Regular Listings

Official homepage contains an overview of the ministry including sections on the army, navy, air force, careers and scholarships, public affairs, resources and links to the various armed forces.

Online reference of ministry of education presenting overview of education ministry; information and resources for students, parents and teachers including details of scholarships, programmes and syllabuses.

Featuring information on the national budget and expenditure, financial news overview of the ministry, news, press releases, and information about Singapore's financial policies and budget.

Provides consular services information including student services,, and overviews of Singapore's foreign policies and involvement in international issues.

Government website for health professionals and the public, featuring information on Singapore's healthcare system, financing, facilities, services, funding and research.

MHA website featuring relevant information and news, publications, copies of press releases and speeches, and information on the ministry's initiatives, policies, and services.

Dedicated to ensuring workforce welfare and workplace wellness. Site provides information pertaining to labour, wages and employment in Singapore.

Dedicated to provide quality living environment, high standard of public health and protection against communicable diseases. Contains information on programs and initiatives, events, policies, and career opportunities.

Responsible for promoting economic growth and generating jobs to enable higher living standards. Information on its economic policies, strategies and statistics.

MOT website describing policies and regulation and some key facts and figures. Also includes organizational structure, statutory boards, functions, and activities.