How Blog Farms Are Aimed To Work!

We are not talking about poultry or vegetables here. However, when we search on a search engine for “farm blogs,” most of the results that come up are blogs about different kinds of vegetable farms, chicken farms or even owl farms. However, turn it the other way round and type “blog farms” and you are taken into the world of blogs pertaining to internet marketing.

Blog farming has been around for a few years now. For people who are not aware of what blog farming is – this practice is nothing exotic and just a collection of blogs that are created to get back links to the sites.

Blogs are created and populated with unique content and then they are used to build back links to a destination money site, which is an AdSense site.

People who are into blog farming aim at getting the seemingly invaluable back links by the “blog and ping” method. This is said to get the sites crawled by search engine spiders and the AdSense pages indexed quickly and into the SERPs. This method is also said to make the search engines immediately notice whenever content is posted in the blogs as well as make them follow all the back links to the sites.

Many blogs within the blog farms cleverly (or is it detrimentally?) use actual content that is available through RSS feeds from other blogs or from other free sites. With so many blog farmers out there on the Web, this means that if someone is actually posting unique content on their blogs, there is every chance that some blog farmer or some such internet marketer grabs (steals) the content and repackages it. These people may not even credit the owner of the content.

There are several ways these blog farms are created, but the most common platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger blogs are free to use and WordPress blogs need a hosting account. Both are extremely easy to setup. The advantage with WordPress blogs is that the user has complete control over them, as well as several themes to select from and other add-on features. Blogger blogs, even when they are self hosted are still controlled by blogger.

Blog farmers reveal that the key to ensuring success of the blog farms is to create hundreds or even thousands of blogs. People usually keep adding ten or twenty blogs to their blog farms frequently, although all of them should not be added at the same time just so as to not look suspicious.

The idea is to have as many AdSense pages on the net as possible, and here it means thousands of pages. Blog farmers work continuously at building and growing their farms and start seeing results when they have hundreds of blogs working for them all the time.

Many blog farmers recommend using automated tools to build these blogs to make the job done faster, as creating hundreds of blogs is no easy task and takes a lot of effort and patience.

The most important thing blog farmers caution is to not get down in the search engines list of spam blogs. If using WordPress, then they suggest never using their default templates and using unique templates instead. Many people also use different identities on their blogs, using fictitious names and some even go to the extent of putting up pictures of different people, to make all the blogs unique and make them look real.

Blog farming entails working intelligently and planning a campaign to achieve the desired goals, without expecting immediate monetary reward. For a site in one particular niche, a whole lot of related blogs need to be created, for example for a health niche site, lots of vaguely related blogs, such as yoga, relaxation, exercise etc. are created. Then some keyword-rich articles are also submitted to article directories with links pointing to all the blogs.

However, these blogs are not linked back to the main money site immediately. First some work goes into getting a decent PR on these blogs, only then they are linked back to the main money site. There would be no doubt or suspicion, as the links are not coming from the same niche, but from related niches, as well as pages that already have a good PR. This makes these blogs look more real and not like some spam blogs created for the purpose of getting back links to the main money sites.
It would certainly look like spamming if these blogs were all related to health and linked back to the health site.

Another clever thing done by bloggers is to not add AdSense on these blogs. They instead have some other ads or affiliate links to products. Thus making the blogs look as natural as possible.

Creating blog farms is said to pay off in a good way, in terms of income from AdSense, due to the huge amount of traffic to the destination money site.

Experts in blog farming warn that this system only works for those that are willing to put in the required effort to see results and not those that wish to make money by just reading all the make-money content. The view on whether this is the right way of going about earning money is divided and it is up to each individual to decide.

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