25 SEO Experts to Follow on Twitter

In addition to providing a way to keep in touch with your friends and to grow your network, Twitter can also be a powerful educational tool. Follow the right people, and you’ll pick up valuable tips and information from the experts themselves. If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, here are 25 people to follow on Twitter. I’ve included their bio excerpt to help you learn a little more about them.

  1. Danny Sullivan— Editor of SearchEngineLand.com, covering Google, SEO, PPC & all aspects of search engines and search marketing.
  2. Lee Odden— Traveler, foodie, dad & CEO @TopRank. I tweet mostly about Digital Public Relations, Social Media and SEO.
  3. Ann Smarty — Owner SEOSmarty.com and contributor to Search Engine Journal
  4. Matt Cutts — Head of webspam team at Google.
  5. Thomson Chemmanoor— Search Engine Marketing Expert & Social Media Consultant, Blogger, CEO/Founder of Digital Labz
  6. Gerald Weber — I’m the kinda guy that shoots from the hip if ya know what I mean. I’m Also the head janitor and toilet cleaner guy for search engine marketing group in Houston
  7. Derek Edmond — Director of SEM and Managing Partner: KoMarketing Associates, B2B SEO, PPC and Social Media. Blog at Cape Cod SEO
  8. Rand Fishkin — SEOmoz CEO, Pesky Blogger, Constantly on the Road, Adorned w/ Yellow Footwear
  9. Michael Gray — Is a general all around trouble maker
  10. Brian Carter — Keynote Speaker, Comedian, Ad agency Director of PPC, SEO, Social Media at Fuel Interactive
  11. Aaron Wall — SEO + U = Win!!!
  12. Search Engine Land — News and information about search engine marketing, optimization and how search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live.com and Ask.com work for searchers
  13. Barry Schwartz — Search Geek
  14. Travis Wright — Interactive Media Smart Ass. CrowdSourcerer. SEO Jedi. Part Skeptic / Optimist. Über Bullshittapotomus. ENTP. Evil Genius. Mad Scientist. I’m kind of a big deal
  15. Brent D. Payne — Tribune’s Bald In-house SEO Director that also likes to get a little crazy at times. 😉
  16. Atniz — Full time work at home mum into blogging, High PR Dofollow Link Building, Increase SERP Ranking, Increase Page Rank, etc
  17. Christoph Gold — Business: SEO/SEM Pro, Founder (1999), Marketing & Monetizing, Social Media | Private: Family & Friends, Personal Development, Learning, Reading, 1860, Fitness
  18. Rishi Lakhani — I am just your average guy interested in SEO and knowing people. This twitter a/c is purely me and only me.
  19. Shark SEO — I go up and down stairs 2 at a time
  20. Dave Naylor — Head of Search Marketing – Bronco.co.uk – Speak at lots of conferences on SEO. Bronco is a leading SEO, Web Dev & Design Agency which I run with @BeckyNaylo
  21. Matt Siltala — Owner of Dream Systems Media, Blogger, Speaker, SEO, Internet Marketer including Social Media, Viral Marketing, Branding and Rep. Management
  22. Todd Mintz — E-Kleck-Tik SEO / PPC / SEM / Internet Marketer
  23. Stoney deGeyter — All-around nice guy.
  24. Dave Snyder — Co-Founder of Search and Social and IMBroadcast.com
  25. Page One Results — Internet Marketing Consultant Since 1995.

Any SEO experts you feel were left of the list? Add their Twitter links as well as your own in the replies!

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