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Shopping search shortcutsToday you can find anything using a search engine; however to be able to use the full potential of the search engine you need to know various tips and tricks.

This post looks at most useful search shortcuts for Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Note: a search shortcut is a set search commands (pre-defined combination of characters / words) allowing to see relevant information snapshot.

Google search shortcuts for shopping:

1. Find a product within the specified price range: use … operator: {laptop $400…$600}

Google shortcuts: price range

2. Product overall pricing: search for the product name, e.g. {mp3 player}

Google shortcuts: product prices

3. Convert currencies: plenty of patterns are supported, for example just type {50CAD in USD} and hit the search button and you get the answer instantly!

Shopping search shortcuts

4. Use Google as a calculator: for example, to calculate total including a discount: {25% of 39}

Google as a calculator

5. Find any store on the map: just drop the address in the search box:

Shopping search shortcuts

6. Get the selection of stores for any product: search for your [product] + city and (optionally) street:

Google shortcuts for shopping

7. Track package delivery: just search for your shipping tracking number:

Google shortcut: track shipping

Yahoo! search shortcuts for shopping:

8. Product reviews : search for the product name, e.g. {mp3 player}

Shopping search: Yahoo shortcuts

9. Look for coupon codes: search for [coupon code + seller’s name]:

Shopping search: Yahoo shortcuts

10. Convert currencies: this one is very similar to Google’s shortcut, so you may use any:

Yahoo shortcut: currency converter

11. Use Yahoo! as a calculator (also very similar to Google): for example, to calculate total including a discount: {25% of 39}

Yahoo! as a calculator

12. Find any store on the map: just drop the address in the search box:

Yahoo search shortcuts for shopping

Bing search shortcuts for shopping:

13. Get product pricing, specifications, brands : {mp3 player}

Bing shortcut: product details

14. Use Bing as currency converter: just like Google and Yahoo!

Bing as currency vonverter

15. Use Bing as a calculator: just like Google and Yahoo!

Bing as a calculator

16. Get the selection of stores for any product: search for your [product] + city and (optionally) street:

Bing search shortcut for shopping

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Innovative GadgetsDo you love gadgets? Well, if you are going to answer “No”, you probably just don’t know what I mean.

Gadgets are little (and huge) devices that are meant to make our lives easier. They do not necessarily mean any technological innovations, sometimes these are ordinary things with enhanced functionality.

So today I am going to show you how daily-routine things may be optimized so that you could never imagine. You have dreamed about them without even knowing this is possible!

Love singing when taking shower? Then this Shower Mic Sponge is right for you! (Via grandrivertoys.com)

mic sponge

Twitter ShoppingTwitter is the hugest phenomenon of today’s Internet. Connecting to people real-time (even if they are offline), getting instant updates from friends, being up-to-date with most recent news – these are just few advantages of the tool. Another possibility to make the most of Twitter is to use it for shopping.

Ask your friends their opinion on the product you plan to buy and you will get lots of Tweets immediately from people you trust. But Twitter shopping benefits are not limited to only that! Check out the following tips on using Twitter for shopping:

Use Twitter Search

Twitter offers an advanced search platform that you can use to find out what real people say about the retailer you are considering or a product you want to buy. Consider these quick tips on what operators you can use to get properly prepared for your purchase.

Twitter Search for Shopping


Facebook ShoppingFacebook unites your friends, relatives and colleagues for you to easily connect with them. Being thus a handy and popular social tool, it is quite natural it can be also turned into an awesome shopping tool: imagine your friends accompany you with your online shopping, giving you advice and sharing their experience!

Friends are the people you can trust; with Facebook applications you can ask them to review the products you plan to buy or rate a retailer you are considering. You can also help each other by exchanging coupon codes and notifying each other of best deals.

So here is the comprehensive collection of Facebook shopping tools:


Green ShoppingGreen shopping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or┬ápaying more. In fact, you can buy environmentally-sound products and enjoy all cool features of online shopping: compare prices, find deals and coupon codes and read product reviews and ratings. Let’s save both money and this planet at the same time!

Below I am listing most useful resources that will help you locate best green deal and find relevant eco-friendly product you need.

comparison shoppingComparison shopping is one of the hottest things you can do online. No need to spend hours driving from store to store, ask experts’ and friends’ recommendations to find the best product to suit your needs and wallet.

Find the best free online tools below that offer handy ways to compare any product prices, user and expert reviews and specs.

PriceGrabber lets members add and see others’ reviews and ratings.

The site offers a very handy search option: you can sort the search results by price, popularity or rating. The sidebar lists multiple options allowing you to refine the results: top manufacturers, price range, item specifications, etc. You will also be able to see top searches others users are likely to use.