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If there’s one home improvement project I’m most looking forward to, it will be converting part of the basement into a home theater. Do you have a home theater, or would you like one?

Home theaters come in a [...]

I am no designer but I believe light is the most important component of the interior.

Lamp designs are numerous – I did not attempt to create an ultimate overview as this is quite impossible.

This post looks [...]

The art of haute horlogerie has seduced both the high-heeled ladies to the alpha men who believe in the finest detail. If the latest offerings from the legendary watch houses are any indication, then the new collections are [...]

Men have always been fascinated by the snazziest car, grand house and the best cell-phone. These things are no longer sufficient to keep the modern man satisfied, in fact, nothing conventional is considered a status symbol anymore.

Here [...]

From Paris to Beijing, everyone wants to wear designer wear and accessories; designer bags being one of the most popular accessory. Although, the designer handbags are not always affordable and go out of fashion with the change of [...]