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    TrulyMadly Is A Tinder-Style Dating App That’s Built For India -  TrulyMadly is a Tinder-like dating app that has adapted to India’s culture to offer different ways to connect, primarily via a trusted source system that helps give peace of mind when chatting to strangers. Read More

    Tor Users Must Now Provide A Phone Number To Open A New Twitter Account -  Twitter last week announced plans to begin tracking troublesome users via their mobile phone number. Along those lines, it has begun forcing users of anonymous web browser Tor to provide a number in order to open a new account. Read More

    The Stratos Card Aims To Unify Credit Cards, And Can Be In Your Pocket Next Month -  Yep, here’s another card that promises to consolidate all your credit cards into one. But unlike the others, the Stratos Card appears to be worth a longer look. Stratos, the company behind the card, has a novel approach and has seemingly worked through all the niggles so far associated with universal credit cards Read More

    If Y Combinator Did A Growth Fund, It Would Be Very, Very Late-Stage -  For years, Y Combinator has shied away from doing any kind of follow-on funding. That’s out of concern that this would signal risk and ward VCs away from supporting startups that don̵..val. However, under the firm’s new leadership with Sam Altman at the helm, it’s possible that Y Combinator will consider doing growth-stage investments, according… Read More

    YC-Backed Kickback Offers An Easy Way To Play Minecraft Competitively -  From Starcraft to League of Legends, the e-sports market has gone through a massive expansion over the last decade in a half. Millions of dollars are now at stake over video games played in fro..ands, both at live events and in matches broadcast online. Y Combinator-backed Kickback is looking to expand the scope of that market by building competitive ecosystems around… Read More

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Did you know: A typical hurricane will produce energy equivalent to 8000 one megaton bombs. Polar bears are almost invisible infrared cameras due to their transparent fur. We accidentally eat 430 bugs a year. Bon appétit!