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This computer section of the Directory Journal provides details of virtual reality technology, software and services and provides a number of sites and services listed below. If you would like to include your own virtual reality service or resource here please click the Submit site button to begin enjoying the benefits of the Dirjournal.

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Specializes in military robotics and human mock-up in real-time simulation technology, software and services including DI-Guy and People-shop.

Ben University of Applied Science computer perception and virtual reality research group website. Outlines bachelors and master’s program, as well as research projects. and summaries of the disciplines of computer perception, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Offers motion tracking technology and hybrid tracking solutions incorporating simulations, robotics, augmented reality, 3D virtual displays as well as ultrasound and accelerometers with inherent prediction.

Provides access to the information on education and research programs in modeling and virtual environments utilizing simulation technologies for defense and homeland security needs.

Featuring information on offered products, retailers, games, news and haptics application services for the medical, oil and gas and automotive industries.

Responsible to gather and disseminate Computer-Human Interaction for human use as well as includes design and evaluation and hosting forums.

Lists news and current events related to all aspects of virtual reality, including but not limited to 3D graphics, virtual reality, and data visualization (Viz-Sim). Library includes virtual reality systems used world, articles, publications, and reviews on related subjects.

Freely shared software tools that help in the creation of the real world in interactive, 3D technology.