The information sites and services promoted here in this section of the Directory Journal all provide information and resources about controlling and preventing terrorism including antiterrorism worldwide departments and also the subject of cyber terrorism. Please browse through the sites below including counterterrorism and research centers.

Regular Listings

Holds a gallery of analyses of current and breaking security policy issues specializing in decision briefs and press releases on critical foreign policy and military defense matters; includes mandate, events, staff, publications and links to related resources.

Endeavors to condense the exposure of the national infrastructure to violence and other threats; endures serious consequences including severe economic damage, grave social disruption and large scale loss of life.

Pursue research and education programs centering on cyber security and trust; serves as a center for counter-terrorism technology research, development and assessment; includes news digests arranged by subject with links to full articles including cybercrime, regulation, consumer issues and technology.

Concerns related to challenges including threat of terrorism faced by liberated societies; promotes professional ethics in the counterterrorism field; includes online seminars, events and annual symposium.

Responsible to the Director of National Intelligence helps to protect U.S. interests against economic espionage by producing counterintelligence products and services; works to advance the performance of the counterintelligence community in classifying, evaluating, prioritizing and countering intelligence threats to the United States; shares news updates, annual and special reports, list of seminars and other associated agency information.

Supplies daily news updates, terrorism updates, background on groups, scholarly articles, data, commentary, research, critical assessment and analysis on terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia.