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5 Essential Ingredients of a Killer Website Design

Does it feel as though the traffic on your website is stale as of late, or even dropping off? Do you feel like you should be getting a lot more interest, but you just aren’t sure what’s going wrong? While there can be a number of reasons why your website isn’t hitting the mark, one of the most obvious issues can relate to the actual website design. It would be great to think that it’s all about the content, but the fact is that people are quick to judge, and if a site doesn’t immediately grab their attention, they will be moving on faster than you may think.

So, how can you make your website seem fresh and exciting? Here are five essential ingredients that will ensure you have a killer website design.

Take into Account Your Customer

You may be under the impression that the most important thing to effective website design is to create a flashy eye-catching experience, and while that certainly plays a huge role, it’s not the number one thing to be concerned about. Before you attempt any re-design of your website, ask yourself who your customer is, what they want and what their goal is when visiting your site. You are building a website for these customers, so giving them what they are looking for is essential. It will also be what keeps them coming back to your site for more.

Easy to Locate Menus

Menus are what make a website quick and easy to navigate, making for a much more positive experience overall. You will want to choose your menus carefully, as well as the options, and then make sure they are located somewhere on the screen that is simple to spot.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Design

Keeping things simple is always a great rule to follow. However, simple doesn’t have to mean boring; it just means that the site isn’t over-done or busy. If you have too much going on, it’s going to actually have a negative effect on visitors and may even prevent them from returning. Each tool, element, photo, video, and feature needs to have a purpose.

Choose a Pleasing Colour Palette

This leads us to the colour palette; you want to choose colours that are pleasing and eye-catching. Experts suggest using complementary colours in order to create balance on the website.

Bring in a Digital Agency

There is no shame in admitting you are in over your head when it comes to website design. For many companies, the idea of trial and error, giving new ideas and concepts a try, and fiddling around with design is just far too time-consuming and risky for them to bother with. This is exactly why it makes sense to check out a reputable company full of professionals for all your web design needs and wants. This takes all the guesswork out of the process, and you know things will be done properly the first time.

By making use of each of these tips, you will in fact have cracked the code and figured out what the secret ingredients are for a fabulous website design.

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