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The Directory Journal is a general Web directory. Launched in 2007, we continually grow and expand our powerful network of quality, hand-picked websites and directories. We consider it our mission to become a superior informational resource for even the most discerning user.

What We Offer

We go beyond your typical Web directory. We feature a team of professional writers who contribute how-to guides and blog posts to our six journals covering business, internet marketing, health, entertainment, Internet, shopping and other topics that add real value for our visitors. This gives us a natural appeal to visitors seeking quality information that many other directories lack.

We not only do more for visitors, but we strive to do more for webmasters as well. When a site is added to our network, we don't just give them a link. We give them a quality site profile including deep links to inner pages that would be of use to visitors at no additional cost. We also offer marketing services and a collection of webmaster tools that our visitors can use to improve their own websites, and we offer an affiliate program to give back to those supporting the site.

We don't just give them a link. We give you quality site profile

Where We're Going

The Web is becoming more user-centric with the advent of social media, and it's equally true for Web directories. That's why we offer several blogs and journals that encourage reader interaction in addition to our listings. We know we're still somewhat new and have room to grow and improve, so we give our visitors an opportunity to tell us what they'd like from us moving forward.

Directory visitors expect to find high quality resources that help them sort through the mess of more general search engine results. They come to directories to learn or to solve a problem, in need of specific information. We're proud to provide a site that meets these needs, connecting our users to a wide collection of on-site and off-site resources that keep them coming back for more.

0%%Around 0% of the resources included in the Directory Journal are added by our editors.
Included Resources:

We hold our staff to a higher standard in order to meet the growing demands of our users. We rely on their integrity and eye for good information to create a resource that constantly attracts new visitors. Around 90% of the resources included in the Directory Journal are added by our editors, and they continue to add quality links every day. We've seen rapid growth from users over our two short years, serving the needs of hundreds of thousands of unique visitors monthly.

Directory Journal serves a wide selection of satisfied customers and has been featured by prominent resources on the Web like 2CheckOut.com.

What Say Our Customers We appreciate our customers' feedbacks! Here's what some of our customers say about our work.

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