Women’s Health

Health and Longevity

Living a healthy life, without any health issues is what most of us want to achieve. For it to actually happen; a strong will to put in a lot of effort and determination is required.
Building a strong routine, healthy eating habits, a good diet, regular work out and exercise forms a streamlined method of living life, this systematic method is the only way of leading a happy and healthy life.

Women’s Health

Women are the most important part of any family, and her health is most likely to affect every single member of the household. Both working women and home makers carry out various responsibilities in their lives. Also women’s health is an important issue in today’s world! There are a few precautionary measures that women can take to avoid health problems. Some of the essential care that must be taken would include a pelvic test once a year after the age of 18, routine breast cancer self checks, and tetanus and other immunization medical courses are also a must. Living a long and healthy life means, taking precautionary measures are well as getting medicated at a proper time when required. Medication should be taken as per prescription and in the same amount or dosage it has been suggested in. Visiting your dentist regularly is another important part of taking care of your health, recent women’s health survey’s reveal that a few cardio vascular diseases have been associated with poor oral health. Similarly, oral or mouth cancer claims over 8,000 victims a year.

Lastly, developing a self esteem can play a crucial part in living a long and healthy life. Learn to say no. Most women across the world feel that they are expendable, if you feel you are not being respected or treated in a fair manner, then learn to stand up for your self, living under pressure and humiliation can cause a lot of mental strain and problems in the later parts of life.

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