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Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is approaching, and you really want to get your mom a great gift this year, something that will really show her how incredible she is. But what do you do when you’re broke? You can’t take [...]

While many fathers may not want to be pampered like Mom, they still enjoy that thoughtful gift on Father’s Day, a token that you are thinking of them and appreciate all that he does. From morning to night, [...]

Moms do everything. Laundry, cooking, dinner, errands, even blog posts. This year, remember your Mom and show how much you appreciate her by giving her one of the Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts [...]

LEGO is without a doubt, one of the most successful toy franchises of all time. Launched in 1949, today LEGO has joined forces with those behind Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman and Indiana Jones. They’ve also launched computer [...]

A parent’s nightmare is often be embodied by a house full of energetic bodies, all longing to head outside but stymied by the cold, wet weather of winter. Lethargy sets in, video games and gadgets become a more [...]

Most of the world agrees that Apple’s iPhone is one very cool device, attested to by the sale of millions of the popular smartphone over the past few years. In a world full of iPhones and iPhone owners, [...]

You’ve tried the classic, “pay for her gym membership.” You’ve even tried installing a stripper pole in her bedroom for her to practice on. Now it’s time to get a truly unique gift to fix those lingering annoying [...]

It really is the little things that make or break a relationship. If you’re tired of the usual suggestions to fix your boyfriend (a watch so he’s on time) you’ll enjoy these truly unique gifts to fix your [...]

I’ve known plenty of men who think women are impossible to buy gifts for. On the other hand, women sometimes aren’t sure what the guy in their life would want either. But gift giving doesn’t have to be [...]

Clothing should be three things: stylish, functional and comfortable. But they can also be useful for more than one thing.

People who enjoy economy in their clothes have been looking for items that can serve more than a [...]