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Regular Listings

Dedicated to the conservation and publication of the North American role in the Spanish Civil war and its aftermath; containing news, exhibit information, media and educational resources.

Maintained by the University of Akron, the collection consists of original manuscripts, instruments and apparatus, and various forms of media including film, audio and photo collections; focuses on the preserving the history of psychology.

One of the world's largest sound archives, cataloging over 3.5 million audio recordings from around the world in various genres: jazz, classical, traditional, and pop music, drama, literature, wildlife, accents and dialects, oral history, nature, and environmental.

Mission to provide and promote bibliographic access to the United States documentary heritage by cataloging and describing manuscript collections held in repositories around the country; operated by the Library of Congress.

Collects, preserves and shares the records of the history of the Sisters of Providence religious community in the western United States through various sources and media including chronicles, institutions, personnel and photographs. Also provides information, news, and locations on Providence Health and Services.