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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

As most of you are aware, the two giants in the gaming console arena – Microsoft and Sony – have just recently launched their new consoles. Microsoft is busy showing off its Xbox One...

100 of the Best Movie Quotes of All Time

Have you ever watched a movie and heard a line you absolutely loved? Do you find yourself quoting your favorite characters or feeling inspired by a movie quote from one of your favorite films?...

Which are the Top Social Colleges? [Infographic]

If  you’re currently a college student, chances are you’re at least somewhat of a social media addict.  That also may be the case for your friends as well.  Did you ever think though that...

Beer Goggles: Has THIS Happened to YOU?? [Infographic]

Hopefully, this hasn’t happened to you – the dreaded case of beer goggles. Sadly, perception doesn’t always match reality. Especially when too much beer consumption has taken place. This infographic, courtesy of freedating.co.uk gives...

Flavors of the World: Soft Drinks from Around the Globe

Imagine being in Japan and ordering a soft drink that tastes like cucumber or salad. These are real soft drinks currently on the market which are produced by Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Often different countries...

Failed Prophecies: Major Doomsday Predictions That Did Not Come True!

With the latest big screen offering, “2012” a $200m production, based on myths that have their origin in the Mayan calendar, talking about the end of the world, there is no better time than...

Ink Pens And Stained Fingers!

I can not rest until we flow as one, To meet whatever future Fate contrives. Our poem shall pour forth from sun to sun As, pen in hand, we two write out our lives....

5 Documentaries that Will Change Your Life

*Many of the clips below have strong language and adult themes. 1. I Like Killing Flies: This documentary is about New York restaurateur Kenny Shopsin and his family. They own a restaurant called Shopsin’s,...

The Christmas holiday is celebrated around the world with great enthusiasm.  With beautiful lights, elaborate masses, colorful decorations, and huge Christmas trees, people love to celebrate.

Here are some of the largest Christmas celebrations and events around the world if you’re looking for something new to do this holiday season.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas festival in Hyde Park in London.  It’s one of the largest in the world, with more than 2 million visitors in attendance as of last year.  It has an ice rink, a huge ice sculpture exhibit called The Magical Ice Kingdom, and two circuses. — the Zippos Christmas Circus and Zippos Cirque Berserk.  Among the rides there are three roller coasters and an [...]

As most of you are aware, the two giants in the gaming console arena – Microsoft and Sony – have just recently launched their new consoles. Microsoft is busy showing off its Xbox One while Sony displays the new Playstation; the Playstation 4.

It has been sometime since a new console was released which is why there is huge excitement around these two consoles. But fans are also racking their brains on which one to spend their hard earned money on when both long awaited consoles finally hit the shelves. To make your decision a bit easier, we’ve compiled a feature by feature comparison of the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Enjoy reading!


The bout for hardware supremacy is [...]

How to Connect Your Phone to the Internet

All smart phones are able to connect to the internet, but you do have a choice of the method that you use to connect. Being online with your mobile means that you can be in constant contact through email, you can use apps like Facebook, look for directions, even shop online. You can also use web based services like Skype or Viber to send free messages or make free calls.

The method that you use to connect to the internet really depends on you and the kind of phone that you have. Today we’re talking about the pros and cons of WiFi, 3g phones and 4g phones, so that you can choose [...]

There are plenty of completely non-sense records in the world – like largest hamburger or the most tattooed body.

But when it comes to art and creativity, anything seems to make sense.

So here are 10 largest and tiniest masterpieces created recently:

1. World Largest Sand Carpet

A group of Iranian artists have created the world’s largest sand carpet. The unique 39,370.078 square foot (12,000 sq. meter) world record carpet was created by 25 visual artists made entirely of 70 types of colorful sand. (source: lifeinthefastlane.ca)

I love independent films.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going to see the latest releases with Hollywood A-Listers starring in them, but there are so many fantastic writers, directors and producers out there that simply aren’t given the opportunity to work on such a scale that I’d argue there are just as many fantastic independent films as there are Hollywood blockbusters (if not considerably more).

British Indie Films

Although I may be a little biased, I do think Britain has produced some of the best independent films out there – particularly over the last 20 years. I want to share with you five of the most notable.

While independent films are generally considered to be those that don’t have [...]

Everyone that spends time in a hotel, whether it’s on vacation or business, wants to believe that they’ve chosen the best hotel possible. It’s here, however, where it can start to get a little difficult, as the definition of a great hotel is purely subjective – what ticks all of the right boxes for one person may have quite the opposite effect for another.

There are, for example, honeymoon hotels that are designed to give the newly married couple a great time, whilst others proclaim to have locations and views to die for.  Then there are those which offer levels of luxury and unparalleled service that one can only dream, whilst there are [...]

7 Strange Disney Facts

by Dan on May 26, 2013 · 2 comments

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It’s a name everyone’s heard of.  Just like Coca Cola, Nike and Apple. No matter whether you’re a die-hard fan of what they do or not, you’ll have heard of the name Disney.

Formed as a company in October 1923, headed up by the famous Walt Disney and known primarily for their iconic Mickey Mouse character, Disney has expanded in various directions over the last few decades. But they’ve always had the aim of providing an experience that satisfies children like no other company has been able to replicate.  Truly understanding what children want, they are able to ignite their imaginations and take them to a land far, far away or another universe years into the future.


Scary stories have a long history — from myths designed to scare people into certain cultural behaviors to good old fashioned ghost stories around a campfire. Today we often gravitate toward the medium of film when we want a horror fix. They’re easily accessible and they offer visual and auditory stimuli only surpassed by our real world experiences. In other words, they do a great job of making us uncomfortable and catching us off-guard.

Many of the horror films we’ve come to love didn’t start out that way though. Instead they were inspired by, or adapted from, novels or short stories. And unfortunately literary horror sometimes takes a backseat to its on-screen offspring.

To shine some light on horror novels [...]

What makes a movie controversial? By definition, controversial means to cause contention, strife, debate, or argument.  Movies that are controversial typically touch on topics that the general public finds socially unacceptable.  Typical topics usually include sex, religion, violence, and politics.

Before we share our list of some of the most controversial movies of all time, let’s explore the history of controversy in film, seeing how controversial topics have and haven’t changed over the years.

The History of Controversy in Film

Like most forms of media that allow people to send a message to the public, controversy has been present in film since film has been around.

One of the first controversial films known is from 1896 and was titled The Kiss.  [...]

Image:  ashextourism.com

A hotel to many is just somewhere to lay their heads, shower and change their clothes, whether it is after a very prolonged and intense business meeting or a long hard day sunbathing on the beach.

If you are on a business trip, the important points of your hotel are normally functionality – the closer to the airport or train station the better – as well as the cost, as you always want to get the best deal for your dollar. The same principle usually applies when you go on vacation, too, but you are normally a little more relaxed and flexible with regard to your temporary dwelling.


There are, on the other hand, a certain group of [...]