This dedicated section of the Directory Journal provides information, resources and websites of interest to fathers throughout the world and these can be found by browsing through the websites highlighted below.

Regular Listings

Scroll over information relating BTM program, mentoring and young men’s initiation covers the ages of 12 and 16 interact with dedicated and meticulous adult men.

Convenes research on fathers and develops practical resources for dads; features parenting advice, list of available programs, programs and online training, tips and collection of informational resources.

Strives to defend extensive castigation of fathers in society by providing informative research articles and discussing the impact of fatherlessness on children, families and society.

Depository of numerous informative articles and inspiration to fellow dads with the devotion to help men becomes more involved in the lives of children.

Place for dads to share and commiserate positively about issues relating to fatherhood; includes news source and issues organized by variety of topics.

Goals to enhance healthy father-daughter interaction by providing tools to build relationships; covers papers, articles and essays concerning issues, quizzes, workshops, information, newsletters, and forums to help fathers inspire, understand and support daughters.

Supports fathers and families of children with special needs, chronic illness and developmental disabilities; offers stories, resources, providers, events and photos for fathers of children.