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Did you know that more flowers are given as gifts during the Christmas and Hanukkah season than for any other holidays including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day?

Flowers are more popular as gifts than baked [...]

Shopping. On one hand I’m not your stereotypical female with a shopping obsession. I don’t enjoy spending time at malls for example. On the other hand, I love holiday shopping! There’s something about being on a quest to [...]

Doesn’t Christmas in the recession seem more depressing than fun?

More often than not Christmas shopping and gifts budget is almost impossible to put under control.

So here’s a major treat for your heart: Christmas decorations, gifts and [...]

As the New Year approaches most of us are caught up with buying gifts for loved ones and people who matter. Gifting is certainly not as easy as it seems. Finding appropriate gifts for a husband, wife, boss [...]

Christmas is not far away and there is cheer all around. It is that time of the year when people go on a shopping spree, buying gifts for family and friends. The advent of online shopping changed [...]