Let’s pretend you are already familiar with SEO. If not, read this first. Of course traditional keyword search engine optimization has a place, an important one. So does link building through directory listing and social networks and social bookmarking. But if you have great keyword usage and high ranking, but aren’t converting, something is missing with your optimization.

Lack of conversion begs the question how do you optimize content for your audience to have a positive experience? By that I mean, engagement, but even more importantly, inspire customers to buy. Because at the end of the day, it’s the dollars that matter.

Take a Holistic Approach

Websites and online presences are more than pretty designs, high ranks, lots of likes, and great link juices. If that’s what you’re competing for, join a popularity contest or beauty pageant. If you’re a business person you need to optimize by moving your prospects up the pyramid of customer loyalty. How do you do that?

View from the entire customer life cycle. Consider how your audience will discover, consume, and share your content. The holistic approach will consider a broad marketing strategy, public relations, customer service, human resources, and all online content. The best online marketing practices (in the long-term) parallel the best marketing tactics that have stood the test of time.

What’s Wrong With Search Engines?

Search engines cannot perfectly crawl, index, and rank the web. They can’t. They’re machines dissecting a complex world of changing human language, deciphering between genuine and black hat SEO techniques, and interpreting social nods in the form of pluses, likes, follows, favorites, pins, etc.

Make it easier for search engines. Your content should be continuously monitored. As algorithms change it is wise to use data analysis and tools that try to identify the science and art behind rankings and visibility.

The One Big Thing

So you really want one big thing that you can work on right now? Good. Because even though you need to look at the big picture and take a holistic approach, each niche needs its own special treatment. The one big thing right now? I’d say Google+. Focus on engagement with your network or circles. Plus content is of prime importance in social search. But keep it real. Use your voice, don’t spam, and share only items of value. Remember its quality and conversion that really counts, not amped up, impressive-looking numbers.

 Did I mention that leaving comments on blogs is a great way to build links?
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Written by
Terra L. Fletcher
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