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Should You Show Your Face On The Internet

As you get in touch with other people around the world via the Internet, it is natural to ask whether it would be better to be seeing each others faces.  This apparently simple choice...

Are Business Directories Still Viable? Get the REAL Scoop Here

Almost every day I hear that directories are “bad” or “Google hates directories” so I set out to find out why that belief is so widespread and what the truth is regarding listing in...

Google Authorship Makes Authors Visible on the Internet

You may have noticed that the Internet is changing. Indeed there are so many changes including the much greater emphasis on mobile devices that you could be forgiven for not observing one quite remarkable...

7 Social Commerce Analytics Tools for Small Businesses

Have you noticed the sudden rise in social commerce apps? If not, you must have had your eyes closed, because they are everywhere, and every marketing blog seems to be writing about social commerce...

Common Blogging Mistakes: Editorial Guidelines for Bloggers

Whether you want to make sure your own blog can be found in the search engines or you want to be a popular guest blogger, avoiding these most common mistakes is important: 1) NEVER...

The Google search engine has been around for more than 15 years and is now the dominant search engine by far. Originally with a little skill it was possible to ensure your online website would rank high in the search engine reports which would be produced for particular keyword queries. Now many are concerned that they are seeing much less traffic from Google search. Backlinks are important in developing visibility in Google searches, but the introduction by Google of the nofollow tag has made this whole subject much more complicated.

Why Google Introduced Nofollow Links

To understand why this [...]

Matt Cutts has been pretty vocal recently on what Google may be targeting to avoid spam Web pages appearing in their search engine report pages (SERPS). Google is continually improving its algorithms in its attempts to serve the most relevant Web pages and avoid what they regard as spam. There have been no recent messages on business directories so what could we guess is their present position.

The Status Of Business Directories Early In 2013

Almost exactly one year ago, Gail Gardner posed the question, Are Business Directories Still Viable? The short answer was yes, providing you stuck with [...]

Twitter is great, right? It keeps you in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and even your favorite brands. It’s easy to use. It doesn’t have to take a huge time investment. And you don’t need a long attention span to take in 140-character updates.

Sometimes paying better attention is called for though. Just because Twitter makes it easy to open our mouths, it doesn’t always mean that we should. And there have been plenty of Twitter fails to prove it.

Let’s look at some of the biggest Twitter blunders and PR fails committed by celebrities, big brands, and their representatives [...]

To be sure that you’ve arrived at the right place in looking for ‘Modern Methods’ of ‘Effective Link Building’, it may be appropriate to define our terms. Modern here refers to Internet time, which as many can attest goes exceedingly fast. Not surprisingly, Search Engine Land has a regular weekly column entitled Link Week to document the ever changing scene. Given that, what is Effective Link Building and what is it trying to achieve.

Many may feel it’s all about Google and trying to get higher rankings in keyword searches. How then would Google define Effective Link Building? Google’s advice [...]

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been a consuming interest for many Internet marketers for the past decade. However if Forbes can be asking the question, Is SEO Dead, then it may be time to reconsider where efforts are best applied.

For long-Time SEO Jill Whalen the answer is clear. She is moving on and praises Google for rewarding content more. As she wrote:

Finally, however, Google put their money where their mouth was with their Panda and Penguin updates. At last the only real way to do SEO was what I had been espousing all along. And it’s a beautiful thing! Today’s [...]

Just look around you if you need any confirmation that the use of mobile devices is growing rapidly. In addition to cell phones getting smarter all the time, the big news is that tablets are the device that is showing the most explosive growth. This cataclysmic shift from desktop PCs and labtops to smart mobile devices is something that any competent CEO should factor in to their business strategy.

All online web properties must take into account that an increasing proportion of visitors will be viewing them on mobile devices. For some that means a smartphone and for some that means [...]

Security of information is a hot topic nowadays as we see even governments cannot prevent vital and secret information from being made public by individuals who feel the public has a right to know. More threatening for the individual is that confidential information may fall into the wrong hands and they may suffer at the hands of scoundrels and criminals.

Many of us who use the free services that Google provides are forced to divulge a good deal of information. Google has a clearly stated Privacy Policy  but the only choice you have is to accept or to not to [...]

If you had not realized that the Internet is now principally viewed on mobile devices, you can be forgiven. The pace of change has been dramatic. Just over four years ago, we were discussing questions such as Should You Offer a Mobile Version of your Website?‘ and could read articles on the pro and cons of developing a mobile version of your website. At that time the number of visitors using smart phones to view websites was very much in the minority, and you could question whether the effort was justified. Many just hoped (assumed) that whatever a mobile visitor might [...]

As you get in touch with other people around the world via the Internet, it is natural to ask whether it would be better to be seeing each others faces.  This apparently simple choice is not as simple as it seems. Maybe as some primitive cultures believed, a photograph will steal your soul. That probably is not true, but nevertheless once your image is on the Internet it is there for ever and possibly available to anyone.

A new concern is facial recognition technology.  Apparently high-end stores are using this to identify celebrity customers.  Who knows how this new technology [...]

Here you will find an alphabetical list of some of the most important elements in social media with short explanations and a link to the appropriate website or an explanatory web page.  If you feel an important item has been missed you are encouraged to add what is missing in the comments.  Social media grow rapidly or, if not, often die so changes to such a list can be expected.

#FF is a very popular hashtag encouraging others to watch for Follow Friday items. AddThis - is a social bookmarking service that provides a code users can put on their websites [...]