What Type of Online Shopper Are You?

types of shopperShopping online has been a hot topic for the past decade. Its rise has been overwhelming: number of Internet shoppers has been up 40% in 2 years.

Almost everyone uses Internet to do shopping research (if not buy) online.

However, naturally, (like with “traditional shopping) it varies for different people.

Shopping online is fun for some people and the unexplored area for others.

So what type of an online shopper are you? Can you tell?

First, please take the following quiz and then we’ll see who is who!

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E-Shopping Newbie

E-Shopping Newbie

Your strong point: Shopping online is new to you but learning new things is so much fun!

Your weak point: You are vulnerable because you are an inexperienced new surfer. You may fall prey to sales tricks and scams. Do your homework before actual;;y buying anything!

How can online retailers appeal to you? Clearly built, small retailer’s site is the best start for you. It is easier to figure them and easier to make a purchase.

Shopping Skeptic

Shopping Skeptic

Your strong point: You are never scammed or ripped! You never waste money on things you don’t need. You are frugal and savvy!

Your weak point: You can miss out on good opportunities due to the fact that you are too careful. Taking risks may be both fun and useful sometimes!

How can online retailers appeal to you? Huge stamps belonging to trusted authorization service, privacy and security policies may make the Skeptic trust the ecommerce site.

Shopping Geek

Shopping Geek

Your strong point: Your browser is the power shopping platform: you know what where to buy and how to find the best deal. You are well-organized and well-acquainted for shopping online!

Your weak point: Maybe, you just spend too much time learning and trying all those new wicked geeky shopping tools…

How can online retailers appeal to you? Some fun interface features (like sliders and complex search filters) may make you want to play at the site and ultimately buy something!

The Enthusiast Shopper

Shopping enthusiast

Your strong point: You know how to have good time shopping and how to enjoy buying stuff!

Your weak point: Your enthusiasm is great until you find yourself spending too much money on useless things.

How can online retailers appeal to you? “Related products” as well “Most popular products in the category” will make you browse more and more and spend more and more money. Adding things to cart is so much fun!

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  • I think you can apply the same “persona-cats” to how people view emails from online retailers:

    E-Shopping Newbie: Yay! I get all these fun deals in my inbox from all the stores I shop at.
    Upside: Look at all the shiny cool stuff!
    Downside: By day 3… Okay, enough of that… “unsubscribe”

    Shopping Skeptic: I don’t get emails because stores are just trying to sell me stuff that I don’t want to buy
    Upside: I don’t make impulse purchases
    Downside: I don’t get coupon codes or get notified when things are on sale

    Shopping Geek: I have my separate email account already set up where store emails get automatically categorized in 15 different ways
    Upside: I’m totally hooked up to find the best deals and the coolest stuff
    Downside: I just wasted 3 weeks of my life setting this thing up

    The Enthusiast Shopper: I get emails from 25 stores in my personal inbox
    Upside: I see all the deals and updates from my all the stores I like immediately, so I’m ready to shop 24/7
    Downside: I missed that urgent email from my sister asking me to pick up her kids for her because it got bumped to page 2 of my inbox by all the store emails… Oh well, they need to learn how to survive on their own anyway…