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Rakhi is fast approaching and girls all over the country are going nuts with the excitement. The preparations are already in full swing – starting with shopping for beautiful Rakhis, new clothes and gifts. Rakhi is the time [...]

We all have the same challenges as we go about our online shopping research any time of the year and especially for big occasions and during the holidays:

Do you find keeping track of where you saw that [...]

Did you know that more flowers are given as gifts during the Christmas and Hanukkah season than for any other holidays including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day?

Flowers are more popular as gifts than baked [...]

Once again the holiday season is upon us.  Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and online retailers, you could have your gift list completed without ever stepping foot in a mall in December.  By taking advantage of sales [...]

The internet has completely revolutionised the way in which we go about various aspects of our everyday lives. The way we work and play have changed. The way we bank and study.

And possibly most obviously, the way [...]

Let’s face it. No one needs an iPad. There, I said it. But I finally got one after months of deliberation and I absolutely love it. Now I need to justify the purchase so I won’t feel guilty. [...]

Shopping. On one hand I’m not your stereotypical female with a shopping obsession. I don’t enjoy spending time at malls for example. On the other hand, I love holiday shopping! There’s something about being on a quest to [...]

Amazon is the shopper maven. It has everything: low prices, huge variety of products types and manufactures, discounts and sales.

Therefore in preparation for the huge shopping season it may be a wise idea to learn to make [...]

Shopping online has been a hot topic for the past decade. Its rise has been overwhelming: number of Internet shoppers has been up 40% in 2 years.

Almost everyone uses Internet to do shopping research (if not buy) [...]

It’s no secret that you can buy pretty much anything online these days.

But while you’ve learned to turn to Amazon for books and check eBay instead of heading to the flea market to spend your antiques allowance, [...]