This reference section of the Directory Journal all relate to libraries of all subjects including college and university, governmental and digital libraries available throughout world locations as well as by the click of a mouse through the Internet. Browse through the library resources below or click the Submit site button to be promoted this busy section.

Regular Listings

Gateway to the directory of the resources and engineering research databases with the devotion to stimulate and respond to the informational needs and activities of the students, faculty and staff.

Offers admittance to the mutual digital and non-digital resources of national libraries of Europe; searchable by subject and descriptions.

A comprehensive online directory of law schools and public law libraries located throughout all US states.

Aims to promote reading; offers links to the public libraries by state including presidential libraries, national libraries of the world, university & college libraries.

Search for resources by subject or ask a librarian.

A worldwide virtual library indexing nearly 8000 libraries and library related websites located throughout 130 countries.