Climate Change

The information in this section of the directory provides details of climate change, global warming and environmental issues relating to climate change as well as providing news and media related sites and services including research findings.

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Browse over to find out the data relating global climatic change in the environment; presents data sets, data services, and collections of links to sites and resources related to Earth and climate change.

Describes pragmatic consequences as specified by periods of warm weather, coastal flooding and changes in glaciers and Polar Regions; presents photos, regional temperature map, references and resources for educators.

Discover with scientists the reasons and effects of climatic and ecological change through the use of real satellite data plus news, feature articles, data and reference reviews on many aspects of our changing world.

Featuring graphical presentation of environmental satellite data and derived information or products and a snow and ice mapping system.

Ropes up supportive loom and passes significant scientific, economic and technological expertise to the global debate on climate change; includes resource for first-rate analyses of key climate issues, informed policies and climate education.

Posts announcements, scientific research, links, educational resources, news and updates, upcoming events and useful links.

Integrating federal research on global climate change, data, facts, documents and reports about climate change.