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Official website of India's Ministry of Tourism. Featuring online assistance for travel planning, tourism information on India and directory of tourist destinations.

Offers safari tours of India with useful traveling tips. Site includes information about trips to monuments like the Taj Mahal, and safari tours of local wildlife.

Official tourism site for Europe. Includes basic travel information on Indian travel, culture, nature and wellness. Also provides a directory of travel services in India.

Contains a plethora of links that contain resources about transportation systems, and wildlife species. Includes notes on culture, history, nature, hotels, shopping, temples, and festivals.

Features an overview of the ministry plus information on tourism facts with online guide to various cities, and farm and rural tourism, and heritage sites in India.

Presenting comprehensive guide and ideas for trekking India including Himalaya adventures, wildlife, eco trips, trekking Ladakh, and more.

Tourist information on Indian states and cities, wildlife sanctuaries, more. Includes guidelines about the local attractions, safari adventures, and accommodation centers in various areas in the country.