If you too have been waiting with baited breath to see how to use Google Plus for business, I have your answer. Google Plus is completely open to the public (invitations are not required) and Google Plus Pages are now here. In addition to circles to inform your friends, coworkers, and family with the messages you’ve written just for them you can show support to and follow your favorite businesses. Connect with your favorite clothing line, bands, coffee shop, and more.

For local businesses and globally recognized brand names, Google Plus Pages have been introduced, worldwide. Now you can share with individuals who are passionate about what you do. It’s social media marketing at its finest, real relationship building and nurturing.

Individuals can recommend you with a +1, add you to a circle to get regular updates, and get to know you and your business. All you have to do is start sharing. Google is currently limiting pages, not everyone will be able to create one right now. A number of pages are already available for public viewing and soon any organization will be able to create a page at plus.google.com/pages/create.

What does Google Plus Pages mean for search? Two things. One, Google Plus Pages will be included in search results. Two, Direct Connect. From Google search you can search for (+) followed by the page/company you’re interested in. Google will direct you to the Plus Page related to your search and allow you to add the page to your circles. Direct Connect is still in Beta (it doesn’t work for my page yet, for example – just a few well known brands).

I’ve been waiting for months to see if Google Plus could compete with Facebook. I’m still not sure I’ve got a good answer. Google Plus hasn’t taken off quite as quickly as I thought it would, but I’m excited to see what Pages have to offer. I recently added the +1 icon to my blog and will be adding badges to my website soon. I hope to use my brand new Plus Page to build a base of super fans and loyal customers as well as educate potential clients (much like what I already do on Facebook). Be sure to +1 Fletcher Freelance and add my page to your circle for marketing tips and all the latest in social media.

Your Plus Page is a blank state. Share what you’ll make of it in the comments below.

Written by
Terra L. Fletcher
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