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The iPhone applications are nothing short of amazing because they leverage the groundbreaking technology in iPhone – like the GPA, 3D positional audio, real-time 3D graphics, the accelerometer and the Multi-Touch interface. You just have to tap into [...]

Android or iOS iphones?  The digital holy war between friends.  If you have a smartphone, chances are you’ve got a strong opinion on which operating system is better.  But which one is more social? This infographic, courtesy of [...]

While the buzz is all about how “disappointing” sales of the iPhone 5 have been that is only because sales were projected to be six to ten million and they have “only” sold 5 million.


Many gamers are known for their loyalty to certain consoles or games.  They’re huge fans of gaming technology, waiting in immense anticipation for the next major release.  And it’s not unusual for gamers to take days off work [...]

The Internet has given us many things. Information, ways to more easily communicate, and a wide world of entertainment at our fingertips. Is it any wonder we tend to live on our computers and phones now days? But [...]

Let’s face it. No one needs an iPad. There, I said it. But I finally got one after months of deliberation and I absolutely love it. Now I need to justify the purchase so I won’t feel guilty. [...]

Apple never ceases to improvise and innovate, always ready to up the ante and create new benchmarks, whenever competition is seen hotting up.

In the recent past, there has been a great deal of talk and rumors about [...]

As the New Year approaches most of us are caught up with buying gifts for loved ones and people who matter. Gifting is certainly not as easy as it seems. Finding appropriate gifts for a husband, wife, boss [...]

“Don’t hurt me – You’ll get caught. I’ve left a letter with my lawyer and if he doesn’t hear from me within 12 hours, he will forward that letter to the police. It has everything about you.” This [...]

The art of haute horlogerie has seduced both the high-heeled ladies to the alpha men who believe in the finest detail. If the latest offerings from the legendary watch houses are any indication, then the new collections are [...]