.

      • plz stop dear mohan just want to tell u that u need to improve ur history about the war of 1965 indian asked for seace fire not pakistan and if u think that u can fight with china then it is ur biggest dream plz try to remmember the war of ind-chin in 1962 and then u alsoloose from pk in1965

    • Bro india is a peace ful country,,,,,, thats the reason india iz maintaing very little nuclear bombs,,,,, remember one thing we are born to live peace not to war with countrys,, we are friendly with other countrys,,,,,,,,,,,, thats all jaihind,,,,,,,IM PROUD TO BE INDIAN,,,,,,,

  • In case you do not know India has developed Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system which is under deployment. Once deployed it will render all Pakistani nuke missiles worthless against India . But sadly China is helping Pakistan enrich Plutonium through which it can develop MIRV(multiple indepently targeted re-entry vehicle) which has the potential to pentrate BMD though it will take time whereas our BMD is developed and under deployement

    • india might have large army and equipment BUT it doesnt have army to use it india has copies and pakistan as original eqt
      think what happened in the year 1998 when israeli plane f16 landed in india what pakistan said

  • ASSALAMU ALAIKOM my frndz..

    Technicaly India&Pakisthan in war but, both of them TRAPED …

    Ind&Pak are the valuble market of Wepon Lobby (Israel – cancer of Asia)

    my frnd.,
    I am an Indian then I like Pakisthan

  • Sri Lankan army the world best army. they completely destroyed terrorism in sri lanka… even US Army cant do that.

  • The comments above show why nations have huge armies! Common, 55 billion on defence in India. The long war is not between Pakistan and India, these are two half-impoverished countries with absolutely the same people, same roots and history, creating hatred while the rest of the world peacefully moves ahead. The fact that most commentators neither lack facts and show complete ignorance to reality only illustrates that the ignorant masses globally are the reasons why governments spend enormous sums on military. USA, it is obscene, enough money to remove poverty and hunger but greatest nation on earth wants to be remembered for its military might and not its freedom loving traditions of democracy.
    I also suggest English lessons for them, when you cannot express yourself well in a language , you tend to become abusive.
    Common we should all work for disarmament, wars are so 20th century! (Unfortunately not).

    • Disarmament is a dream. As soon as you disarm the country who doesn’t will conquer you. History has proven this time and time again. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance

  • did you count sepah-e-pasdaran (revolutionary guard) and sepah-e-qods (libanian army) as inran’s military forces or not?? i should tell you this fact that iran has the most powerful army at least in the middle east. every bullet from nato and its alies will face by the deadliest atacks from iran’s forces from INSIDE and outside of usa and it’s alies. as you know we don’t afraid of death and hunger. we can live and fight in worst situations. we belive God is supporting and protecting us in wars.

  • it dosent matter who we are or what we are ,we are all humans, the only difference between the indian army and the pakistani army is the uniform ,religion,culture,thoughts etc.but we should remember that behind every uniform,religion ,culture and thought there is a body which is same for every body we should understand that we are humans even an indian soldier is a human as well as an pakistani soldgier i would like to remind you all that when the earth came into being there was no boundries,the was no india ,pakistan ,uk ,america etc.its an illusion we are in that we call ourself with our country name,and fight for our country ,so if any body asks you to take weapons againstyour enemy remember that you are being asked to kill your own brothers

  • Hi Pakistan Brothers,

    there’s a list of 10 countries irrespective of religions or color. I couldnt find any one from the remaining 9 countries made any comments about any country. whats wrong with you? your books has been texted with hatred and thats why you havent prospered yet. stop this and start thinking progressively. We dont think of u as enemies . My wife is a muslim and am a hindu living in India. ylou have forgotten its ur rotten politicain brainwashing you for thier position in the top.

  • This article is interesting but equates ‘top’ with just size and budget and does not consider effectiveness, which is surely the right measure. The British Army has fought more wars/campaigns than any other nation on earth and has only ever lost 1 war in its illustrious 350 year history.

    • I count 2 wars, and both were with America.

      1) The American Revolution
      2) The War of 1812

      America’s military was merely farmers work pitchforks during those times.

  • Oh Come on Guys ! Muslims are best because we fight to be martyed in the way of Allah Almighty and the time is coming when muslims will altogether rule the World. Because we are the worshipers of Allah. La ila ha ilalah hu Muhammadur Rasulolah. Long live Pakistan because it is the only one which has the ability to stand for every Muslim Country.

  • You indian dum fu*k
    Remember when you fuc*ers attacked us in 1965 ??? Remember how we f*ed you up ???
    You attacked us with 600 tanks the largest attack in history we blu all of them up
    When youre soldger saw the tanks blowing up the ran away you abandond your tank youre shit bag .
    You are pices of shit you have no history it was us MUGALS us MUSLIMS who made india what it is now not you hindu dicks not you 6000 gods not you gods that are animals us MUSLIMS dont forget that , and one more thing if youre army is stronger than ours tell me how did we pakistani manage to creeat our own country why did you let that happen , you have no strength you have no courage you are and i repect SHYT BAG. We made our own country we are proud to be muslims proud to be pakistani and thank the all mighty ALLAH that we are not like you indian fu*k up that have no courage no hart and we do not belive and pray at status

  • Israel LOL got f*cked up by Hebollah lol has a powerful army lol truth is that Israel is nothing without USA. USA ,Pakistani, Chinese, Iranian, Russian are the best armies in the world. Hell with other lol

    • You are ahell Pakistan. You are so small that indian can crush you any time and Anne our Punjab territory oriels and Indus in India

    Check this out my dear Indians.
    Things are not forever. All things have to be destroyed.
    and you are relying on your numbers which are not forever.

    We Pakistani don’t rely on things but we believe in our spirit being a Muslim. Because the Most Superior power is with us “ALLAH ALMIGHTY”.

    Muslims rules the world for hundreds of years because they were right, true and honest.
    Just because of living with you people our culture get unshaped. Once It will reshape and we all Muslims became united then no Non-Muslims will stand against us. History have many reflections of it.
    You people broaden your chest on the basis of technology which basics started by Muslims, you were just follower not a Inventor or Creator.
    As Shaheed Rashid Minhas said: “Sher(Lion) ki ek din ki zindagi, Geedar(Jackal) ki 100 years ki life se better hy”. We are Lions, we are not afraid of anyone but except “ALLAH”.

    How many of you conquered the countries by winning the wars? ZERO?? 🙂
    You must Check our history of Bravery & Glory.

    In The End: “Baaten karne se bachey Paida horahay hote to sabse zada tumhare hote”. AND YOU HAVE PROVED WITH YOUR POPULATION MY DEAR INDIANS. MMMUUUUAAAAHHHHH :* 😉

    • Dear Retarted M. Shakeib. It’s a personal list without any facts, figures, or numbers. Just by voting that your army is better, it won’t help you. This is very true example that shows how Cowards are Pakistani’s and same apply for their army.

  • Pakistan is home of terrorism, everyday we we hear news of bomb blast in mosque, the country is poor, but instead of spending money for better livelihood of their people the govt of pakistan spend billions of dollar on nuclear weapons. the soldiers of pakistan work with terrorist. they dont hesitate to kill their own citizen, they always broke the law of seize firing and kill indian soldiers during their coward action.

  • We are humans, ..Our history grown with tribes grown to a nation.every nation has the same history.but god created us to rule the world with love.this is time to stop wars.destroy all the religions ,god is one with many names.nations are here just for social and political balance, not to kill one
    .know yourself as a man, you are not an american, indian ,pakistani,irani…. you are a great creation of god

  • Indians batean karnay say kuch nahi hota, indian army ruto hai jub harnay lagtay hean tu others countries koo invole kartay hean, waysay ab tak kon si war win kiya hai indianz nay? sab tu Pakistan he jeeta hai, sirf batean karna ati hai indianz koo or kuch nahi, joo cheez Pakistanis k pass hai 2000000 saal tak tumharay pass nahi asuckti or who hai Jazba, hum chahai Pakistan k Aam sheri kyun bhi hon maghar marnay say nahi dartay, aghar hai himmat tu ajawho maidan main. batean na karoo us America koo dekho kisi aik muslims country koo marna hota hai tu 42 or country k sath milkar us country koo khatum kardayta hai, or jahan tak Pakistan main terrisum ki baat hai tu who bhi indianz or others countries k log hean Pakistani Muslims nahi hai.

  • im a pakistani and will sacrifice anything for my country and its freedom …….when it comes to facts a nd figures we r pretty behind and we should accept that ..but im proud that my army is not full of rapists and murderers the way indian army is …also u should know that in pakistan almost every 18 year old applies for army who is physically capable unlike other countries where they have to do campaigns to attract the youth …the truth is i dont know of pakistan can defeat india or us or whatever but i do know that we r the most patriotic peaople in the world and no way are we going without a fight .. love pakistan

  • South Korea had the ability to build a nuclear bomb within 1 month.
    This was proven correct in the 1980s. Also, South Korea has more advanced chemical weapons technology. I dont know why North Korea is with in 10th rank.

  • It’s easy to see how poor the quality of education is in Pakistan. These people hardly know of themselves. All the countries should spend some money for proper education in Pakistan instead of military. Allah is great irrespective of it’s various names. I feel shame of being an Muslim because of these muslims who are dominating the media and governments. My request to all muslims, before putting anything in the media try to gather the truth from outside Muslim countries especially out of Pakistan. Knowledge will help you to be peaceful and put down your swords. Otherwise their are countries who are doing business and making profits from these mental people by selling military weapons

  • Baap baap hota hai aur beta beta akhir pakistan beta tou hindustan ka he hai par kya kare thoda nalayak hai…..baap se har baar maar khata hai par besharm hai koi baat nhi maar khate khate sudhar he jayega

  • I am muslim and I proud that I m indian+muslim both.i want to tell to my other countrys brthrs that you all of broke into small pices,but we all of one stil body and strong..and u Pakistani brths u have similiear agrylands as well as but we indian have 37 states..u have only 5 and u have hungry peoples more than india why why??

  • dear contractors of intelligency…
    in 47 u hav lost kashmir am i ryt?
    in 65 u lost half of kutch region….
    in 71 u hav lost bangladesh
    in 84 u hav lost siachin
    in 99 u hav lost kargil
    i am absalutely ryt.. u mst check out the statments given by pakistani leaders in u.n council.
    if we hav lost in 65 then gujrat mst b urs
    if we lost in 71 then eastern pakistan mst b in existence….
    if we lost in siachin then y our armies are still there???
    and yaa if v lost in 99 then y kargil is still ours?y we r having posts on tiger hill??
    nd y mussaraf hav given statment in united kingdom dat kargil was the most shamefull loss of pakistan ARMY ever??
    oh yaa i still agree u won all the wars.. HAHAHAH

    • Wow you must be a new type of stupid.Remember,you illiterate imbecile,that wars are won through livesof courageous men .You should respect other armies because all of them are risking their lives and you sit there searching for facts in wikipedia.You are laughing for the fact that millions died,just for the satisfaction of some idiots who call themselves politicians.

  • india hahaha you think that your missile is good some month ago you test a missile it fly very exellently but after flying some meteres it crashed it is not first time your 100/50 missile failed

    • in presence of great technology of pakistan in every field about 100 people of pakistan came india for different type of surgery. pakistan railway stopped electrical traction and have only 70 engine in working condition many trains are stopped dew to lack of traction.mostly pak missile has old liquid fuel technology old inertial navigation system and do not have any satellite system for navigation and satellite for military use. no indigenous car truck etc.



    • Every country have problems Ahmed .In India you won’t find a person who is satisfied with their government

    • @Ahmad: I am not going to comment just for the sake of comments against Pakistan. Think it over from a neutral position. The things should be look at in the right perspective for the situation prevailing within Pakistan. There is no denying the fact that the army of the area called Pakistan is a strong army but some other countries have more stronger army(s). As Pakistani intellectuals have started commenting on the plight of Pakistan and almost all of them hold Army, along with Islamic extremism, responsible for troubles in and around Pakistan. Throughout the world, minds of Army personals are trained on ONE TRACK only. Nowhere the army has successfully managed the countries admin affairs, internal and external. Pak army, being an army, has one track mind like all other army(s). At the same time, it has indoctrinated its people also on the ONE TRACK that is “Hate India, crush India as the Islam dictates through its doctrine of jihad”. (“Ek karela doosra neem chadha”). Pakistanis could not get lessons on how to manage its affairs apart from Islamic extremism. Pakistan is no country, its an AREA occupied by an army which has enslaved its own people but the people are now suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Till the army controls it, Pakistan will NEVER come out of its problems you are talking about.


  • bhai tune kaha hum indians 1965 ki war har gaye..vai tum pakistanio ne humare kashmir pr ghuspeth kiya tha tumne ye nhi socha kiya india kavi v line of control cross nhi karega phir humne tumhare lahore main attack kiya…aur atlast tumhare minister ne U.N council main har ko maanliya…1947-48 main tumne kashmir harapne ki koshish ki lekin main tumhe keh doon ki kashmir humara tha, humara hain, aur humara rhega…uss waqt kashmir k king ne ghoshna kiya tha ki Kashmir is the part of phir kashmir tumhara hissa kaise hua????1971 main tumne Bangladesh kho diya aur keh rehe ho ki india ne pakistan ko kavi na haraya….1984 main humne tumse siachen liya aur tum kuch na kar sake….kargil main v tumne humse har mana….tum pakistanis pehle apni garibi dur karo aur phir humse takkar lene ki sochna…

  • Well, friends these talks won’t really end and obviously none of us would take our defeats so the talk is baseless. My neighbours would ask for my participation and i would say that friends whichever country wins or losses at last many losses their fathers and mothers. So forget about wars we must all be friends. But yet don’t take it as i am coward becoz like always said cowards are only together can form a better world.

  • Let me ask all the political leaders in the world this question . 1 what is the benefit of the war in world today? 2, who as be declare victor of the war? you have humanity in your heart, children, women, poor, resource of the earth? or I you doing what Jesus said in his words in Matthew 24:6:38, please remember one day before our maker who without favoritism will judge and every one of us will give account of what you done have this world,, stop evil of killing people from south, north,east,west and do better thing,,,

  • salam to all! aap log apas mae q lar rae ho.. ye bht purani larae hai pta nae kb khtam hogi or scho to k is fight ka koi reason hai b ya bs baro ne kaha ne dshman hai to aap b bgair kissi waja k dushmani kar rae ho i have got two indian friends bt we never fough on this stupid topic.. b calm n use ur mind n try to b mature n decide wat is right n wrong ok.. BEST OF LUCK

  • Hello Guys,

    I see Indian and Pakistani fighting in all the blogs and issues. To my understanding, Indian army is coward except Sikhs and Gurkhas (Who are Nepali). iIndia won the 1971 war and kargil war was won becoz of Sikh and Gurkhas. Rest Indians are coward, they just have big mouth to talk, no guts. I do not know about Pakistanis.

  • British soldiers are best… And very well lead… We would loose to USA , Russia, china but a war wouldn’t happen, but we’d beat Zturkey, India, Pakistan is the need be..

  • A lot of people who doesn’t know a single thing about any of the armies of the world are fighting on whether India or Pakistan is better.Seriously,some people’s English make me want to die.Some are saying Wikipedia is not a useful source for information,and I believe those same persons use Wikipedia for doing their projects.People, go get a life instead of babbling in some blog.And it doesn’t matter if some country is ranked above another country.Just think of USA getting humiliated in the Vietnam War,that should calm everyone down.Please don’t disrespect other armies,in every country lots of soldiers are risking their lives so that you can sleep safely.

  • First of all, the Pakistani navy are sent to many different countries,second, terrorists who are so called muslims do not have any true muslim qualities, and now sometimes pakistan is making lies about india,and sometimes india is making lies about pakistan, nowdays people only want power and money plus they only want to show off.There are many people who are muslims or any other religion, only by name.So here comes a conclusion that there is no use to fight over lies whether it is pakistan or india or any other country.

    P.S osama bin laden is not a pakistani

  • Assalam un Alaikum
    I m Muslim but I m Indian. I will support India not because I m indian but because India is better than Pakistan in everything u take whether it is army, air force, Navy, technology, education, metropolitan cities, communication, rail and air networks, architecture, scientists, engineers, doctors, car and bikes industries and manufacturing, sports, and so on………..

    Most importantly I will say that 70% of scientists in NASA are Indians, current CEO of Microsoft is India

    In Olympics I have never seen a Pakistani qualify for any sports game where as India always brings laurels to the country.

    Hey Pakistanio don’t forget withhout the struggle of Indian freedom fighters n Indians u would never be able to make your own country

    So Pakistanio never compare India with Pakistan.
    India Zindabad

    Khuda Hafiz

    • Haider, I support you, and you are true muslim of India.I think india is place where peaople live in peace except few incidents. Which are exceptionally motivated by hardliners. We can set example to all world countries of love and peace.
      we(India and Pakistan) should rise above our personal differences and lets us work for our people for better living and have house equal to Western countries. Where everyone have spacius house and best hygienic condition. lets our cities free from dust and garbage and looks neat and clean with all around green.
      And request my pakastan friends forget the differences and work for betterment of own people.
      Neither Pakistan nor India would benefit. You and me are fools and play in hand of whites only. Even till today we are all at same place where qe were before 1947.

  • some facts… 1965 war was not won by pakistan..LOL. it was a stalemate as pakistan lost territory (punjab) and india lost territory (rajastan desert)

    1948 war was a indian victory as paskitan failed to get majority of kashmir. in process the pashtun clans raped and murdered kashmiris.

    1971 war pakistan lost because 90.000 pows, lost naval ships and war planes and lost territory in both pakistan and bangldesh.

    Kargil war was an indian victory as pakistani attaked india and then got booted out of kargil due to pressure and tactics.

    Reality conventional war pakistan is weaker than indian… nuclear NO WINNERS!!!!

    Reality pakistani nationals are delusional to truth as propaganda and hate is purely prevelant in the society. in order to keep the status quo of elites and muslim unity… sad but that the truth.

    the end

  • pakistan lost four wars against India..from 1947-present we r controlling much more area of Kashmir..1965 we got 789 square kilomtres land with the loose of 254 square kilometre of land..who told pakistanis that they won 1965..i think they read their history books with fake information..the world knows whst happend in 1971..India have changed the map of south asia..we have broken u..1984 we captured siachen.and we r also controlling the whole region of siachen now in kargil pak also defeted with army and politically ..thats why sharif were sucking clinton’s pakistan defense budget budget is 6 billion US DOLLARS and India’s defense budget is 46.8 us billion dollar..i think they are forgetting that india had been a neucler state before 16 yrs when pakistan had got it..they should solve their internal disturbes..then think about india..otherwise pakistan will go in a civil war state..ablnd they should know that India is a 10 rich country country with the second fastest growing country in the earth..u can cheque the GDP growth of India then u will ser that it is 10th ranked rich country..