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Take a look at men a few decades ago and their grooming regime consisted of little more than a regular shave and a bit of Brylcreem on their hair.  There were of course exceptions to the rule, but [...]

We walk into a shop and some products we don’t even realise are there.  We either don’t see them because they’re of no use to us, we pick them up without thinking about it because we use them [...]

Each and every day of the year we all see products from various companies being marketed in one way or another.

It could be a drink on a TV commercial, a new clothing range on the local radio [...]

For many of us, we’re now well into the cold winter months. And we’re looking for comfortable and creative ways to stay warm, whether we’re at work, play, or asleep. Sometimes the trick is keeping ourselves comfortable without [...]

For generations, Lego blocks have been a source of enjoyment for kids all around the world. The innovative design was the first of its kind, providing an easy but secure snap-together process that allowed for much more advanced [...]

Are you addicted to Amazon? Sometimes I think I am. Every time a smiling box shows up at my door I simultaneously jump with excitement and then cringe with fear knowing that more money has leaked out of [...]

I love fall. The leaves change colors. The temperatures cool. The whole atmosphere of the season seems ideal for doing more cooking. For me that means stews, chowders, and roasts. If you feel the call of the kitchen [...]

Halloween is quickly approaching. If you haven’t bought the perfect costume for your yearly costume party or your kids haven’t found one they love yet for trick-or-treating, you’re running out of time. No need to fear though. There [...]

Sex is a great thing. But do you know what can be even better? No…. not chocolate (well, okay, that too… sometimes). I’m talking about shopping! And do you know what? That doesn’t just apply to my shopaholic [...]

Who doesn’t know the world’s dominant (and many people’s favorite) soft-drink Coca-Cola?

Ok, that was a rhetorical question. I guess the drink is known by everyone as well as most of the company’s stupid fiascoes like New Coke, [...]