Science and Environment

This area for the Directory Journal for Australia provides details of sites and services relating to science and the environment providing details about research, climate change and how to create a greener environment in the world we live.

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Regular Listings

Manages the synchronization of domestic climate change policy and delivery of new and existing Commonwealth greenhouse programs. Information about the department for households, communities, business and industry.

Dedicated to promote keep the country clean and rubbish from the local environments as well as educate people on climate change issues. . Includes a section on living greener, campaigns, donations and special projects.

Performs research functions on issues including climate, marine and earth systems science affecting Australia and the world.

Detailing the comprehensive information on commission, economy and investment in the region, statistics about the region, news and a mailing list.

Preserves and manages publicly-owned harbourfront land featuring information on the planning, getting involved, news and events, resources, education, leasing and projects.