Planning a wedding is more than a simple party. Guests must be selected and invited, but invitations must be selected first. You must book many popular reception facilities at least a year in advance and nobody told you how complicated it would be to choose between posies and roses.

Wedding Stress

Wedding related stress can be extremely high. Many brides focus on a wedding as a single opportunity to live out a dream. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on everyone and everything involved. Flowers, jewelry and cakes must be perfect. The photographers must be top of the line. The reception must be the talk of the town. And we haven’t even discussed the dress or the groom.

Try and relax. Sure, a wedding is a big day, but it a day – not the end of time. A wedding is a celebration of one (maybe two) days that simply kicks off the rest of your lives together. You have years to make great memories together, you don’t have to do it all in a single evening.

Plan Wisely

The best way to plan a wedding is to plan how you will plan. It sounds odd, but putting together a binder with folders, pouches and checklists will help keep you in line and organized. It will also serve as a guide to anything that might need correcting or checking down the road.

Start with the big stuff like booking a church or facility and reserving the reception location. These two items will set your date, if you didn’t already have one, and then you can start filling in the details like music, flowers, caterers and the all important dress. Simply work down your lists until you know you have everything covered and then you can relax and enjoy your big day – after all, there won’t be another one like it.

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