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While people of all ages should take the necessary steps to promote good health, it is especially important for children and adolescents. There are a number of health problems that may be quite concerning for children, such as the development of obesity, diabetes, and other similar conditions. Kids and teens who are interested in learning how to obtain and maintain good health may want to consult with a parent and physician or other health care provider. The resources listed below can be an effective way to learn more about good health.

Kids Health Directory

  • Kids' Health—Information for kids on the maintenance and prevention of a number of health issues.
  • How the Body Works—Describes how the body works and how kids can keep it functioning properly.
  • Children's Health—Tips and recommendations on maintaining good health for children.
  • Kids Health Galaxy—Learning tool for kids on maintaining the health of their bodies.
  • Kids' Health—Tools to help children learn more about their health and prevent possible illness.
  • About Kids Health—Information about the promotion of good health in childhood.
  • Children's Health—Helps parents and children identify when there may be possible health conditions occurring.
  • Kids Health Partners—Resources for individuals interested in maintaining the health of the children in their lives.
  • Healthy Children—Discusses methods of health maintenance and promotion for young children around the US.
  • Action for Healthy Kids—Describes the ways in which obesity, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions can be prevented.
  • BAM! Body and Mind—Games, quizzes, and other tools for kids who want to maintain good health.
  • Children's Health Education Center—Provides information and education for kids interested in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Children's Health Facts—Facts and figures about the health of children and infants in the US.
  • Baby Care—Advice on caring for infants and young children to promote optimal health.
  • Children's Health—Information designed to improve the health of young children.
  • Healthy Living—Guidelines for health, nutrition and fitness, which can maximize health in children.
  • Our Kids' Health—Describes program designed to maximize health by reducing rates of obesity in kids.
  • Health Games—Games, quizzes, and other tools designed to teach children about good health.
  • Kids' Health Declines in Summer—Discusses trends that suggest kids' health declines in summer months.
  • Healthy Children: The Talk Show for Parents—Provides information on health concerns for children.

Teen Health Directory

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