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Regular Listings

Electronic gateway to the Government coastal, marine databases, city and regional planning, green transport solutions, licensing services, pastoral leases, publications and employment.

Disability services commission provides information for West Australians with disabilities of all types and carers, business, schools, community and service providers.

Displays information related to shire, the council with details of services and community, minutes of meetings and contact details.

Works as an independent Government agency that aims to manage and provide access to the State's archives.

Carries an array of information and resources on the State Premier and cabinet, government services, media releases and news postings.

Dedicated to improving the management and use of the State's land and geographic information. Provides information on agency working with local government, business, education and the community to manage the state's land and geographic information.

Provides financial products and services to the public sector. Includes information on client services, financial markets, individual investors, corporate profile, publication, employment and contacts.