Wireless Computers

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, there are a slew of wireless gadgets on the market. Networks can go wireless and peripherals are available without wires. Despite this, under every computer desk is the same mess – the tangle of wires connecting everything together.

Now, however, researchers are experimenting with a way to remove all of the wires. Researchers at Georgia Tech have been playing with very high frequency radio signals and have discovered that it is very possible to submit large amounts of data over short distances with this technology.

Currently, the researchers have been able to send 15 gigabits per second over one meter, or slightly over a yard, 10 gigabits over 2 meters and 5 over 5 meters. Considering the size of most media files these days, large packets of data traveling between systems and components is not exceptional – it is the norm. This technology simply takes this high speed transfer an extra step – it’s more data. And it’s faster.

Those well versed in the industry feel strongly that this emerging technology will be revolutionizing at least part of the high-tech industry. Granted, there are always those who will feel uncomfortable with anything wireless except their television remote, but the majority of users will embrace the change.

It is expected that the next three years will prove to be full of new products offering the multi-gigabit technology. This technology could, in fact, be the beginning of the new media centered home with DVDs able to download in seconds over a wireless connection.

The New Home
Is it so hard to imagine a completely wireless computer set-up? Already mobile phones have made wireless communication simple while on the go. The same technology has removed keyboards and connected entire offices and homes wirelessly. A laptop works online just as well at home as it does at the office.

Now, this technology will take things a set further. Presumably, downloads will be even faster and the slew of wires still needed for downloads from normally wireless peripherals and accessories will be eliminated. It will become commonplace to be able to store the bulk of a desktop computer away, even as far as a closet to maximize space and minimize the annoying wires we always seem to kick under the desk.

Perhaps the new full-length streaming video and movie downloads will become routine. Buy or rent movies through the computer while sitting in the living room transmitting data from your CPU stored in the closet to your television set.
Security systems, movies, cameras and iPods are all connected instantly without searching for the USB cable you were sure was sitting on top of the counter. Large files would be available instantly for everyone, not just those with super high speed internet. Computers would be more efficient and make better use of space and energy.

Fantasy? Science Fiction? No – just good old fashioned research and development!

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