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The personal pages being promoted in this section of directory all relate to personal quotations and these can be found by browsing through the information resources below.

Regular Listings

Newsletter published quarterly focused on conversational English and quotes.

Offers personal virtual free storage for saving quotes and passages.

Quotes on various topics and cultural themes arranged by a list of authors.

Sayings from famous people and intellectuals gathered as personal favorites.

Features an assortment of passages focused on friendship and love.

Offers quotes that give practical advice for subjects such as love, friendship, happiness and others.

Thoughtful passages on matters that a variety of users face from aging and attitude to children and inner self.

Features motivational quotes with commentaries and links to corresponding pages.

Collection of sayings and clever remarks used effectively by Jordan Cooper to enhance his method of preaching.

A diverse compilation of though provoking statements about life, death and the matters faced in the middle.

Virtual database of quotes available through search on varying subjects.