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Navigate around array of British, American, European and Mexican hallmarks and silver maker's marks on antique sterling and coin.

Serves the antiques and arts industry, collectors, and institution; compiles articles, information and comprehensive auction and antique show listings and news about the industry.

Books on antique tools and early trades and technology including woodworking, antique tools, blacksmithing and metalworking, carriages and sleighs, early trades, technology, construction techniques and design as well as information on tool collection.

Features information on the antique show, show dates, tickets and dealer information along with maps, travel tips for getting to the show and view photos and collectible shows being featured.

Monthly horological magazine offers a wide variety of information on clock and watch, makes, mechanics and history as well as subscription information, articles and details of the current issue.

Online resource presenting comprehensive information and articles about antiques and collectibles along with price guide, news and online dealers and auctioneers finder tool.

Extensive collection of original European vintage posters, vintage wine poster, vintage liquor poster, vintage travel poster or vintage Guinness poster available in different French genres.

Enthusiastic to the early development of the typewriter providing private collections of antique typewriters from around the globe.

Dedicated to promote the appreciation of period furniture; provides resources for makers of conventionally handcrafted chairs plus purchasing details.