All fields of science have their own problems, and different audiences with different purposes demand websites related to different kinds of algorithms; such as search algorithms, numerical and others. Web Directory lists high-quality sites that fulfil these fundamental requirements and solve a broad range of problems in many fields. Add URL to algorithms subcategory at DirJournal Web Directory and achieve unprecedented success with the rush of highly targeted visitors to your site.

Regular Listings

Aims to enhance software applications by algorithm intelligence.

Contains an introduction to B-Trees with various aspects of algorithms.

Features source code for various platforms with descriptions on the Blowfish encryption algorithm.

Web directory of sites focused on computer programming algorithms.

Compilation of Flash animations giving explanation on computer science topics.

Online dictionary of algorithms and techniques with problems and related definitions.

Various resources based on computational complexity.

Virtual library of highly optimized computational algorithms for various types of geometrical operations.

Contains source codes for general purpose and an overview.

Offers source code for Java applet based of the model given in Genetic Programming.

Features a downloadable version of Gnu GPL library of geometry algorithms.

Provides the fundamentals of genetic algorithms.

API meant for implementing algorithms and programming applications in Java.

Provides a summary of cryptography algorithms along with published descriptions.

Explains the rough approximation of how English words sound.

Library of supported research for the Resource Constrained Scheduling Problem.

Features a collection of implementations of the most fundamental problems.

Computational library of C++ 2D/3D orientated geometry.