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There are still people out there that clip coupons, but not that many. The world of saving and discounts have gone from the newspapers to the internet, and it is much easier to load digital coupons onto a [...]

The internet has completely revolutionised the way in which we go about various aspects of our everyday lives. The way we work and play have changed. The way we bank and study.

And possibly most obviously, the way [...]

Amazon is the shopper maven. It has everything: low prices, huge variety of products types and manufactures, discounts and sales.

Therefore in preparation for the huge shopping season it may be a wise idea to learn to make [...]

No matter how much we want to protect them, our kids are surrounded by violence and cruelty these days. This post showcases some bizarre and creepy school supplies you don’t want your kids to have.

So unlike most [...]

It happens so often that you just can’t put into words what you want to buy but you can clearly see an image. Or that you can match the color of your shirt to the color of your [...]

One of the best things we now have due to the Internet is the ease with which we can research anything, including any shopping-related questions.

There is no reason to ask all your friends and relatives for advice: [...]

Today you can find anything using a search engine; however to be able to use the full potential of the search engine you need to know various tips and tricks.

This post looks at most useful search shortcuts [...]

Let’s face it, we are never satisfied with our salary. No matter how much more we earn, we think it is high enough for a month or two; then we start thinking we are worth more.

This is [...]

We’ve seen already how much help Twitter may be when it comes to online shopping:

Twitter is a great way to research the seller’s reputation, find new deals and ask for unbiased opinion. Besides, you can reach plenty [...]

Managing your household budget is harder than it may seem: you need to take into account so many things, calculate all your (possible) expenses and (if you are smart and frugal) save something for the future.

Things [...]