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Acquired by Oracle, Amberpoint is a leader in Service-Orientated Architecture management (SOA), business transaction management, and offers extensive runtime governance software, coupled with Oracle's solutions, creates better visibility into business processes.

Provides real-time business to business (B2B) transactions using ObjectView, a web tool solution that accelerates development, is easily deployed, and creates manageable applications in a visual interface.

Delivers multiple solutions and products for security architects and developers designed to secure client services, including access, service gateways, and safe REST or SOAP services.

Specializes in various web services, web development, and online software technology for exceptional e-business management.

Assists in finding reliable XML Web Service Providers (WSP) in various categories and prices with full reviews.

Site dedicated to the principles surrounding Service-Orientated approach to logic and design. Comprehensively defines and explains the principles, effects, and results to using a SOA paradigm in an enterprise structure, with resources to other sites, books, and training.

IMB web services and SOA center offering downloads, demos, new technology and multiple learning resources.

Fully explains Web Service technologies, their protocols, security, and internalization. Also shares news, upcoming events, and future talks an appearances.

Encompasses information regarding Web Services including industry news, seminars and conventions, with articles, downloads, business research and profiles on the industry.

Offers industry specific news and research on SOA design, integration, testing, and Web Services.

Free software providing integration to enterprise applications from mobile devices using their Mobile Web Services Platform to integrate with J2EE, .NET, and legacy applications.