Ultimate Directory of Geography Resources

Modern geography teachers and students have a lot of resources because the Internet offers a wealth of material. There are maps, statistical information, games, educational resources, and lesson plans. However, it’s not easy to find the best resources at a single place. Here then is the ultimate directory of geography resources.

Maps & Map Collections

Government & Statistical Information

  • CIA World Fact Book: Comprehensive information on the countries of the world.
  • Geographic Names: A Federal Board set up to maintain standard usage of geographic names.
  • American Geography: Covers many aspects of American geography including the physical environment, foundations of human activities, the Deep South, the Southern Coastlands, and more.
  • Geographic Data: Online portal which shares geographic data, online services, and maps.
  • Geographical Information: A collection of links to cartography, flags, flags, time information, and others.
  • United Kingdom: Provides geographical statistics of the UK.
  • BLS: United States labor statistics categorized by geography.


  • Matching Game: Try to match the capitals and countries.
  • Holey Moley: Learn about world geography by playing this fun game.
  • Jigsaws: Take this challenge to see how well you know about the countries.
  • Geography Games: A collection of geography games for kids.
  • National Geographic: Go on an African Adventure or train for the GeoBee!
  • Name That State: How well do you know the states?
  • GeoNet: Challenging game that tests your knowledge to the max!
  • Map Games: Great collection of games related to maps.
  • Crosswords: Try these crossword puzzles to test your geographical knowledge.

Educational Resources

Lesson Plans & Teaching Materials

  • The World on a String: Teaches students about how the countries of the world are interconnected.
  • 5 Themes: Some ideas for teaching the five themes of geography.
  • Discovery Education: Many lesson plans for geography teachers.
  • Lesson Plans: Extensive collection of geography lesson plans covering various topics.
  • Water: A list of lesson plans for students from K-5 up to K-12.
  • Rivers & Coasts: Use this interactive lesson to teach students about rivers and coasts.
  • Mudpile Mountain: Teaches students about erosion.
  • Giligan’s Island: Simple lesson plan to teach students about topographical maps.
  • Google Earth: A lesson to show students how to use Google Earth.