Benefits of Self Employment

People dream of working for themselves for good reason. There are a lot of perks associated with being self employed, whether it’s through a freelance career or starting a business. Here are some of the benefits of self employment:

1. To at least some degree, the self employed can set their own hours.

2. There’s often more freedom in taking vacation time or sick time, as long as arrangements are made (depending on the type of business and client needs).

3. The self employed can often avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic, by either working at home, or adapting their commute time to a different schedule.

4. Entrepreneurs don’t have to directly answer to a boss or supervisor.

5. Business owners and freelancers have a direct impact on the success or failure of the business, and how much income they make.

6. Entrepreneurs get to make the rules, rather than following someone else’s.

7. The self employed essentially have an unlimited earning potential rather than a set salary, all dependent on the work they put in.

8. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be trailblazers in their industry.

9. The self-employed (other than freelancers or service providers looking for clients) don’t have to worry about actually searching for a job.

10. Entrepreneurs can decide on their own benefits, depending on what they’re willing to pay.

11. Business owners and freelancers get to create their own work environment that’s as comfortable for them as possible.

12. Entrepreneurs sometimes have an easier time building their own reputation and name recognition.

13. If a business owner or freelancer doesn’t choose to set up a formal office to regularly interact with clients or customers face to face, they can often be more casual in their dress, from business casual clothes to working in their pajamas.

14. Entrepreneurs have the ability to directly determine the value of their work or products, by setting their own fees, rates, and prices.

15. The self employed can generally choose what types of projects they want to work on, as opposed to having to complete any project dictated by a superior, which can lead to better job satisfaction.

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  • Hasan, you have done more than enough to self employed people because with this article u’ve provided, there are some out there dat wil speed up to be self employed when they read this, and i want to ask one more question,”what is the conduct of viability study before a project is embarked on.