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Searchable directory of acronyms and abbreviations used in a variety of fields used by the government, doctors, scientists and the Internet organized by letters and subjects.

Free software for the Windows and Mac operating systems that grants e-mail and word processing programs access to definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and facts at websites like Dictionary.com and Reference.com instantly.

Comprehensive online portal for language dictionary for desktop or mobile devices downloadable for free trial; includes audio language lessons, foreign language reference and dictionary widget.

AJAX driven dictionary that returns definitions fast and efficiently.

Provides instant word and phrase definitions, while generating translations for the search term relevant images.

Provides links to numerous dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauri in various languages with translations. Subject based dictionaries include medical, business, law, and student dictionaries.

Online dictionary, thesaurus, and reference ESL tool that assists with referencing words and learning new languages; ESL links to schools, scholarships, and loans.

Provides automatic word suggestions and spelling corrections for words while you type; provides definitions, synonyms, pronunciation and more.

Dictionary with definitions for English, computer, video, dream, and medical terms. Also has a thesaurus for users.

Uses a clean interface to get to information. language, media, internet and money tools on the internet.

A visual dictionary, showing the relationship of a term and its definitions as a tree stemming other words that are represented in colors as antonyms, synonyms, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

The official website America's leading dictionary publisher for the last 150 years. Provides word games, trendy words, and top 10 lists, along with their dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and topic search.

Helps in learning and remembering words and their meanings by using memory aids to terms. Establishes a link to new words with words already grounded in long term memory for easier recall.

Complete English dictionary tool with sample sentences and idioms for new language learners.

Simple definition and translation search with over 19 million words indexed in over a thousand dictionaries.

Gives the user the ability to describe a word, question or concept they are searching for, and this dictionary returns words and phrases that are related to the entry..

Archival of phrases, sayings, idioms, quotes and clichés along with the meanings and origins; includes a discussion forum to ask a panel questions and popular fallacies section.

A game in which the user creates a sentence using the word of the day to best illustrate the meaning of that particular word. Users vote on the sentences and choose a winner daily.

A slang dictionary offering the user the ability to submit their own slang words as well as look up new slang words.

Interactive dictionary and thesaurus that provides meanings of words while mapping their associations to similar words visually.

Joins the images of superhero characters and their descriptions with the root definition of their names.

A visual representation of the Merriam-Webster dictionary with 15 different themes, each with their own explanations, pictures, and pronunciation.

Combines Webster's dictionary, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and the CIA fact book to return images and summaries of words.

Allows word searches, custom dictionaries, and games for increasing vocabulary.

Constantly updated, this site penned a book deal based on the new words that are defined with explanations and citations of the publication the word was used in.

Based on the principle that words can be learned best by using them in context, this site used real-world examples of a word so the user can grasp the context of the term. Uses headlines, news, Twitter, Wikis, images, and audio to visualize query.

Accompanies definitions with abstract artwork of word.

Resource site for all language references, including word games and grammar, with access to more than 2000 dictionaries in 300 languages.

Provides definitions, translations, maps, and more through a simple, clean interface.