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Review of For Free Pics

There is a huge need for sources of free images to use in blog posts, print media such as brochures, and anywhere else you might want to use an image. There are two types of “free” images – totally free and royalty free. is a free image sourcing site that offers totally free
pictures, photographs, illustrations, PSD files and vector images.
Get Free Pictures From Freepik


If you click on the Most Popular Vectors link, a list of categories will appear on the left side so that you can quickly find just what you want. The same thing happens if you click on Most Popular Photos or Most Popular PSDs.  (PDS is Photoshop’s native file format sometimes called PDD.)


Having used a lot of photo sites lately searching for images to use in blog posts, I am in a position to compare them. While Freepik does not have as many images as some of the stock photo sites like BigStockPhoto, it is easier to use.

You don’t have to create an account, buy credits, or jump through
any hoops to use the images available on
they offer totally free photographs.

(NOTE: You do want to check the attribution details and copyright terms for each individual offering their images on the site.)


Searches for popular photo subjects such as babies, cats, horses, gadgets, computers, and many more return page after page – ample results to find just the image you are seeking.

See an example of free baby photos found using Freepiks.

The search results include free photos from other popular photo sites as well as images uploaded specifically to Freepiks.


The first thing I noticed on some searches – usually those where I really want to find a specific type of hard to find photo – is that Freepik has paid suggestions from Shutterstock at the top of the results.

While these are NOT free and some are pricey, these appear to be hand-selected manually, so if you wanted a shortcut to finding the best image for a particular search quickly from the massive collection at Shutterstock, you could use Freepik to immediately find just what you’re seeking.


Like every other stock photo or free photo site I have ever used, knowing what you legally need to do to stay on the good side of copyright law is not something the average person can do.  I suspect that those who are really into photography do not realize that we are not Understanding Image Copyrights and Creative Commons.

Most people – unless they’re produce magazines or other print media – don’t even know what a Vector image is or why they might – or might not – want one. See my post on Logo Design to find out whether you want vector images or the more commonly used .jpg .jpeg .gif or .png images when you download images from Freepik.

Written by
Gail Gardner
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  • I like freepik so much and daily search many vectors, moveover, i founded some site like this as , shutterstock free,… thanks for your information!