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The internet categorically and unequivocally changed the way we shop forever, but there’s a new player in town when it comes to shopping styles for the 21st Century: social media.

While once upon a time, shopping online was [...]

I think back to my childhood and one thing has always stood out: sitting with my cousin and friends on rainy days in front of a Nintendo game system – at the time, the coolest bit of technology [...]

I was looking through my cell phone games the other day for the first time while in the dentist’s waiting room. Nothing really interested me much until I came upon a welcome sight. My mobile had Tetris, which [...]

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I don’t know if I’m quite ready to say the BP oil spill drama is “winding down,” but I definitely don’t hear as much about that man-made disaster as I’d expect to — and [...]

Minimal design is about omitting all extra (non-essential) elements that don’t really contribute to the essence of the overall composition in order to emphasize what is important. It is believed to be the easiest to implement but the [...]

It is a widely-spread (maybe even universal) stereotype: women love shopping, men hate shopping.

This stereotype has even been tested and proved by Stanford researcher S. Christian Wheeler who found that women were nearly three times more likely [...]

Top 10 Web 2.0-ish T-shirts

by Kate on January 19, 2010 · 4 comments

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We spend plenty of time online chatting with our virtual friends on Myspace or Facebook, tweeting, digging, etc.

In fact, we spend so much time online that it is sometimes hard to believe there’s an “actual” word where [...]

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We’re at that time of year where many homes are already decorated for the holidays. One of my favorite December activities is driving around, looking at all of the holiday displays, lights, and various Christmas [...]

What can be less ordinary than a shopping bag you take with you when going to the mall?

You know me, I love when ordinary things are turned into something creative and innovative – and shopping bags are [...]

Consumers are easily manipulated because:

they are bad at math; they shop with their heart rather than their head.

This means you might be wasting your money (that is not so easy to earn) because you are being [...]