This section of Directory Journal provides you with a host of information, resources and reference websites relating to government agencies, services and news including US embassies and consulates, military and government employment opportunities. Please browse through one of the categories listed below.

Regular Listings

Encourages linkages between U.S. and overseas institutions through a variety of educational and cultural exchange programs plus works to advocate and explain U.S. policy to foreign publics.

Accumulates, procedures, analyzes, and disseminates indispensable statistical data to the American public in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.

Records data on government decisions since the mid 1980s.

Focused on helping congressional members improve their methods of service to their consultants.

Promotes education on financial matters and laws as well as analyzing data.

Browse over for the information on local government authorities and councils in the region facilitated by "find your local councilor", notice board and a FAQ.

For use by the public sector to drive innovation.

National nonpartisan nonprofit campaign providing voter education, registration services, information on polling place and get absentee ballot forms.

UK Government department responsible for welfare and employment issues dedicated to promote opportunity and independence through employment and to save for secure retirement.

Weekly news and information resources covering procurement issues, IT, monetary management, e-government, personnel management and related congressional affairs for U.S. national employees with news stories, photos, governmental updates and current job listings.

Perform actions relating to arms sales monitoring, organic weapons, replicated policy, intellect reform, military analysis, monitoring rising diseases, nuclear weapons and space policy for the world peace.

Contains statistics for over one hundred US federal agencies.

Lists government websites for use by citizens, business owners and federal workers.

Searchable database of U.S. charities and nonprofits activities with information on the programs and finances along with foundations tax return information.

Health insurance details and the effects of the healthcare reform including insurance choices and new laws.

Discover the persons or factors influencing the political system in the United States.

Over 600 local governments focused on the protection of climate control.

Searchable database facilitating users to track the progress and how and where tax dollars are spent.

Works to improve and coordinate the criminal justice system between jurisdictions.

Agency holding the government accountable and helps the media and citizens assist them.

An American government and politics center dedicated to provide unbiased information, news, commentary, an online textbook, and a multimedia gallery.

Offers information on town government, departments, leisure activities, maps and locations, local newspaper, public safety, history, employment opportunities and news.

Features government offices and information on senators, census data as well as social security details.

Official web portal of the US government. Contains comprehensive information on government resources, services and forms for citizens, businesses and government.

Background information and political activity in regards to the elected officials in the new administration.